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Podcast: On June 7, 2013, Andrew Hall, Daniel Palmer, and Chad Floyd embarked on expanding DudeYouCrazy’s media to audible form, and the DudeYouPodcast was born.

As of this writing, there have been 115 episodes of the podcast, which peaked as the #52 sports podcast worldwide in September of 2014. Look, listen, leave a five-star review (which Daniel will read on air!) and tell us what you think. Guests have included Bleacher Report national lead college football writer Michael Felder, Fighting Like Cats and Dogs author T. Kyle King, and many more.

Outside Opportunities: DudeYouCrazy and its contributors are always available for outside media opportunities. Previously, they have had work featured on Bleacher Report, the Gwinnett Daily Post, Yahoo! Sports, and Athens’ 960 the Ref Roundtable. If you are interested in a contribution from any of the writers please email Chad Floyd at or get in touch with the contributors directly on Twitter.

Chad Floyd: @Chad_Floyd

Daniel Palmer: @DPalm66

Andrew Hall: @DudeYouCrazy

Jason Smith: @jasonisasmith


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