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UGA’s Week 1 Depth Chart: Brought To You By The Word “OR”

The skeptic may call it unsettled. I call it sandbaggery.

Kirby Smart released his first game week depth chart this morning, and…he may as well not have. The word “OR” appears at 16 spots in the two-deep, including 12 starting spots.

In a season where we don’t yet know who will be starting at quarterback for Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame, or Alabama, the trend of playing lineups close to the vest is growing.

Let’s take a look at the “ORs”!

QB: Starting with a BS call on Kirby. Eason is starting.
HB: Chubb, if not on a pitch count (as Kirby said today) is starting.
FB: Six one way, half a dozen the other.
WR: Chigbu vs. Godwin scares me a little bit, as it would state that Godwin hasn’t taken the step forward Georgia needs to rely on him as the top target. Davis vs. McKenzie was moot, in my mind, due to the thought that Chigbu would be the SE and Godwin the Flanker, so…this interests me.
LT: Catalina vs. Wynn: Wynn will start somewhere, and it sounds like the staff is high on Catalina, making…
…LG: Wynn vs. Sims moot.
RG: With Wynn at LG, Sims would likely take RG over Lamont Gaillard.

So three positions (TE, C, RT) are settled going into week 1. If you believe that, I’ve got an inside track on selling the man-made lake they’re putting in the Georgia Dome’s place next year.

On defense, not quite so much of the same, as the position battles still active are quite intriguing.

Reggie Carter, Natrez Patrick, and Roquan Smith are all vying for the MIKE and WILL jobs. As much as I’ve heard Smith’s name this fall, I expect him to take WILL with Carter manning the inside.

At nickel, new guy Maurice Smith is battling Rico McGraw. They’re both going to see a lot of snaps on Saturday.

**PROGRAMMING NOTE: There are two podcasts featuring myself and Andrew lost in the dark world of the internet, hoping they emerge because they took forever and were good. Hoping to get those up so I can interview a UNC friend for his takes on the game later in the week.**



Insert “Kirby Smart Has Lost Control Of…” Joke Here

Welp, that certainly didn’t take long.

Early enrollees Chad Clay and Julian Rochester, part of the freakin’ epic class of early enrollees this spring, were arrested presumably on campus for possessing a BB gun. Turns out that, since we’re not at the University of Texas or the many others who are irresponsibly allowing guns on campus (…yet) this is a felony.

On a day when the Bulldogs won the battle versus public information in state legislature (more on that later), Governor Smart has a lot of work to do on securing the borders of its own town.

We will see what happens, but the loss of Rochester, even as a perfect rotational fit for the NT role in Smart’s 3-4, is a big blow.


This has been an important Auburn post.

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Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Florida Edition

Welcome to basketball season!

The Hawks are off to a SCORCHING start, beating down the division rival Hornets over the weekend, and doing it in those idiotic mix and match road jerseys. I don’t like the look, but I also openly acknowledge that I am an old, and these things aren’t meant for me. Hell, win like they did last year, they can wear whatever they want.

What? I HAVE to talk about football? Fine, but you literally asked for this.

I’ve been the babyface of this site since I started working here three season ago. I have single-handedly manned the DPalm Spinzone © against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I have listened to Jason push for Bauta (LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT), Ramsey (hahahahahaha) and insert quarterback here, and I have fought back. I have stood with Chad and Andrew against the #FireMarkRicht crowd, preaching caution and a steady hand than a reactionary bent. But I can’t anymore. And I don’t think Andrew can either. There’s much to be said about what actually happened this season, and best believe we will be doing that down the line. The small sample size of Saturday is 100% on the head football coach for a litany of reasons to be discussed at LENGTH on tomorrow’s DudeYouPodcast (/shamless plug). Let’s get after it and put the events of Halloween 2015 to bed for now.

The Good:

– It ended? I accurately predicted the amount of bourbon required to watch (and then re-watch, since I’m now exploring the depths of self-harm one can do via football) this football game. Spoilers, it was a lot.

– I get to look super smart for my preseason question regarding the quarterback situation: “What if they’re all bad?” Nostradamus, I’m coming for that prediction title. Then again, you probably saw that coming. Stupid Nostradamus.

– DYP double whammy of good: Chad got to be wrong about Brendan Douglas, AND we should get full blown Heel Jason tonight on the podcast.

The Bad:

– This game was not safe for men, women, children, pregnant women, women who may become pregant, the young, the elderly, people with preexisting heart conditions, Georgia fans, sobriety, hope for a better tomorrow, football fans, people whose wardrobes do not consist mainly of cut off jean shorts, and everything not nailed down in my liquor cabinet. Florida did exactly what they wanted, when they wanted to, and as aggressively as they could.

– Hitting Treon Harris early was a good gameplan, advocated for heavily on Friday’s DudeYouPodcast, and it seemed to have the starter turned back-up turned starter again looking to be playing off of his heels early. But then he hit that there big pass. And that was that.

– The Florida running game is guaranteed to get healthy against UGA’s defense. It’s a metaphysical certaintiy at this point. If Kelvin Taylor and company could play Georgia every week, they’d do it. And that’s not a good thing.

– Hey, special teams. Could you not be so, yanno, special?

– Wait, even Zook? *drinks more*

The Ugly:

– I’m a Mark Richt fan. I think he’s the best coach Georgia has ever had by far, even in the face of one of the more more entitled, idiotic and whiny fanbases in the country. He has done his job year in and year out despite non-football people talking down to and about him regarding football. It’s not a game for him, it’s how he feeds his kids, and to suggest that he doesn’t take it seriously or doesnt care shows just how divorced the average fan can be from this new thing called reality.

That being said.

For the first time in 15 years, I feel like he let the wailing and gnashing of teeth get to him and act in a very un-Richtian manner. Playing the third string quarterback to spark a team already reeling from the loss of their senior leader and best running back in the nation was a JV, desperate move by a coach I honestly thought was better than that. Wrong again Dpalm.

Well, that was a game that happened, and it was the same game that has happened over and over and over and over again since I was old enough to understand that Florida will always hurt me. Tune in to DudeYouPodcast for more therapy recapping, and let’s leave with one last quick look at the DPalm Spinzone ©.

Go Dawgs.

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#FloridaHateWeek 2015. It Begins.



If you’re new to the site, I feel like it’s important that you know that about me. I hate Florida. Everyone on this site hates Florida. And, truth be told, most Florida fans hate Florida too. Hell, even Steve Spurrier’s long standing hatred of Georgia stems from his inferiority complex about having played for Florida and the rest of his team not showing up that day UGA beat the doors off of him.

Andrew wrote about it here last year.

That’s right. The man who brought Florida to prominence briefly as a player, and permanently as a coach, hates Florida too. And so should you.

Go Dawgs.

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