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100 Days of SEC Domination: Day 87 – The Rich Get Richer and SEC Coaches as Richie Rich Characters

The SEC is distributing 289.4 m-m-m-m-million dollars to its 14 member distributions for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.  This does not include the $14.1 million retained by the schools who participated in bowls or NCAA academic enhancement payouts.  This doesn’t include local media revenues either.

This is the richest conference’s new record for richest payout.

This is just like Richie Rich…

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The Rest of the SEC Tourney Today: Is Missouri worth anything to the SEC? Can Vandy hit more than 5% of shots?

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Here are three facts and a prediction for each of the other SEC Tournament Games going on today:

Tennessee vs. Mississippi State

  1. Tennessee guard Trae Golden played at McEachern High School – the alma mater of yours truly.  That’s where the similarities end.  He probably could have taken my spot on the Varsity Basketball team when I was a rising senior…and he was a rising eighth grader.  Trae plays guard at 6-2, 205; in high school I played the 4-spot at 6-2, 205.  Golden is a junior and has scored 894 points, grabbed 274 rebounds and handed out 338 assists while playing for the Vols.  I never recorded a single college basketball statistic.  But ask Trae who has more collegiate turnovers and who has missed more collegiate free throws.  Yeah…
  2. Tennessee beat Mississippi State by 15 points on January 19th.  And Tennessee has won seven more conference games.  So you could make the case that Tennessee is a lot better.
  3. Did you hear that Tennessee beat Kentucky?  Vols fans are still talking about that.

Tennessee wins.


Vanderbilt vs. Arkansas

  1. There are at least 323 Division I basketball programs.  How do I know that?  Because Vanderbilt ranks 323rd in the nation in points per game.
  2. On January 12th Vandy only scored 33 points in a 23-point loss to Arkansas.  The Commies  hit just 10 of 40 field goals in the game.  Of Course Marist (6-12 in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) also held Vanderbilt to 33 points in a game this season (Vandy was 14-61 from the field!!!!), so that may be the norm.
  3. Vandy rebounded from that “effort” and defeated Arkansas 67-49 on February 9th.

Vandy shoots under 5% from the field. Arkansas wins.


Missouri vs. Texas A&M

  1. This is where the Tigers needs to earn their keep.  All last summer we heard about Mizzou football making an impact.  And all Fall we heard about how Mizzou’s real value for the SEC was in hoops.  That was cool back on December 27th when Missouri was ranked 7th in the nation with a  10-1 record and a lone loss to 4th ranked Louisville.  It’s not as believable now that they’re 11-7 in SEC play.
  2. Texas A&M defeated Missouri earlier in the season.  The game was a good one with the Aggies holding on 70-69 at home.
  3. Missouri, along with Florida, is considered one of just two “locks” for the Big Dance out of the SEC.

Surely Missouri is worth something, right?  We’ll find out today. Missouri wins.


That’s all I got/







Georgia Owned the Best Win in the Nation in 2012: Remember the Vanderbilt Game

This is the fourth of 14 Post-Season Game Recaps. 

On September 22nd James Franklin’s Vanderbilt Commodores visited Athens for what was supposed to be a highly-contested game between budding rivals.  The previous year the Bulldogs got out to a 23-7 lead before needing late heroics to hold off a Vanderbilt surge that brought the game to a final score of 33-28.  The competition didn’t end with the final whistle as James Franklin came after Georgia defensive back Shawn Williams and woke the not-so-sleeping giant that is Todd Grantham.


What We Saw: 

  • Grantham’s defense showed up in a big way.
  • Georgia moved the ball at will, racking up 567 yards of offense.
  • Todd Gurley went over 100 yards for the third time in four games and the Dawgs as a whole rushed for over 300 yards.


What We Learned:

Despite previous inconsistencies Todd Grantham’s defense was still capable of complete game domination.  The Missouri game was fronted by near super-human efforts by Jarvis Jones.  The Vandy game was the complete and utter dismantling of a team.  Georgia had a few big plays (a forced fumble near the goal line comes to mind), but for the most part the Dawgs simply controlled Vanderbilt’s ability to move the ball.  The Commies managed only 106 yards on 36 carries and struggled to convert, picking up only 15 first downs.


