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100 Days of SEC Dominance: Day 83 – Even Cheaters Struggle to Win in the SEC

Today at 11:00 AM the NCAA is going to announce its findings regarding a “potential recruiting irregularity” at Mississippi State.  Infractions within the football program are expected to be the meat of the findings.

It is presumed that the investigation has centered around the recruitment of freshman Will Redmond, a defensive back out of Memphis.

How does this show SEC Dominance?  If – and I can still use the word “if” until 11:00 AM – Mississippi State did in fact do something illegal to gain a recruiting advantage, it still wasn’t enough to bring the other Bulldogs to prominence in the nation’s best conference.  Mississippi State went 4-4 in the SEC last year with wins coming against Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas – four SEC programs that fired their coaching staffs following the 2012 season.

The SEC: where cheaters never win.  Unless they’re playing really bad teams.

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100 Days of SEC Domination: Day 88 – The SEC – A leader in Technological Advancement

Earlier today I told you about Fancred (the sponsor for the site this month).

The CEO is a Mississippi State man.  Take that.

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Get Fancred now!

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The Rest of the SEC Tourney Today: Is Missouri worth anything to the SEC? Can Vandy hit more than 5% of shots?

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Here are three facts and a prediction for each of the other SEC Tournament Games going on today:

Tennessee vs. Mississippi State

  1. Tennessee guard Trae Golden played at McEachern High School – the alma mater of yours truly.  That’s where the similarities end.  He probably could have taken my spot on the Varsity Basketball team when I was a rising senior…and he was a rising eighth grader.  Trae plays guard at 6-2, 205; in high school I played the 4-spot at 6-2, 205.  Golden is a junior and has scored 894 points, grabbed 274 rebounds and handed out 338 assists while playing for the Vols.  I never recorded a single college basketball statistic.  But ask Trae who has more collegiate turnovers and who has missed more collegiate free throws.  Yeah…
  2. Tennessee beat Mississippi State by 15 points on January 19th.  And Tennessee has won seven more conference games.  So you could make the case that Tennessee is a lot better.
  3. Did you hear that Tennessee beat Kentucky?  Vols fans are still talking about that.

Tennessee wins.


Vanderbilt vs. Arkansas

  1. There are at least 323 Division I basketball programs.  How do I know that?  Because Vanderbilt ranks 323rd in the nation in points per game.
  2. On January 12th Vandy only scored 33 points in a 23-point loss to Arkansas.  The Commies  hit just 10 of 40 field goals in the game.  Of Course Marist (6-12 in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) also held Vanderbilt to 33 points in a game this season (Vandy was 14-61 from the field!!!!), so that may be the norm.
  3. Vandy rebounded from that “effort” and defeated Arkansas 67-49 on February 9th.

Vandy shoots under 5% from the field. Arkansas wins.


Missouri vs. Texas A&M

  1. This is where the Tigers needs to earn their keep.  All last summer we heard about Mizzou football making an impact.  And all Fall we heard about how Mizzou’s real value for the SEC was in hoops.  That was cool back on December 27th when Missouri was ranked 7th in the nation with a  10-1 record and a lone loss to 4th ranked Louisville.  It’s not as believable now that they’re 11-7 in SEC play.
  2. Texas A&M defeated Missouri earlier in the season.  The game was a good one with the Aggies holding on 70-69 at home.
  3. Missouri, along with Florida, is considered one of just two “locks” for the Big Dance out of the SEC.

Surely Missouri is worth something, right?  We’ll find out today. Missouri wins.


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Is the SEC the best BASKETBALL conference in the country? A preview of the SEC Tourney’s 1st Day


Lesser known fact: We all know that the SEC has won every BCS National Championship since 2006.  But did you also know that dating back to 2006 the SEC has won more NCAA Men’s Basketball Championships (3) than any other conference (ACC: 2, Big XII: 1, Big East: 1)?  Now you do.

In honor of the Southeastern Conference’s domination of all things and the upcoming March Madness Mastery Contest, here is a preview of the SEC Basketball Tournament’s first day.

  1. There are two games today: South Carolina vs. Mississippi State at 7:30 (SEC Network/ESPN3) and Texas A&M vs. Auburn at 10:00 (SEC Network/ESPN3).
  2. These would be two compelling football games, but these aren’t football games.
  3. But before he made headlines as a wide receiver for Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks, Bruce Ellington made a name for himself by averaging nearly 13 points per game and over three assists as a true freshman on the Cock Hoops team.
  4. Of these four teams, only Texas A&M boasts a winning overall record.
  5. None of these four teams has a .500 record in conference play; the Aggies are the best at 7-11.
  6. Only two players on these four teams average more than 12 points per game.  Texas A&M’s Elston Turner (a 6-5 senior guard) averages 17.7.  Auburn’s Frankie Sullivan (a 6-1 senior guard) averages 14.4.  Sullivan is shooting .367 from the field this season.  So there won’t be a lot of offense on showcase.
  7. The winner of the first game goes on to take on Tennessee tomorrow at 5:30.  The winner of the second game goes on to play Missouri tomorrow night at 10:00.

There you have it.  SEC! SEC!

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Handicapping the SEC West: How I did.

This is the eleventh article reviewing the topics I deemed most important to the SEC before the season began.

The previous articles in this series can be found here:


The SEC West

As you probably saw, I did really well handicapping the SEC East before the season started.  I wasn’t quite as dominant in the West as you can see below.

Team DYC Projected Wins Actual Wins Vegas Spot Dude Win $?
Alabama 11-12 11 10.5 Yes
Arkansas 7-8 4 8.5 Yes
Auburn 6-7 3 7.5 Yes
LSU 10-11 10 10 No
Miss. State 7-8 7 7 Even
Ole Miss 2-3 6 3.5-5.5 No
A&M 7-8 10 7 Yes


But hey, four wins isn’t awful.


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