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Thoughts from Game One of the Final Four

Tidbits from game 1:

– On 2 occasions Jump Ball was called when players from opposing teams LOOKED at the ball at the same time.

– Shockers largely handled the press well and sprinted back on defense like a young Andrew Hall.

– Siva is scared of shooting from outside. Terrified really.

– Kevin Ware didn’t score but got more applause then the rest of the two teams combined.

– Luke Hancock’s beard was MVP.


Georgia Bulldog Notes and Why My Weekend Will Be Better Than Yours

  • By now you’ve probably heard of Malcolm Mitchell’s glorious meniscus tear.  Fortunately the injury is not expected to keep Mitchell out for long.  Arthur Lynch went so far as to say that he’d be back in three weeks.  In any event, I was looking forward to seeing him in action at G-Day tomorrow, but alas that’s not in the cards.
  • Seth Emerson has a pretty entertaining article with some quotes from Jordan “Funny Man” Jenkins.  I recommend it if you like Georgia football and things that are fun.
  • No word yet on if my play submission will be used in the G-Day Game, but I think we all know it’s a lock.  Watts “Tiny” Dantzler even re-tweeted his support for it.
  • Remember, Rennie Curran has his book signing event at the Bookstore tomorrow morning.  Be sure to check it out.  More details and an exclusive interview with Curran can be found here.
  • Lastly, I did not win the game-worn Jake Vane jersey.  I was out-bid late in the process.  True story: We had a wholesome gathering for some clients and other folks last night at my office.  Just before folks started rolling in I checked the status of the auction and I was the high (and only) bidder.  I felt good about it.  Real, real good about it.  DudeYouCrazy came up later in the evening and I boasted that my newest piece of memorabilia was something I wrote about on the site.  I was sure the thing was mine.  Anybody remember what Proverbs 16:18 says?  Well, pride truly does cometh before the fall.  I fell.  Hard.  And I lost the jersey by $20.

The Weekend:

I’ve got a nice little weekend lined up and want to invite you all to tag-along through various avenues of awesome:

  • Tomorrow morning I’m rolling over to Athens with DadYouCrazy for the G-Day Game.  I will be Live-Credding the game via the new FanCred App.  What does that mean?  Some cool guys from the south went up to Boston and launched a new social media app with a sports-only interface.  Imagine the functionality of Twitter, combined with the richer content of Facebook and a very specific focus a la LinkedIn.  Now remove the boring crap from LinkedIn and replace it with sports, remove Facebook-specific annoyances like FarmVille invites and being tagged as a picture of a basketball and remove the 140 character limit of Twitter.  That’s FanCred.  And it’s awesome.  You can download the App here.  You’ll find me under my real name (Andrew Hall) or on the Georgia Football stream.  So download it and follow along.
  • After the G-Day game we’re bolting back to Atlanta for the Final Four where I’ll get to witness the NCAA’s idea of efficiency firsthand.  Oh and I’ll be watching the two National Semi-Final Games.
  • On Sunday WifeYouCrazy and I and tens of thousands of our closest friend will be down at the Capital One Jamfest (Capital One loves me).  Grace Potter & The Nocturnals will ironically be performing in the middle of the afternoon, so I don’t expect much out of them at that hour.  My main man Sting takes the stage around 6:00 and a band named aver Dave Matthews is closing things out thereafter.  I’ll be tweetering and Vine-ing a bit from the Jamfest.
  • And on Monday I’ll be bringing you live coverage from the Final Four festivities via Twitter and Vine/FanCred/Instantgrammers, etc.  The March Madness Mastery winner will be crowned on Monday.

So what do you have this weekend?  Somebody beat me.  And don’t say Home Depot.

That’s all I got/


The NCAA is Un-American: Final Four Edition

One of my first articles on railed against the NCAA’s suspension of A.J. Green.  The essay challenged the NCAA’s legislation and called the incident (Green was suspended for four games for selling a used jersey) un-American:

Last time I checked the acronym NCAA stood for National Collegiate Athletic Association. This association is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana was the 19th state of these great United States of America. So, one would think the “National” part of NCAA would be referring to the United States of America. Apparently this assertion is false. There is nothing American about the NCAA.

American entities embrace capitalism. American entities embrace entrepreneurship. American entities embrace profit of the individual. American entities embrace inter-class promotion.   The NCAA does not embrace any such ideologies.

Admittedly, much of my angst was in jest.  But the point was well-received by the 14 readers I had at the time.  The punishment didn’t seem to fit the crime, and the criminal basis for the suspension was questionable at best.

The NCAA is at its anti-capitalistic best yet again, and this time the consequences might be a little more drastic.  This year the NCAA switched its Final Four ticketing to a “paperless” system.  Now, lest you confuse this with an attempt to save on postage or otherwise offer convenience to the fans consider these points:

  • These “paperless tickets” are not paperless in that they are emailed documents such as traditional “paperless” tickets.  If I buy a paperless ticket from StubHub, the PDF file is emailed to me.  These tickets are not emailed to me.  Ever.  I can’t get them until the day of the game.  I can only get access to them at the stadium.
  • These “paperless tickets” are also not operated on a smart-phone app like a paperless boarding pass might be.  If that was the case then I could already have my tickets loaded onto my phone.  I will have no advanced access to my tickets.
  • These “paperless tickets” were first delivered to a site called Flash Seats.  Flash Seats is now the only way to transfer or give out tickets.
  • If you want to buy or sell tickets for any reason – family emergency, your team didn’t make the Final Four, you bought too many, etc. – you can only sell them through another exclusive site,

What’s the big deal?  The big deal is that the NCAA is estimating a crowd of 70,000-80,000 fans for the Final Four.  The big deal is that those fans can only enter the Georgia Dome after showing a credit card at some kind of booth/kiosk and attaining “paperless” entry into the game.  The big deal is that process is not going to move smoothly.  Imagine showing up to the ticket gate and rather than handing an usher a ticket having to do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate credit card.
  2. Make sure all persons associated with tickets purchased on that credit card are in line with you.
  3. Hand the usher the credit card.
  4. Wait for the machine to process and give you some kind of access.
  5. Get a receipt or some kind of paper for your paperless entry (remember, you’re going to have to have some kind of physical proof of what seats are yours).

