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I Still Can’t Believe These Former Georgia Bulldogs Aren’t on NFL Rosters

I’ve been blogging about Dawgs in the NFL all week. But how about the Dawgs that aren’t in the NFL? I can’t believe these guys aren’t on rosters.

Jarvis Jones

Jones received an injury settlement from the Arizona Cardinals last Septembers and hasn’t really been heard from since. Quite obviously, a lingering back injury limited Jones (remember, he had back/spine/neck issues dating back to his days at USC before he transferred to Georgia), but his career certainly lacked the punch many expected.

A first round pick back in 2013, Jones lacked the explosiveness to become the outside edge rusher that many expected. Though he could still come back, it appears his NFL career lasted just four years and saw only six quarterback sacks.


Aaron Murray

It’s wild to me that Murray, the SEC’s all-time leader in [insert passing statistic here] didn’t last as an NFL backup. He was a full roster participant with the Chiefs in 2014 and 2015 before serving as a practice squad QB briefly for the Cardinals in 2016 and signing for a few weeks with the Eagles later in the season. Murray has thrust himself into the sports media (and insurance) business and seems unlikely to make another NFL bid.


Bacarri Rambo

Now a graduate assistant at Georgia, it’s hard to believe Rambo didn’t hold on for longer at the NFL level. He started three games as a rookie for the Washington Redskins in 2013, floundered about for a bit in 2014 and then was an 8-game starter for the Bills in 2015 and started five games for the Dolphins in 2016. Rambo intercepted a pass and recovered two fumbles in a single game back in 2015. How does that guy not make it?


Trenton Thompson

The story isn’t written for Trent, and I refuse to pass judgment on him for going pro early. After going undrafted this past spring, Thompson signed a 3-year deal with the Cleveland Browns worth up to $1.71 million. Unfortunately, none of that was guaranteed and Thompson was released a few weeks ago. If he hasn’t been claimed yet, it’s hard to imagine him landing on a roster before the season begins in earnest.


Amarlo Herrera

There was a period during which it seemed like Herrera was the only player on Todd Grantham’s defense who knew where to go. And then there was a period during which he anchored Jeremy Pruitt’s unit. Through all of this, Herrerra registered 334 total tackles with 21 coming behind the line of scrimmage. He also logged 3.5 career sacks, 3 interceptions, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and nine deflected passes as a Bulldog. He was drafted in the 6th round of the 2015 NFL Draft and played only three games for the Colts.


Malcolm Mitchell

I have to believe he will be back once more fully healthy.


Dominick Sanders

Much like Herrera, it’s hard to understand how Sanders’ production in the SEC didn’t translate to meaningful NFL attention. Sanders collegiate state line is no joke: 54 games, 53 starts, 156 tackes, 11.5 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 16 interceptions, 381 interception return yards, 23 pass deflections, 3 fumble recoveries. Sanders was with the Eagles briefly this summer. He worked out with the Cowboys earlier this week but was not signed.


Aaron Davis

Davis was waived in June by the Giants with an injury settlement, so maybe he’ll resurface. But like Sanders, he was incredibly productive as a defensive back. He started 45 games and logged even more tackles than Sanders (184) while also forcing three fumbles, recovering five fumbles and intercepting five passes.


Georgia Football: These Former Bulldogs in the NFL Are In Danger of Getting Cut

This week, I’ve been reviewing NFL rosters and analyzing position battles. I guess this is the “bad news” portion of the program.

First, a few quick-hitters. I don’t expect the following players to make final rosters:

  • David Marvin, K, Atlanta Falcons: Marvin is getting a shot at both punter and kicker, but he never won the full-time kicking duties at UGA, so it’s hard to expect him to do it with a pro team.
  • Toby Johnson, DT, Detroit Lions: Johnson played in two games for the Vikings back in 2016 but never saw the field in 2017. The Lions are his fifth team since he went pro in 2015, but it’s hard to see him sticking.
  • John Atkins, DT, New England Patriots: If he’s lucky, he’ll get some practice squad experience in New England.
  • Greg Pyke, OL, Arizona Cardinals: Pyke had a cup of coffee last year with the Bills but is unlikely to get much more than that with the Cardinals.
  • Quincy Mauger, S, Oakland Raiders: Mauger just signed with the Raiders a few weeks ago, so he could change his fortunes, but for now he looks likely to land on the practice squad.
  • Sterling Bailey, DE, Carolina Panthers: Bailey is listed as 5th string and unlikely to make a roster.


