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We don’t know if these games will happen, we won’t know when these kick times (or locations) are accurate, and I’m missing them all for a wedding anyway! 

This has happened since I pulled up the ole WordPress to post this:


Word to the wise: don’t believe any scheduling tweets til Brett McMurphy or someone posts them, although UGA Special Teams has never let us down before…

What should you be watching for this weekend?

Definitely Watch This

Image result for charlie strong golden hat

  • Texas vs. #20 Oklahoma, noon, FS1: BRING BACK THE GOLDEN HAT! This should be a 55-45 game, so naturally it’ll be a low-scoring and weird affair at the Texas Fairgrounds.
  • LSU at #18 Florida, noon, ESPN: COACH O……nope.  (see above)
  • #9 Tennessee at #8 Texas A&M, 3:30, CBS: Step 1: listen to the DudeYouPodcast. Step 2: build up the Tennessee hate. Step 3: GIGEM
  • #25 Virginia Tech at #17 UNC, 3:30, ABC/ESPN2: Va Tech is still very sneaky good, UNC has Mitch Trubisky and no defense, and this game will be played in a monsoon (as of now).
  • #5 Washington at Oregon, 7:30, FOX: Oregon has won 11 straight in the series, and has a chance to end the Pac-12’s CFP hopes before the weather gets consistently below 80 degrees. And, Washington is good.
  • #23 Florida State at #10 Miami, 8, ABC: Big game Mark Richt. We’ll see. This is your appointment watch of the day– either as a self-hating Georgia fan or a curious Georgia fan.

Maybe Keep an Eye On It

  • #3 Clemson at Boston College (Friday), 7:30, ESPN: If Deshaun Watson keeps turning it over, this could get…weird?
  • Indiana at #2 Ohio State, 3:30, ESPN: Indiana, as #teamchaos, beat Michigan State on a “leaping” penalty last week. They had a reasonable shot at both OSU and Michigan last year. Ohio State hasn’t been challenged. Just sayin’, keep an eye on it.
  • #1 Alabama at #16 Arkansas, 7, ESPN: Am I the only one who thinks Arkansas is WAY overrated? Here’s hoping not!
  • Georgia at South Carolina, 7:30, SECN: May or may not be played as of the time of this posting, but a monsoon bowl guarantees a 7-2 win on a botched shotgun snap for somebody.

Other things of note

#21 Colorado visits USC in a weird game of “is Colorado legit/is USC shit”–played on the impossible-to-get Pac-12 network.

Purdue and Illinois both lost to Western Michigan (do NOT watch this), and  Vanderbilt and Kentucky play the SEC’s version of that exact game at 4 on SECN (do NOT watch this either).

#6 Houston has a tough task at Navy if you get CBSSN.

Your late-night #PACtion special? A good one, as Washington State travels to #15 Stanford in a game of COMPLETELY 180-degree contrasting styles.

Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Tech Edition

So, how was your Sunday?

We’ll get to the news of the day later on, but first let’s talk about the big medium win over Tech. Despite the protestations of some on this here site, I stand by Hall and I’s assertion over the years that this is not a rivalry. Part of me realized this when toe met leather, and I realized I had watched exactly zero plays of this Jackets team all season. No matter what the #THWG crowd will tell you, this is the story of big brother reminding little brother of their place, 13 of the last 15 seasons. The Tech game is an annual pantsing that occasionally goes wrong. This year it went right, as it so often does.

The Good:

– Frisky passing game? FRISKY PASSING GAME. Sure, these aren’t the numbers that forced UGA fans to lie to themselves about the ability under center after week 3, but the passing attack acquitted itself nicely Saturday. A great day out of Terry Godwin should give all of us hope about returning talent on the outside. Special shout out to Malcolm Mitchell, who continues to be a joy to watch catching and blocking. He’ll be a great value pick for someone looking for a solid WR on Sundays.

– Aggressive running attack? Check. Sony Michel and Keith Marshall looked confident, smart, and solid all day. With Sony cracking the 1000 yard barrier, he and returning Nick Chubb next year will be continuing the tradition of tailback U in Athens.

– Dominant defense? Mah gawd, you wouldn’t think we only won by 6 the way Pruitt’s boys played all day Saturday. They kept the Tech ‘quarterback’ under duress and running for his life, and stifled the vaunted high school offense rushing attack all day.

The Bad:

– This was the perfect picture of an 80-20 offense; great for 80 yards, downright putrid in the red zone. Opportunities to score are usually few and far between, but the players put themselves in position to be successful, and I think everyone – coaches, players, water boys – caught a slight case of the lemon booty when it came time to score points.

– Speaking of lemon booty, Marshall Morgan, what happened man? Ever since the boating…incident last year, Mr. Automatic has turned into Mr. Maybe. Make no mistake, I’m going to miss watching him line up to boot them through the uprights. But I will not miss the last two years of misses.