The big deal is this is a new process for fans, ushers and stadium officials to learn on the largest of all stages.

I anticipate an absolute disaster.  Now, if you’re unlike me and you have ever gone to a game and thought, “Wow, I wish that ticket line had been slower,” or, “What’s a guy got to do to find a slower way to enter the stadium????” then you may love this process.  But chances are you’re a lot like me and you don’t want to miss tip-off at the Final Four.  Guess what: the NCAA doesn’t care.

What does the NCAA care about?  As far as I can tell all the NCAA cares about is you not making money by selling your tickets.  Beyond the basic scalping practices, the NCAA has also now eliminated eBay, StubHub and other re-sell sites through this new setup.  There is no functional way for me to sell a ticket that is linked solely to my credit card without using the NCAA’s jacked-up system (Flash Seats to PrimeSport).  That’s the lone benefit of this system, and it doesn’t benefit fans.

So, rather than risking a few folks making a few extra dollars by re-selling their tickets or doing the work to determine an actual market price for Final Four tickets (hey NCAA, here’s a hint: it’s higher than the face value you sell them for), the NCAA decides to screw fans over.

When you win the Final Four ticket lottery, you receive a congratulatory message from the NCAA that essentially says, “Congratulations, you get to watch college basketball on the grandest of all stages.”  Here’s what that message should have said:

Dear Bob:

Congratulations!  Final Four tickets have now been allocated to you based on the randomized drawing.  We realize that the actual Final Four doesn’t take place for six or eight more months, but we really hope you have your ducks in a row.  You got lucky and won four seats for the tournament games.  However, if you don’t have three friends or family members that can ride with you to the stadium and can be within arms’ length as you present your credit card used at purchase and collect your tickets, you might be screwed.

But that’s probably oversimplifying.  There’s actually a high likelihood of you having an unpleasant experience regardless of who you take and how you arrive at the game.  You see, the only way for you to access your tickets is through the NCAA’s partner site – Flash Seats.  Flash Seats claims to be the “Future of Ticketing Today,” so please explore their late 1990’s website design and interface

If you want to sell your tickets you can always do that by transferring your tickets from Flash Seats to  But, for your convenience we have arranged for the PrimeSport website to crash on the Monday before the Final Four.  Congratulations!

Lastly, we want to congratulate you on being a part of a potentially record-setting crowd.  We recognize that the attendance for the first half of the games may be sparse, but that’s just a casualty of keeping 70,000 people from making a few extra dollars.  We are confident that the ticket-takers will read credit cards, identify necessary tickets, distribute tickets and grant access in a manner that is only four times as slow as simply scanning a ticket that has already been distributed.




I am not wrong about the NCAA’s motives for this process, but I hope that I’m wrong about the anticipated delay entering the games.  I’ll report back after the semi-final round…if I ever get in.

That’s all I got/


An Update on Georgia’s Depth Chart, Scrimmage stats and Women’s Hoops

If you missed my interview with Rennie Curran from Friday you can find it in its entirety here.


Georgia scrimmaged on Saturday and demonstrated a little more consistency on the offensive side of the ball thanks to Murray’s return.  Here are a few notes:

  • Murray was 13 of 21 for 159 yards 1 TD and 1 INT
  • Mason threw for 114 yards, 2 TDs and i INT
  • Again, every QB – Murray, Mason, Parker Welch, Christian LeMay, Brice Ramsey – threw an INT.
  • Keith Marshall was the leading rusher with 25 yards on 4 carries.
  • Freshman J.J. Green toted the ball 12 times for just 13 yards, but he appears to be the third option behind Gurshall.  In two scrimmages this spring he now has 18 carries for 19 yards.
  • Malcolm Mitchell has 2 catches for 52 yards while Chris Conley was a beast with 6 catches for 99 yards.
  • Blake Tibbs had three snags for 31 yards and a TD.
  • Connor Norman was the leading tackler with 7.
  • John Taylor had a sach while Corey Moore, Chris Mayes and Sterling Bailey all registered TFLs.


Seth Emerson has a projected defensive depth chart here.  It sounds like the team wants to utilize Josh Harvey Davidson Roger Clemons‘ athleticism even if it means pulling an outside linebacker off the field to do so.


Lastly, congratulations to the Lady Bulldogs.  They upset Stanford on Saturday to advance to the Elite 8.  They take on Cal tonight at 9:30.


That’s all I got/


March Madness Mastery Recap

Heading into the Sweet 16 one man (or woman) stands alone atop the March Madness Mastery Leaderboard.  That man (or woman) is the aptly named Dudenation21.  It an incomprehensible total of 450 points he sits in the 94.4 percentile nation wide.  Oddly enough Dudenation21’s success may be short lived as his/her eventual national champion Gonzaga is now out.

There’s a real Goergia/Florida battle going on for second place right now with Florida Brett’s “Women’s Lacrosse FTW” team totaling 440 points and bulldawg959 matching him. Women’s Lacrosse has an edge in points possible remaining, but anything can happen.

So far seven players have lost their eventual National Champion.

That’s all I got/


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