Now, a few deeper dives.

Davin Bellamy, LB, Houston Texans:

Not gonna lie…the whole “Humble Yourself” thing is a tough look now. Baker Mayfield, who drew the ire of Bellamy during the Rose Bowl, was drafted first overall. Davin Bellamy was not drafted. Baker Mayfield signed a 4-year contract worth up to $32.7 million (with a $21.8 million signing bonus). Davin Bellamy signed a 3-year deal worth up to $1.7 million (with a signing bonus of $7,500). Baker Mayfield is battling an 8th-year veteran to be his team’s starting quarterback. Davin Bellamy is listed as a fourth string linebacker on a team that deploys a 3-4 system.

The whole story on Bellamy is unwritten, but in the short-term it seems unlikely that he will make the Texans’ 53-man roster. Of course, pre-season depth charts aren’t always up-to-date, but athere isn’t a lot of good news out there for Bellamy – literally. If you search for “Davin Bellamy” on Google News, each of the first 12 articles is about Georgia’s defense and departing players.


Turns out it’s Bellamy who is being humbled. At least for the time being.


Orson Charles, TE, Cleveland Browns 

Charles is proof of just how insane the talent pool is at the NFL level. As a true freshman at Georgia, Charles hauled in 23 catches for 374 yards (16.3 yards per catch) and 3 touchdowns. The next year he caught 26 balls for 422 yards (16.2 per catch) and two scores. As a junior, he hauled in 45 passes for 574 yards (12.8 per catch) and five TDs. And that guy hasn’t been able to land permanently on an NFL roster. To make matters even more confounding, he’s got legitimate NFL experience as both a tight end and a fullback. But he can’t find solid ground in the league.

Charles spent 2012 and 2013 with the Bengals, played on the Titans practice squad and briefly with the Saints in 2014, didn’t play at all in 2015, joined the Lions in 2016 and had two stints with the chiefs in 2017. He’s played in 36 career games (29 in his first two seasons) and logged just 11 total catches (only two since 2013). I thought he might end up sticking with the Chiefs after hauling in an 18-yard pass in week 15 last year and a 35-yard completion in Week 16, but he’s moved to Cleveland now and hasn’t progressed up the depth chart to assertively.

As an aside, how great was John Lilly as a tight ends coach for Georgia? Charles accounted for 1,370 yards and 10 TDs in three years under Lilly’s tutelage. Arthur Lynch had two 400-yards seasons under Lilly. Jeb Blazevich was third on a 10-win team in receiving as a true freshman in 2014. Based on NFL outcomes, it seems Lilly maximized talent at the position in Athens. That’s not to say the Dawgs aren’t getting the most out of talent now. It’s just a tip of the cap to Lilly.


Marlon Brown, WR, Chicago Bears 

Brown’s career is a mystery to me. Highly-recruited out of Memphis, Brown was never the star many anticipated in Athens. He posted 15, 133 and 234 receiving yards in his first three seasons with the Bulldogs and began to break-out as a senior (27 catches for 469 yards) before his season was halted due to injury after eight games. But then—after going undrafted—he logged 49 catches for 524 yards and seven scores as a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens.

That level of production combined with a strong close to his collegiate career made Brown seem like something of a late-bloomer. But production slipped in 2014 (24 catches for 255 yards and no TDs in 14 games) and declined even more in 2015 (14 catches for 112 yards and no TDs in 10 games). He appeared in two games with the Denver Broncos in 2016 but did not log any statistics. In 2017, he hauled in six passes for 90 yards during the preseason with the Broncos but didn’t make the roster.

