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A New Recruit Signs Late, Poll Dancing

Toby Johnson, a four-star defensive tackle out of Hutchinson C.C. in Kentucky signed with Georgia yesterday.  Better late than never!  You take the nation’s 8th best JUCO recruit any time.  The 6’4″, 310 pounder will immediately compete for the starting job.


Also, yesterday I asked you about Alec Ogeltree and his draft stock.

7% of readers still expect him to be drafted in the Draft’s first 10 picks.  37% expect him to go in the 11-20 range, 34% suggest the 21-32 range and 22% think his recent DUI arrest will drop him out of the First Round.


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Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall Spend Time with Top UGA Target Alvin Kamara

The Need

Nobody is talking about Georgia’s running back needs and Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley are probably to blame for that.  I suppose when two true freshmen walk in and account for 2352 yards of offense and 27 total touchdowns, the need for a “running back of the future” is diminished ever so slightly.

That concerns me.  I love Gurshall as much as the next guy, but fans need to be aware that boasting a two-man backfield as potent as what Georgia demonstrated in 2012 has its downsides – particularly in recruiting.  And, to be short: Georgia needs a running back or two.  Aside from the obvious “one injury away” need for depth, consider the pattern of the past few seasons regarding Georgia’s need for running backs.

The chart below portrays Georgia’s “in-house” running back needs (it does not take into account committed recruits) since 2011.  As you can see, surprises have consistently racked the Dawgs in the backfield, and even this month Boo Malcome’s departure as created a dire need for the Bulldogs.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.


How much did Boo’s departure hurt?  If Georgia were to need a third back, either strategically or because of injury, the most experienced returning back would be Brandon Harton who accounted for 20 yards rushing (only -2 yards in SEC play) in 2012.  Consider that Richard Samuel and Harton combined to get 26 carries in 2012 (about two per game) and all of a sudden the Bulldogs are in desperate need of someone who can give two effort-filled runs per game.  And, for once Georgia can’t necessarily sell the immediate spotlight to recruits (as that’s going to be on Marshall and Gurley).


Who’s in? 



Who is coming? 

A.J. Turman, a four-star recruit from Orlando committed to the Bulldogs back in November.  He measures 6’0” and 205 pounds and is considered the nation’s 19th best RB prospect and the nation’s 235th best overall player.

The lone knock I can find on the guy is that a few elite recruiting factories (Florida, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Clemson, South Carolina) did not offer him a scholarship – or at least they have not as of yet.  Now, recruiting is a funny game.  So he may have spurned interest from those schools or those institutions may be playing for a late/surprise offer to force an emotional decision.  Or, those schools may have non-binding agreement with other RB recruits who want to be “the man.”

But in general, seeing a player’s offer sheet is a selling point for me.  If Alabama, Florida and LSU want a guy then I want Georgia to get him.


Who Georgia Needs? 

Even with Turman in the fold (which he isn’t officially yet), Georgia needs another running back.  History has shown that Georgia puts out some amazing running backs (Danny Ware, Kregg Lumpkin, Knowshon Moreno, Caleb King, Thomas Brown have all gotten NFL shots over the last few years).  But, Georgia also misses on some talents (Crowell, Ealy, Samuel, Malcome).  If Georgia’s backfield is going to continue to be a numbers game, the Dawgs need bigger numbers.  I think we know what we’re getting from Gurley and Marshall: high production on the field and good character off of it.  But, recent history implies that for every success story we see there is at least one story of struggle and/or failure.

So where does Georgia turn?  The most obvious choice is Alvin Kamara, a four-star all-purpose back who is considered the nation’s 45th best player.  Kamara spent the past weekend in Athens and it was his last official visit.  By all accounts, Georgia pulled out all of the stops for Alvin, but his time with Gurshall (they seemed to take him under their collectively dominant wings this weekend) may prove the most valuable recruiting tool as they undoubtedly told the true story of instant impact in Athens.

Kamara is believed to be down to Georgia and Alabama.

If Kamara doesn’t work out (or frankly, even if he does) Georgia seems to be exploring Jonathan Ford out of New Hope, AL as an alternative.addition.  Ford is a four-star recruit who committed to Vanderbilt on January 18th, but I’m sure the Georgia coaching staff has no problem reminding him of the outcome of last year’s Georgia/Vandy game.


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Poll Dancing, Brice Ramsey, Laremy Tunsil Drops Hints and What You Won’t See In Murray’s Trick Shot Video

Poll Dancing 

The Brice Ramsey poll from yesterday is now closed.  Shout out to the 508 folks that voted and the 958 who didn’t think it was worth their time.  I get it.

I’m kidding of course, but the results are no joke.  Here’s what the readers of DudeYouCrazy think about Ramsey:

  • Less than 1% expect him to play at all this season.
  • 6.5% don’t think he’ll ever start (Faton Bauta got a number of shoutouts in the comment section, and many think the job will be his beginning in 2014.)
  • 26.77% Expect him to beat out all of the competition (LeMay, Mason, Bauta et al.) in 2014.
  • Almost 66% think he’ll back one of those guys up in 2014.
Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.




