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Georgia Football: Sony Michel’s Rap Song is Awful, It’s OK to Hate It

First and foremost, this song from Sony Michel Flyguy2Stackz is awful.



Some observations from this abominable production:

Roughly 30% of the song is comprised of an A/A rhyme scheme in which the first A is “feelins” and the second A is “feelin.” My dog writes better lyrics than that. And I’m talking about my literal canine.

The words “trippin'” and “millions” do not rhyme. Don’t tell Sony Michel Flyguy2Stackz I said that though.

I think I get what he’s getting at with the repeated line “You just keep doin’ your dance; all this money in my hands.” But at the end of the day, this just makes Sony Michel Mr. Stackz seem like a stingy strip club attendee. Why is the money still in his hands? That seems atypical. And he doesn’t just say it once, he repeats these phrases back to back. So it’s kind of like, “Yo I’m stingy at strip clubs, this money is staying in my hands but you keep dancing.” And then, “No for real, all of this money is in my hands, not on or around your person. I promise this status will not change.” I don’t think that’s the reputation one wants when releasing a rap song on SoundCloud. There’s just an inconsistency here. I can think of hundreds of places in which fiscal responsibility would be rewarded, but this isn’t one of them.

“I ball on them and then I dab,” is something I would say if I was trying to sound super boss…that’s how I know it’s not very hip. Do people still dab? Everyone in my office dabbed during a staff photo shoot last week, which made me think the dab was dead.  We’re the embodiment of “Stuff White People Like” crossed with “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” with a side of Financial Analysis. If we’re doing it, it’s not cool. #RIPDab. Or did Sony Michel Flyguy2Stackz resuscitate the dab? Or did we remind him that the dab is worth keeping alive? Maybe this song is pretty great after all.

Welcome to Dab City, USA.

Welcome to Dab City, USA.


This entire song is cliches.

  • I’m out here grindin’; people trippin’.
  • People actin’ fake. They hungry, they starvin’, they killin’.
  • A lot of people out here lyin’.
  • Every day I gotta get it; every day I gotta live it.
  • I hit my dog up when I come to the crib (side note: I also hit my dog up when I get home; shout out to DogYouCrazy a.k.a. FlyDawgNoStackz).


This is not good music. You don’t have to like it. Seriously. Take a deep breath and remember that you like Sony Michel the student-athlete and maybe (hopefully?) you even like Sony Michel the human being. That doesn’t mean you have to like Sony Michel the rapper Flyguy2Stackz.

But you do have to like this:


animation (3)



That’s all I got/


Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL: Who’s on the Chopping Block?

A quick run down on every Georgia Bulldog currently (August 22, 2016) listed on NFL rosters…sorted by division:

AFC East

New York Jets

  • Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Rookie – 4 Total tackles, listed as starter

Buffalo Bills

  • Fernando Velasco, C, 7th Year – 2nd team
  • Cordy Glenn, T, 6th Year – listed as starter

New England Patriots

  • Malcolm Mitchell, WR, Rookie – 4 catches, 55 yards and an injury in debut. Out for several weeks with elbow injury but looking strong.
  • David Andrews, C, 2nd Year – Listed as 2nd team center

Miami Dolphins

  • Reshad Jones, SS, 7th Year – Total boss.


AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Shawn Williams, SS, 4th Year – One tackle in preseason, listed as starter at SS.
  • A.J. Green, WR, 5th Year – One of the best receivers in the game. 5 catches for 48 yards in limited preseason action.
  • Geno Atkins, DT, 7th Year – Another monster and staple of this team. One sack in preseason.
  • Michael Bennett, WR – 2nd Year – Deep in a position battle for a roster spot. Of note: bio has the wrong Michael Bennett – not a great sign.
  • Clint Boling, G, 6th Year – Starter at LG.
Yeah, that's not the white - I mean right - Michael Bennett.

Yeah, that’s not the white – I mean right – Michael Bennett.