Now he’s in Chicago trying to push for a roster spot, which frankly seems unattainable. Ironically, I think he may be beat out by another “late bloomer” from Georgia, Javon Wims. WIms, a JUCO transfer for the Bulldogs caught just 17 passes for 190 yards and 1 TD as a junior. Last year, Wims led the team in receptions (45), yards (720) and TDs (7).


That’s all I got/




Georgia Football Players in the NFL: Who’s Going to Make the Cut?

Per yesterday’s post, 43 former Georgia Bulldogs are currently on NFL rosters. By my estimation, 32-34 players should make final 53-man rosters when the preseason wraps up. Here’s some analysis on that.


Barring injury or otherwise unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, conventional wisdom would suggest that a starter at this point (heading into the second week of preseason games) would hold onto a roster spot in some capacity. Therefore, I’m comfortable suggesting the following players will remain active.

  • Thomas Davis, LB, Carolina Panthers
  • Leonard Floyd, LB, Chicago Bears
  • Cordy Glenn, OT, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Geno Atkins, DT, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Clint Boling, OL, Cincinnati Bengals
  • A.J. Green, WR, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Shawn Williams, S, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Isaiah McKenzie, PR, Denver Broncos
  • Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions
  • Abry Jones, DT, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Justin Houston, LB, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Todd Gurley, RB, L.A. Rams
  • Reshad Jones, S, Miami Dolphins
  • David Andrews, C, New England Patriots
  • Benjamin Watson, TE, New Orleans Saints
  • Alec Ogletree, LB, New York Giants
  • Jordan Jenkins, LB, New York Jets
  • Ben Jones, C, Tennessee Titans

I could give more analysis, but do you really need a rationale as to why Todd Gurley is going to make the final cut in L.A.? Didn’t think so. These 18 former Bulldogs are safe. In theory, McKenzie might be a “bubble” player if his skill-set was isolated to wide receiver, but he’s electric as a return man. He returned a kick for 78 yards and a score in the Broncos’ first preseason game.


New Acquisitions

The second-most obvious collection of players likely to survive roster cuts are newly-acquired players. A portion of these folks are rookies but some were acquired through alternative means.

  • Sony Michel, RB, New England Patriots: Though he’s been banged up, Michel wasn’t drafted in the first round to be cut. He will make the roster and he will be a stud.
  • Isaiah Wynn, OL, New England Patriots: He may be more of a project than Michel, but his spot on the roster is safe – even if he gets bounced around along the line and struggles to start as a rookie.
  • Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland Browns: Though low on the depth chart in Cleveland, it’s hard to imagine Chubb not breaking into the two-man rotation and eventually earning the starting spot. The depth chart thing is a formality at this point.
  • Roquan Smith, LB, Chicago Bears: He’ll start Day 1 now that he’s signed a contract.
  • Lorenzo Carter, LB, New York Giants: Carter is already in the two-deep hunt.
  • Ramik Wilson, LB, L.A. Rams: After three seasons with the Chiefs organization, Wilson signed a 1-year deal with the Rams this off-season and has worked his way into a #2 LB spot.
  • Tavarres King, WR, Minnesota Vikings: After suiting up for five teams in five seasons, King signed a sizable contract with the Vikings this offseason. He picked up some guaranteed money at signing ($90k is decent for a journeyman like King) and will earn $790k if he stays on the roster all year. If he stays healthy, he’ll make the cut. The Vikings clearly wanted him.

I would expect these seven players to survive cuts.


The Steady Role Players

These players aren’t new to their team and they’re not starters, but their dependability should keep them on a roster.