Laremy Tunsil Tweets 

Tunsil was in Oxford, MS this weekend and he tweeted (and I quote), “Oxford” while he was there.  He then tweeted, “Don’t worry Athens and Bama you still get love.”

He seems to be down to those three schools and his Tweets support that, but there was one Texas Longhorn reference yesterday.  I’m sure that was a mistake.

More importantly, Laremy Tunsil asked his followers who the best player in the NBA is.  I responded “Kyle Korver, duh,” and he retweeted to show his agreement.  Simply put: Georgia can’t afford to miss out on such an elite offensive tackle who has a deep appreciation for the three-point marksmanship of Kyle Korver.


What you won’t see in the Aaron Murray trick shot video: 

Murray and some of his bros (Watts Dantzler, Austin Long) were out and about filming a trick shot video yesterday.  Here’s what you won’t see:

  • Murray’s fake girlfriend Erin Murphy.
  • A pass on third and long (those situations are used for the Draw Play Trickeration montage that Bobo is making).
  • Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley batting down a pass at the end of the video.


Outside of that who knows what’s going to show up.  But it better be good.


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Brice Ramsey: Georgia’s Future? Reader Poll

Georgia’s 2013 Recruiting Class is pretty well wrapped up at the quarterback position.  Barring something unforeseen, Brice Ramsey (who has already enrolled) will be the lone signal-caller in the class.

Ramsey ranks as the nation’s 14th best pro-style QB and was considered the 18th best player (regardless of position) in the state of Georgia.  Ramsey has been highly regarded for several years and committed to Georgia early on in the recruitment process.  Most seem to have tabbed him as Georgia’s QB of the future and expect him to redshirt this season before taking on Hutson Mason and Christian LeMay (if he’s still around) in 2014.

So, what do you think of Brice Ramsey?

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Laremy Tunsil: Is This a Recruiting Violation? And, other OL Recruitment Thoughts

As was pointed out a few days ago, Georgia needs to bring in some talent to form depth along the offensive line.  For Mark Richt and his staff the slogan should now be, “Beef: it’s what’s for dinner, midnight snack, breakfast, brunch, lunch and dessert.”


Who Is In? 

Aulden Bynum and Josh Cardiello are both in Athens already.  Both are enrolled and both are getting better.  And, for what it’s worth, Aulden informed me via Twitter the other day that the 250 lb bench press max listed on was taken during his sophomore year of high school.  I feel a little better knowing that.  So, everybody go follow Aulden on Twitter, tell him I sent you and tell him to bench 800 by the Fall.  Just kidding, I don’t want to hurt the guy.  But seriously, player interaction is always welcome, and I’m glad to see a good kid working hard.

Again, go here to read about Aulden and Josh.


Who’s Coming? 

One other offensive lineman has given a verbal commitment and is expected to sign on Signing Day, and he is the honorable Brandon Kublanow from my hometown of Marietta (where it’s betta).  Brandon is a four star recruit (the second rated center in the country) and at 6’3” and 289 lbs. he will rival John Theus as the biggest redhead you’ve ever seen.  To say that Kublanow is a ginger of epic proportions would be a gross understatement.  He’s massive.

Brandon got offers from everybody who’s anybody and their mother, but more importantly he is the first member of the class of 2013 to get a full-fledged DudeYouCrazy nickname.  From henceforth Kublanow will be known as Kubby Bear.  Why?  Because I struggle to spell his name correctly (or even consistently the same way) and he’s huge.  Kubby Bear now joins Damian “Black” Swann and Aaron “Murr-man” Murray as the only such bestowed players on the 2013 team.


Who Is Needed? 

Laremy Tunsil is in Oxford, MS as we speak (and by we I mean you and by speak I mean read) and is considered the nation’s top offensive lineman.  Most believe his top three to be Alabama, Georgia and Ole Miss.  I can understand going to Alabama and following the footsteps of Barrett Jones and company.  I really can’t get the Ole Miss thing.  Is immediate playing time (the lone selling point I see Ole Miss offering over the likes of Bama and UGA) really that big of a factor for the nation’s top player at a position?  If you’re the top player at the position don’t you feel able to compete for playing time anywhere?  If you’re the nation’s best prospect wouldn’t you prefer going up against more talented practice players day in and day out and being the better player for it?  I don’t know.  Laremy does.

Tunsil may very well end up choosing Bama or Ole Miss over Georgia.  If he goes with Ole Miss I’ll be confused.  If he goes with Bama I’ll get it.  But if he picks Georgia, I will be elated.  He could come in and contribute from day one.

So, in an effort to lure Laremy Tunsil let me make this offer:

Laremy, if you sign with the University of Georgia I will give you a nickname and illustrate it on Signing Day.  I don’t know if the nickname will play off of your first name’s similarity to “Jeremy”, your last name’s similarity to “tonsil” or if it will be something off-the-cuff like “Tuns of Fun.”  But I know that you will love it.  Also, I don’t think this offer is a recruiting violation, but if it is I’m clearly just kidding!


That’s all I got/


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