What We Should Have Learned: 

Frankly, we should have learned that Grantham’s defense was back.  This was a supposed to be a pre-cursor of what a full defense (a few suspensions were still lingering) could do.  Unfortunately it wasn’t.

Knowing what we now know about Vanderbilt, we also should have learned that this Georgia team could be pretty daggum good.  Vanderbilt finished the season ranked 20th in the Coaches Poll.  The 48-3 tail-kicking Georgia handed (or footed) them was the most lopsided loss by any team that finished ranked in the top-25.  So, yeah, Georgia had the nation’s single best win of the season in 2012.


Long-Term Impact 

This game had a greater long-term impact on Vanderbilt than it did on Georgia.  At the time a 48-3 win over a team that dropped to 1-3 seemed meaningless and until Bowl season few gave credence to the Dawgs for the dominating effort.  Vanderbilt on the other hand the Commodores seemed to use this game as motivation or a wake-up call or something.  Vanderbilt went on to win eight of their last nine games (including the bowl), with the lone defeat coming at the hands of Florida in a game that was closer than many expected.


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New Year’s Eve Bowls: They’re SEC-sy and You Know It

Happy Fiscal Cliff Eve everybody!  Be sure to watch 6% more football while everybody in Washington tries to figure out how much of your money they want and how much more they want to pretend to have.  And in the odd event that everything has sorted itself out (I’m writing this on Saturday night from beautiful Brooklet, GA home of WifeYouCrazy’s sister and her husband, EricYouCrazy), then just move on to the game previews.  They actually matter this time.  They involve SEC teams.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

There is nothing more traditionally American than Benjamin Franklin and there is nothing more American today than bad mortgages.  So the name of this bad bowl kind of makes sense.  This is basically a home game for Vanderbilt, which I absolutely love.  I hate Vanderbilt’s coach James Franklin and his mission to un-Vanderbilt Vanderbilt.  And seeing as Vandy is supposed to be perennially poor at football, I’m glad the Commies are going to the least bowl-like bowl in the world – the one in their backyard.  I dig it.

That being said, the Commodores had a respectable season and should be able to dismantle NC State.  Hell, even Tennessee dismantled NC State and the Vols were probably the third best team in the state of Tennessee this year (behind Vandy and MTSU – joking!).

I’d expect Vanderbilt to win this game and I‘d expect them to cover the five point spread.  I’d expect James Franklin to use a bowl game victory to proclaim something along the lines of, “This isn’t Vanderbilt anymore baby! This is Vanderbilt!  There is a difference!  And if you can’t see the difference and you can find somebody to hold my librarian spectacles we’ll take this outside!”

Hyundai Sun Bowl

They should have abbreviated this game title to the Sundai Bowl and made everyone crave ice-cream filled cars.  But they didn’t.

This game is hilarious to me. On. Every. Possible. Level.  But I’ll just explain two of those levels:

  1. Remember when a bunch of members of the media with more “credibility” than yours truly thought that Southern Cal would be good even though Lane Kiffin was still the Trojans’ coach?  That was funnier than the first Hangover movie.
  2. Georgia Tech makes me giggle.  So adorkable!

Of all the teams in the world with a losing record to make a Bowl game it would be Georgia Tech that we have to suffer through on NYE.  Southern Cal is favored by 10.5 but based on the way things have been this week (USC showed up 90-some-odd minutes late to a dinner and GT got up and left), I kind of hope Southern Cal shows up and just plays backups the whole game in an effort to further disrespect the Bumble-Bees.  That would infuriate Paul Johnson and his “coaching” staff to the point of desperation.  He’d then send in third team and things would go down hill from there.

I actually think that is more likely to happen than USC covering, but I think both of those options are highly possible.

Autozone Liberty Bowl

Iowa State vs. Tulsa: pass.

Chick-fil-a Bowl

I heart this game.  The ACC/SEC matchups in this game are usually pretty solid.  This game pits offense vs. defense.  Deep, right?  Doesn’t every game?  Yes, but that is all this game is.  It’s Clemson’s good offense vs. LSU’s good defense.  When LSU has the ball you should refill your snack plates or start picking out who you’re going to smooch at midnight.  Heck, maybe even turn on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve – but don’t expect too much out of him.

The math says to roll with Clemson on this game but I refuse to side with the ACC in anything.  So I won’t.

Happy New Year!

That’s all I got/


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