  • Maurice Smith, S, Miami Dolphins: As an undrafted free agent who played just one year with Georgia (he was a graduate transfer from Bama), Smith contributed as a rookie last year. He backs up fellow-former Bulldog Reshad Jones and should have a #2 safety spot on lock.
  • Chris Conley, WR, Kansas City Chiefs: Conley is a great locker room guy and still has tremendous upside if he stays healthy. He’s slated to make $1.8 million this year and that could work against him if a more cost-effective option becomes available and there may be lingering injury concerns, but it would be a surprise if he was looking for work at the end of final cuts.
  • Corey Moore, S, Houston Texans: Another undrafted player from years past, Moore is a staple of the Texans’ two-deep and signed his first non-rookie contract this off-season.
  • Cornelius Washington, DE, Detroit Lions: Though not a starter, Washington has historically played quite a bit. That shouldn’t change.
  • John Jenkins, DT, Chicago Bears: Quietly productive, Jenkins has the size, strength and athleticism to remain in the league for a long time.
  • Garrison Smith, DE, Atlanta Falcons: Smith has been all over the place over the course of a four-year career, but he’s a pro’s pro and OK with coming off the bench, playing DE or DT and bouncing between non-active/practice squad and active duty. I think his adaptability will keep him on the Falcons’ roster.
  • Tyler Catalina, OL, Washington Redskins: Much to my surprise, Catalina caught on with the Redskins last year and stuck around for most of the season. He’s firmly claimed a spot on the two-deep and should make the roster again. Good on ya, Cat.

These seven players should be playing in the fall.

If I was a betting man, I’d place the 32 players above on an NFL roster. So who’s not making the cuts? I’ll touch on that tomorrow.

Before we get there though, I think two players are on the bubble.

  • Reggie Davis, WR, Atlanta Falcons: Davis spent most of his rookie year on the practice squad in Atlanta but could get called up this year. That being said, his first preseason game wasn’t all that productive and the receiving unit is increasingly crowded.
  • Javon Wims, WR, Chicago Bears: Wims will, at a minimum, make the Bears practice squad, but he’s making a strong push for a real spot on the roster thanks to a big Hall of Fame Game performance. I think he may open the year on the practice squad before being moved up.


That’s all I got/


Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL: 40 Dawgs Survive Final Cuts; 19 Projected to Start

Below is an update of all former Georgia Bulldogs on NFL rosters (as of Tuesday morning).

A few names notably absent:

  • Marlon Brown: After going undrafted in 2013, Brown started 15 games and appeared in 38 contests with the Baltimore Ravens over the past three years. He logged 87 catches, 891 receiving yards and seven touchdown hauls. He signed with the Broncos in late July but was released about a week later. He has not been picked back up.
  • Amarlo Herrera: A sixth round pick in 2015, Herrera appeared in just three games as a rookie with the Colts. He was released and claimed off waivers by the Titans but cut once more.
  • Ramik Wilson: Herrera’s counterpart at middle backer from his Georgia days has also been cut. Wilson was a fourth round pick in 2015 and appeared in 10 games as a rookie (including two starts). He was released by the Chiefs two days ago. Expect him to show up on a roster sooner than later.

And on the bright side of things:

  • Tavarres King: King has latched on with the Giants thanks to a strong preseason finale. A fifth round pick by Denver in 2013, King has bounced around but struggled to find a home. He logged seven catches for 126 yards and three TDs during the preseason.
  • Orson Charles: Charles may have found a home in Detroit thanks to a slew of injuries at his position, but he’s poised to be the no. 2 man at his position behind Eric Ebron.

Here’s the full list:

Player Position Team Status
Drew Butler P Arizona Cardinals Active / Starter
Aaron Murray QB Arizona Cardinals Practice Squad
Chris Mayes DT Atlanta Falcons Injured Reserve
Benjamin Watson TE Baltimore Ravens Injured Reserve
Cordy Glenn OT Buffalo Bills Active / Starter
Charles Johnson DE Carolina Panthers Active / Starter
Thomas Davis OLB Carolina Panthers Active / Starter
Cornelius Washington DE Chicago Bears Active / Starter
Leonard Floyd OLB Chicago Bears Active / Backup
Brandon Boykin DB Chicago Bears Injured Reserve
Shawn Williams SS Cincinnati Bengals Active / Starter
A.J. Green WR Cincinnati Bengals Active / Starter
Geno Atkins DT Cincinnati Bengals Active / Starter
Clint Boling OG Cincinnati Bengals Active / Starter
Orson Charles TE Detroit Lions Active / Backup
Matthew Stafford QB Detroit Lions Active / Starter
Corey Moore DB Houston Texans Active / Backup
Akeem Dent ILB Houston Texans Active / Backup
Sterling Bailey DE Indianapolois Colts Practice Squad
Abry Jones DT Jacksonville Jaguars Active / Backup
Chris Conley WR Kansas City Chiefs Active / Backup
Justin Houston OLB Kansas City Chiefs Active / Starter
Alec Ogletree LB Los Angeles Rams Active / Starter
Todd Gurley RB Los Angeles Rams Active / Starter
Reshad Jones SS Miami Dolphins Active / Starter
Blair Waslh K Minnesota Vikings Active / Starter
Toby Johnson DT Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad
David Andrews C New England Patriots Active / Starter
Malcolm Mitchell WR New England Patriots Active / Backup
John Jenkins DT New Orleans Saints Active / Backup
Damian Swann DB New Orleans Saints Injured Reserve
Dannell Ellerbe OLB New Orleans Saints Active / Starter
Tavarres King WR New York Giants Active / Backup
Jordan Jenkins OLB New York Jets Active / Starter
Jarvis Jones OLB Pittsburgh Steelers Active / Starter
John Theus OT San Francisco 49ers Active / Backup
Garrison Smith DT Seattle Seahawks Active / Backup
Ben Jones C Tennessee Titans Active / Starter
Kedric Golston NT Washington Redskins Active / Starter
Keith Marshall RB Washington Redskins Injured Reserve

Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL: Who’s on the Chopping Block?

A quick run down on every Georgia Bulldog currently (August 22, 2016) listed on NFL rosters…sorted by division:

AFC East

New York Jets

  • Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Rookie – 4 Total tackles, listed as starter

Buffalo Bills

  • Fernando Velasco, C, 7th Year – 2nd team
  • Cordy Glenn, T, 6th Year – listed as starter

New England Patriots

  • Malcolm Mitchell, WR, Rookie – 4 catches, 55 yards and an injury in debut. Out for several weeks with elbow injury but looking strong.
  • David Andrews, C, 2nd Year – Listed as 2nd team center

Miami Dolphins

  • Reshad Jones, SS, 7th Year – Total boss.


AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Shawn Williams, SS, 4th Year – One tackle in preseason, listed as starter at SS.
  • A.J. Green, WR, 5th Year – One of the best receivers in the game. 5 catches for 48 yards in limited preseason action.
  • Geno Atkins, DT, 7th Year – Another monster and staple of this team. One sack in preseason.
  • Michael Bennett, WR – 2nd Year – Deep in a position battle for a roster spot. Of note: bio has the wrong Michael Bennett – not a great sign.
  • Clint Boling, G, 6th Year – Starter at LG.
Yeah, that's not the white - I mean right - Michael Bennett.

Yeah, that’s not the white – I mean right – Michael Bennett.


Baltimore Ravens

  • Ben Watson, TE, 45th Year – Listed as starter at TE

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Jarvis Jones, OLB, 4th Year – Listed as starter at ROLB.

Cleveland Browns

  • None. Though Isaiah Crowell is listed as the starter at RB.


AFC South

Tennessee Titans

  • Ben Jones, C, 5th Year – Starter at center.
  • Amarlo Herrera, LB, 2nd Year – Herrera just arrived after getting cut by the Colts (where he appeared in 3 games as a rookie). He’s not on the depth chart, but that’s probably just a timing thing.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Abry Jones, DT, 4th Year – Jones went undrafted in 2013, but has appeared in 39 career games and made two starts. He’s listed as 2nd on the depth chart.

Houston Texans

  • Corey Moore, DB, 2nd Year – 6 total tackles in two preseason games, listed 3rd on the FS depth chart.
  • Akeem Dent, ILB, 6th Year – 4 tackles in preseason play, listed 2nd on the depth chart.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Starling Bailey, DE, Rookie – Totally forgot about this guy. but he’s logged 4 tackles in preseason play and listed as second on the depth chart at LDE.