Baltimore Ravens

  • Ben Watson, TE, 45th Year – Listed as starter at TE

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Jarvis Jones, OLB, 4th Year – Listed as starter at ROLB.

Cleveland Browns

  • None. Though Isaiah Crowell is listed as the starter at RB.


AFC South

Tennessee Titans

  • Ben Jones, C, 5th Year – Starter at center.
  • Amarlo Herrera, LB, 2nd Year – Herrera just arrived after getting cut by the Colts (where he appeared in 3 games as a rookie). He’s not on the depth chart, but that’s probably just a timing thing.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Abry Jones, DT, 4th Year – Jones went undrafted in 2013, but has appeared in 39 career games and made two starts. He’s listed as 2nd on the depth chart.

Houston Texans

  • Corey Moore, DB, 2nd Year – 6 total tackles in two preseason games, listed 3rd on the FS depth chart.
  • Akeem Dent, ILB, 6th Year – 4 tackles in preseason play, listed 2nd on the depth chart.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Starling Bailey, DE, Rookie – Totally forgot about this guy. but he’s logged 4 tackles in preseason play and listed as second on the depth chart at LDE.


AFC West

Denver Broncos

  • None.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Ramik Wilson, ILB, 2nd Year – Wilson has logged 6 tackles this preseason and is listed 2nd on the depth chart.
  • Justin Houston, OLB, 6th Year – Preseason is for suckers not named Justin Houston.
  • Aaron Murray, QB, 3rd Year – Murray is in a fight for a job with the addition of Nick Foles, but he’s 8 of 154 passing for 110 yards. 3 Fumbles (one lost) in week 2 won’t help, though.
  • Chris Conley, WR, 2nd Year – Conley is competing for a starting spot.

San Diego Chargers

  • None.

Oakland Raiders

  • None.


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

  • None.

Washington Redskins

  • Keith Marshall, RB, Rookie – Not a great start for the 7th round pick. Marshall has 15 carries for 25 yards. He got plenty of shots last week though (10 carries, 26 yards, long of 10). He’s also added three catches for just seven yards. Practice Squad might be the best hope, but he is currently listed as 3rd on the depth chart so who knows?
  • Kedric Golston, NT, 11th Year – Listed as starter.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • None.

New York Giants

  • Tavarres King, WR, 3rd Year – King has one catch for eight yards. He’s listed as third team at the WR1 spot which puts him in contention for a roster spot.


NFC North

Green Bay Packers

  • None.

Detroit Lions

  • Matthew Stafford, QB, 8th Year – Stafford will be the starter in Detroit; you heard it here first.
  • Orson Charles, TE, 4th Year – Insane that Charles hasn’t caught on more securely. But he’s showin’ up in Detroit – six catches for 55 yards. Injuries to guys in front of him have him in position to make the team.

Minnesota Vikings

  • Jake Ganus, LB, Rookie – Ganus has logged three tackles in preseason play and the Vikings are undefeated so he might be the key to that. He’s listed third as his position and should at least get a spot on the Practice Squad.
  • Blair Walsh, K, 5th year – Walsh is 2/3 on FG this preseason. He’s the starter and only Kicker listed on the depth chart.
  • Toby Johnson, DT, 1st year – Listed fourth on the depth chart and struggling for PT.

Chicago Bears

  • Cornelius Washington, DE, 4th year – 3 tackles and a sack in week one.
  • Leonard Floyd, OLB, Rookie – 4 total tackles in preseason play and half a sack.
  • Brandon Boykin, DB, 5th year – He’s in Chi-town now, apparently.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

  • Chris Mayes, DT, Rookie – Listed 4th on the depth chart.
  • Arthur Lynch, TE, 2nd Year? – Really would have pegged Lynch as a solid NFL TE. Alas, he’s been on several rosters (Dolphins, Jets, Broncos, Falcons) and yet to make headway on a roster. No catches this preseason.