The Ugly:

– There’s quitting on a coach and then there’s whatever is happening at Tech. I haven’t watched them all year, but all I’ve heard from my Tech fan friends and my Tech football alumni friends, getting rid of PJ is the number one concern for Tech faithful going forward. Not a good scene.

There’s much already written, and much to be written, about the recent vacancy at the head job at UGA. I’ll say this before adding much more than my 2 cents tomorrow:

Doing something twice (THRICE!) in a row makes it a tradition right? Well, allow me to indulge myself with my annual tip of the cap to the Columbia Football Class of 2007. We got the chance to end our careers at home with a win, and the next week, we all hung up the pads after beating Brown on a last second field goal. I know that no one else cares, but as long as Andrew (Chad now, I guess) lets me write for this site, I’m gonna care loudly at least once a year.

Go Dawgs, and Roar Lion Roar.

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This has been an important Auburn post.

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DudeYouPodcast 144: UGA Week Ten Recap

NOT your typical DudeYouPodcast. Not just because Georgia won (ha ha ha), but because the crew breaks down not only the game, but perhaps the biggest story in college football in decades: the student action at Mizzou.

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Love this? Hate it? Think I’m an idiot? Don’t just curse at me under your breath, head to the Dude You Podcast iTunes page, and leave a 5-star review to make sure I know it, and have your voice heard on the air. Follow me at @dpalm66.

Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Kentucky Edition

Wait. What if they’re all bad?

I said those somewhat prophetic words on DudeYouPodcast during our UGA season preview. The news of Lambert’s ascension to the top of the quarterback depth chart coming out of camp sent the DPalm Spinzone © into overdrive. Sure, it had done it’s job in talking me into Brian Schottenheimer as a play caller, despite literally hours and hours of evidence saying I shouldn’t. But, I reckoned, the worst case scenario under center would still be playing to this team’s strengths: using the quarterback as a game manager, transcendent talent in the backfield, creative play calling and a stout defense would carry this team all season.

Saturday, that DPalm Spinzone © dream came true.

Ignoring the inescapable ineptitude that has become our offensive line (more on them later), this was the picture I thought we’d see out of Athens all year, to be honest. We all got sucked in by the fools gold after lights out Lambert performances, and the injury to Chubb might have had a bigger psychic impact than we thought at the time, but if this team can keep getting the ball in the hands of Sony and Brendon and Terry and Joystick and, of course, KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF, then I like our chances offensively. Schotty even broke out the old Wild Dawg because of course he did. Now, if we can cut back on that multiple quarterback thing (spoilers: they ARE all bad), then we might have a chance to win these last three in a somewhat inspirational manner.

The Good:

– 52 runs. Fifty. Two. Fiddy two. No matter how you say it, it always sounds good. Not only does it play to our aforementioned strengths, but man does it make a stat sheet look GOOD. UGA held the ball for 37:36 to UK’s 22:24 on the strength of the rushing attack, and controlling the clock is a great step in the right direction. Sony’s broken hand worries me on the outside runs, since he can’t swap the side that he’s holding the ball on at all, making fumbles a possibility, but that’s a risk I’m more willing to run than letting these quarterbacks throw it.

– MASSIVE tip of the cap to Malcolm Mitchell. I think before this season, we as Georgia fans had kind of downplayed the ‘what if’ factor of his ability and talent, seeing so much time robbed from him via injury. It was easier to think that he wasn’t as good as we remembered than it was to think about how good this team would have been with a real quarterback and a healthy Mitchell. But, he’s been the brightest of spots for our passing attack this year, and now that we’ve gone away from that, he was ACTIVE blocking downfield all day Saturday. This won’t get commended most places, but I’ll be damned if I ignore a skinny kid doing good blocking here.

– I love this defense. I love Dominick “JUST GET OUT OF BOUNDS” Sanders. I love allowing 180 total yards at home, and I love the fact that no matter what has happened in the last month, this unit remains committed to a style of play that is viewer friendly and effective. Keep doing what you’re doing defense.

– Gotta mention the creative playcalling again, and the welcome return of the screen game. UGA has been lights out running screens since I was in high school, and it’s amazing what an effective running game can do to open up screen lanes.

The Bad:

– I said it Saturday.

I say it again today. I recognize that sometimes you have to stick with a personality or a voice in an on-the-field leadership role, and that the alternative to Theus might be too young, not good enough, not ready, whatever. But watching this offense get mired behind and alongside an overrated blocker makes me scream for some change, any change along the line. Oh god. I’ve turned into a #FireMarkRicht-er over Theus. How did this happen? This is 100% John Theus’ fault.

– I mean.

The Ugly:

– Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Sure, we can overcome them against an underwhelming performance from a not so great UK team, but against this NEXT team on the schedule, it shouldn’t work at all.

Winning hides the mistakes, losing magnifies them, but the mistakes are always there. Hopefully, these guys can take the lessons from this game, as well as the confidence, and let them carry the team going forward. No matter how many corrections need to get made, it’s easier to do with a win the pocket. Besides, no one’s day was worse than this kid’s.

Go Dawgs.

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