AFC West

Denver Broncos

  • None.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Ramik Wilson, ILB, 2nd Year – Wilson has logged 6 tackles this preseason and is listed 2nd on the depth chart.
  • Justin Houston, OLB, 6th Year – Preseason is for suckers not named Justin Houston.
  • Aaron Murray, QB, 3rd Year – Murray is in a fight for a job with the addition of Nick Foles, but he’s 8 of 154 passing for 110 yards. 3 Fumbles (one lost) in week 2 won’t help, though.
  • Chris Conley, WR, 2nd Year – Conley is competing for a starting spot.

San Diego Chargers

  • None.

Oakland Raiders

  • None.


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

  • None.

Washington Redskins

  • Keith Marshall, RB, Rookie – Not a great start for the 7th round pick. Marshall has 15 carries for 25 yards. He got plenty of shots last week though (10 carries, 26 yards, long of 10). He’s also added three catches for just seven yards. Practice Squad might be the best hope, but he is currently listed as 3rd on the depth chart so who knows?
  • Kedric Golston, NT, 11th Year – Listed as starter.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • None.

New York Giants

  • Tavarres King, WR, 3rd Year – King has one catch for eight yards. He’s listed as third team at the WR1 spot which puts him in contention for a roster spot.


NFC North

Green Bay Packers

  • None.

Detroit Lions

  • Matthew Stafford, QB, 8th Year – Stafford will be the starter in Detroit; you heard it here first.
  • Orson Charles, TE, 4th Year – Insane that Charles hasn’t caught on more securely. But he’s showin’ up in Detroit – six catches for 55 yards. Injuries to guys in front of him have him in position to make the team.

Minnesota Vikings

  • Jake Ganus, LB, Rookie – Ganus has logged three tackles in preseason play and the Vikings are undefeated so he might be the key to that. He’s listed third as his position and should at least get a spot on the Practice Squad.
  • Blair Walsh, K, 5th year – Walsh is 2/3 on FG this preseason. He’s the starter and only Kicker listed on the depth chart.
  • Toby Johnson, DT, 1st year – Listed fourth on the depth chart and struggling for PT.

Chicago Bears

  • Cornelius Washington, DE, 4th year – 3 tackles and a sack in week one.
  • Leonard Floyd, OLB, Rookie – 4 total tackles in preseason play and half a sack.
  • Brandon Boykin, DB, 5th year – He’s in Chi-town now, apparently.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

  • Chris Mayes, DT, Rookie – Listed 4th on the depth chart.
  • Arthur Lynch, TE, 2nd Year? – Really would have pegged Lynch as a solid NFL TE. Alas, he’s been on several rosters (Dolphins, Jets, Broncos, Falcons) and yet to make headway on a roster. No catches this preseason.

Carolina Panthers

  • Charles Johnson, DE, 10th Year – 1 tackle this preseason, starter at LDE.
  • Ray Drew, DE, 2nd Year – Fourth at his position with no logged stats.
  • Thomas Davis, OLB, 12th year – 2 tackles this preseason, starter at WLB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • None.

New Orleans Saints

  • John Jenkins, DT, 4th Year – 2nd on the depth chart.
  • Damian Swann, CB, 2nd Year – 1 Preseason tackle, third on depth chart, battling concussion issues.
  • Dannell Ellerbe, LB, 8th Year – 6 tackles in last week’s preseason game, listed as starter.


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

  • Drew Butler, P, 4th year – Starter at punter position, he’s licking well.

San Francisco 49ers

  • John Theus, OT, Rookie – Listed 3rd on the depth chart. Will at least garner Practice Squad time.
  • Garrison Smith, DT, 2nd year – 7 tackles and one sack in strong preseason play, he’s listed as 3rd on the depth chart but has a real shot this year.

Seattle Seahawks

  • DeAngelo Tyson, DE, 4th Year – A utility d-lineman, Tyson should make the roster.

Los Angeles Rams

  • Todd Gurley, RB, 2nd year – Best RB in the game?
  • Alec Ogletree, OLB, 4th year – Locked-in starter at OLB.



There you have it. That’s the crew. Nearly 50 damn good Dawgs. I’ll check in later in the preseason with an update.


That’s all I got/


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