Carolina Panthers

  • Charles Johnson, DE, 10th Year – 1 tackle this preseason, starter at LDE.
  • Ray Drew, DE, 2nd Year – Fourth at his position with no logged stats.
  • Thomas Davis, OLB, 12th year – 2 tackles this preseason, starter at WLB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • None.

New Orleans Saints

  • John Jenkins, DT, 4th Year – 2nd on the depth chart.
  • Damian Swann, CB, 2nd Year – 1 Preseason tackle, third on depth chart, battling concussion issues.
  • Dannell Ellerbe, LB, 8th Year – 6 tackles in last week’s preseason game, listed as starter.


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

  • Drew Butler, P, 4th year – Starter at punter position, he’s licking well.

San Francisco 49ers

  • John Theus, OT, Rookie – Listed 3rd on the depth chart. Will at least garner Practice Squad time.
  • Garrison Smith, DT, 2nd year – 7 tackles and one sack in strong preseason play, he’s listed as 3rd on the depth chart but has a real shot this year.

Seattle Seahawks

  • DeAngelo Tyson, DE, 4th Year – A utility d-lineman, Tyson should make the roster.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Todd Gurley, RB, 2nd year – Best RB in the game?
  • Alec Ogletree, OLB, 4th year – Locked-in starter at OLB.



There you have it. That’s the crew. Nearly 50 damn good Dawgs. I’ll check in later in the preseason with an update.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: Jacob Eason is the Starter. Let’s Talk About That.

If you read this blog, you probably follow other Georgia sites, and know by now that Jacob Eason took all of the first-team reps at Wednesday’s practice. This comes on the heels of Kirby’s self-declared “huge” scrimmage early in the week, after which he said the quarterback competition was still wide open.

It’s not.

Jacob Eason will take the first snap of the season in Atlanta in two weeks, and will probably take every meaningful snap for Georgia for the next three years. Prepare yourself for some growing pains and some AMAZING upside.

If you put a gun to my head, I’d say rolling with Eason for North Carolina is the right call. One needs only to look back to the 2014 opener, when Clemson started a senior stud named Cole Stoudt while some scrub named Deshaun Watson came off the bench and led some nice drives in his first collegiate appearance at Sanford Stadium, of all places. Watson was CLEARLY the better option, but came on too late to make a real impact on the 45-21 Clemson loss.

North Carolina, Georgia’s opening day opponent, will put some points on the scoreboard. Allow their explosive offense to establish some momentum and it could be a long day. Eason, freshman jitters and all, gives Georgia the best chance to win the opener. Here’s why:

  • Besides maybe Brice Ramsey (I’m assuming his decision-making is still less than ideal), Eason is by FAR the best option to push the ball vertically. North Carolina’s biggest weakness is the run defense, and they relied on safety help vs. the ground game a ton last year. S Donnie Miles led the team with 128 (!!!) tackles last year. Pushing him into pass coverage is a good thing for the Dawgs, as it’ll open running lanes for whoever the hell is going to be running the ball.
  • UNC straight up lacks a pass rush. DE Mikey Bart led the team with 6.5 sacks last year, but the report is that he’ll be missing the game. EVERY other Carolina defender with more than one sack last year is gone, or injured. (UNC’s DL, their biggest weakness, is currently missing 3 of 4 starters from fall practice injuries). Eason is going to have a comfortable pocket.
  • More subjective, but: This is the most meaningless game (from a W/L perspective) on Georgia’s schedule, but…Georgia just sold its soul for Kirby Smart. Mark Richt won 50 games over his last 5 years in Athens. Even in the honeymoon phase, Smart needs to get off to a good start to justify the move.
    • Re: the last point: get Eason reps against a real team. Georgia follows with a nice, easy win against Nicholls States, which will net some valuable experience. Then, the grind starts: at Mizzou, at Ole Miss, Tennessee. If Georgia goes 2-1 in those (with a Tennessee win, preferably) the SEC East is Georgia’s to lose.

Is starting a true freshman in Week 1 a good idea, though? Being an early enrollee helps. Stolen from an article written in 2013, though, only six starting freshmen had a national-average quarterback rating. Terrelle Pryor, Matt Barkley, RG III, Braxton Miller, and Teddy Bridgewater are the notable names on that list– and Eason certainly has that pedigree. Check the article, there’s an AMAZING correlation between recruiting rankings and performance– 21 other true freshmen in this sample were downright bad. If Georgia were playing for 2017, well:

But that project lumped in redshirt freshmen with the guys coming directly from high school, and the subsequent years have dramatically widened the gap between those two categories. (Future quarterbacks can thank Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, Taylor Martinez, Aaron Murray, Johnny Manziel, Brett Hundley and Marcus Mariota for wrecking the redshirt curve.)

Georgia’s not playing for 2017. Not after the Richt firing. Eason is going to play, as well he should.

Eason has comps since that article was written, as Brad Kaaya and Josh Rosen have a) high-profile jobs; b) started their first games barely after starting fall classes; c) were heralded recruits; and d) were early enrollees.

Kaaya: at Louisville (L, 31-13): 17-29, 174 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, adjusted QBR of 40.6
Rosen: Virginia (W, 35-14): 28-35, 351 yards, 3 TD, 0 picks, adjusted QBR of 90.1

A reasonable expectation is for Eason to land somewhere between these two. Rosen’s performance was patently absurd, but he didn’t match that QBR for the rest of the year. Kaaya improved, but was inconsistent.

If Georgia fans are prepared for some uneven performances (and its not actually about the fans), the 2016 season will be volatile yet exciting. Eason will follow Kaaya (2017) and Rosen (2018) as likely top-5 draft picks, but he’s not going to be a Heisman contender from jump street.

All told? I like the move. Go all-in with the future, take some lumps, profit in 2017.


SECual Healing: Chubb Return and Bigtime Dismissals

(Shouldn’t Lead with this Headline, but I Got My Morning Chubb)

Let’s get the important thing out of the way: Nick Chubb might be Jesus. Modern medicine has come a great ways as it relates to devastating knee injuries in sports, but Chubb’s was worse than those.

Since his training videos leaked in the spring, there’s been a sneaking, optimistic suspicion that Chubb was going to defy the odds and suit up in (!!!) less than a month against UNC. Seeing it actually happen and become a certainty? Amazing. And it gives Georgia a little more flexibility to start Jacob Eason with Chubb as a safety net.

Certainly, there’s still the issue of seeing how the knee holds up against contact, and the ‘yips’ of returning from a major injury.

15 carries for about 110 and two scores sounds about right.

Holy Dismissals

News broke around 6pm that Auburn had dismissed presumptive starting RB Jovon Robinson. Their depth chart is worse than a Chubb-and-Michel-less Georgia’s now, as Peyton Barber went pro early (that was news to me) and Roc Thomas transferred out.

More shocking and impactful than that, though, was the pair at Missouri. Its no secret that Mizzou’s success has been almost exclusively due to ridiculous defensive lines. Walter Brady led FBS freshmen in sacks last year with 8, and Harold Brantley went from feel-good story to cautionary tale. Brantley was severely injured in a car accident coming off a promising sophomore season, and Mizzou was banking on both as starters.

If the D can’t hold teams under…like…8 points, its gonna be a long season for the Zoo.

Let’s Hope Kirby Doesn’t Bring This Sabanism to Georgia

Just deplorable. Old petty man with a Napoleon complex.

Give It A Rest, Dude

/hashtag wanking motion/


SEC East, As Picked by the Esteemed SEC Media, and Why They’re Wrong

You may notice the lack of coverage of SEC Media Days this year. Two reasons: 1) we’re STILL trying to get back into football writing mode; 2) you shouldn’t give a rat’s ass about SEC Media Days. Nick Saban said it best yesterday, when he said (paraphrasing):

You saw our spring game. You know our depth charts. Everything we talk about here, you’ve already written about.

The little man is honest, yet deplorable. The best and worst voice in college football. And absolutely right.

As proof of the uselessness of SEC Media Days, I present this tidbit: the Southern media has correctly picked the SEC champ 3 times in the past 20 years. Sorry, Alabama, you’re doomed.

The SEC East projections were nothing to shout about, but given the above statistic, a fun exercise will be to discuss how they can be absolutely right, or dead wrong.

So…the bottom four is interesting in that Vanderbilt and Kentucky are on the rise, and the fallout from that is dropping three of the division’s last six champs to the cellar. But this is the SEC East. Mizzou won after being picked last in 2013, and 4th in 2014. How can everyone win this/blow this thing?


They win if: They win the close games that they showed the proclivity to…not win last year. They should’ve beaten Oklahoma, Florida, and Arkansas (and only lost at Alabama by 5), return their skill talent, 4 starters on the O-line, and most of a defense which should improve under Bob Shoop (sideways glance toward Daniel Palmer).

They finish last if: Josh Dobbs is still too conservative, injuries blow up the OL, and Shoop does Shoopy things. The schedule is brutal enough– they open SEC play with Florida, at Georgia, at A&M, Bama. Their confidence could be shot after an 0-4 start, making games with the bottom four from the East tough.

They’re gonna be fine, probably.


They win if: They find a quarterback, a playmaker (in the McIlwain/Kiffin ‘get our best guy the damn ball sense) and their defense remains a Florida defense. They have the inherent advantage of being completely in Tennessee’s head.

They finish last if: Luke Del Rio is no better than Treon Harris, losses of Jonathan Bullard, Vernon Hargreaves, and that dude the Falcons took in the 1st round make the defense take a step back, and their streaks against Kentucky (29) and Tennessee (11) end in succession in September.


They win if: Kirby Smart makes a seamless transition on the defensive side of the ball, Jacob Eason makes a seamless transition from high school, and Chubb/Michel make seamless transitions from injury.

They finish last if: Honestly, more feasible than the first two. The 3-4 is an awkward fit in year 1, the secondary’s great numbers from 2015 are based on the crap quality of passing teams they played last year, Chubb and Michel never make it to full speed, and no quarterback establishes himself as even average. Kirby Smart is the next Will Muschamp.

Kentucky (aka the point where you scoff, but in so doing you forget the premise of this exercise)

They win if: They navigate a hellacious road schedule (Florida, Bama, Mizzou, Tennessee) because Drew Barker and Eddie Gran (new hotshot OC) are the truth with everyone else on the offense returning. The defense is good enough to hold people under 30.

They finish last if: The brutal string of 5-7’s wears on the program and they tank. The tough road slate means winnable home games, but South Carolina and Vanderbilt just prove better. The Mississippi State game won’t be on CBS like it was two years ago.


They win if: Trump wins the Presidency. Their defense is going to be legitimately good, so the offense just has to be 2014 Missouri good. Winning the home opener vs. South Carolina buoys them forward through the SEC-East heavy first half of the season, as Florida, Kentucky, and Georgia all fall victim.

They finish last if: They Vandy. Their offense is going to be heinous.


They win if: See 2014. Charles Harris is the next Sam/Ealy/Golden/those dudes. Drew Lock goes from mediocre to efficient. The young offensive line gels.

They finish last if: The players strike again, the offense maintains the status quo, and Barry Odom is not cut out to be a head coach, SEC or otherwise.

South Carolina

They win if: Coach Boom is who we thought he was six years ago when he went to Florida. He actually learned from his mistakes, and he and Kurt Roper manage to piece together an amazing offense to pair with a defense that goes peak Muschamp-y.

They finish last if: Their punter is one of two featured players in Phil Steele’s spread (check). They open with losses at Vandy and Mississippi State, and can’t hold the fort at home vs. any of A&M, Georgia, Tennessee, or Mizzou. That…all seems pretty plausible.


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