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Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Tech Edition

So, how was your Sunday?

We’ll get to the news of the day later on, but first let’s talk about the big medium win over Tech. Despite the protestations of some on this here site, I stand by Hall and I’s assertion over the years that this is not a rivalry. Part of me realized this when toe met leather, and I realized I had watched exactly zero plays of this Jackets team all season. No matter what the #THWG crowd will tell you, this is the story of big brother reminding little brother of their place, 13 of the last 15 seasons. The Tech game is an annual pantsing that occasionally goes wrong. This year it went right, as it so often does.

The Good:

– Frisky passing game? FRISKY PASSING GAME. Sure, these aren’t the numbers that forced UGA fans to lie to themselves about the ability under center after week 3, but the passing attack acquitted itself nicely Saturday. A great day out of Terry Godwin should give all of us hope about returning talent on the outside. Special shout out to Malcolm Mitchell, who continues to be a joy to watch catching and blocking. He’ll be a great value pick for someone looking for a solid WR on Sundays.

– Aggressive running attack? Check. Sony Michel and Keith Marshall looked confident, smart, and solid all day. With Sony cracking the 1000 yard barrier, he and returning Nick Chubb next year will be continuing the tradition of tailback U in Athens.

– Dominant defense? Mah gawd, you wouldn’t think we only won by 6 the way Pruitt’s boys played all day Saturday. They kept the Tech ‘quarterback’ under duress and running for his life, and stifled the vaunted high school offense rushing attack all day.

The Bad:

– This was the perfect picture of an 80-20 offense; great for 80 yards, downright putrid in the red zone. Opportunities to score are usually few and far between, but the players put themselves in position to be successful, and I think everyone – coaches, players, water boys – caught a slight case of the lemon booty when it came time to score points.

– Speaking of lemon booty, Marshall Morgan, what happened man? Ever since the boating…incident last year, Mr. Automatic has turned into Mr. Maybe. Make no mistake, I’m going to miss watching him line up to boot them through the uprights. But I will not miss the last two years of misses.

The Ugly:

– There’s quitting on a coach and then there’s whatever is happening at Tech. I haven’t watched them all year, but all I’ve heard from my Tech fan friends and my Tech football alumni friends, getting rid of PJ is the number one concern for Tech faithful going forward. Not a good scene.

There’s much already written, and much to be written, about the recent vacancy at the head job at UGA. I’ll say this before adding much more than my 2 cents tomorrow:

Doing something twice (THRICE!) in a row makes it a tradition right? Well, allow me to indulge myself with my annual tip of the cap to the Columbia Football Class of 2007. We got the chance to end our careers at home with a win, and the next week, we all hung up the pads after beating Brown on a last second field goal. I know that no one else cares, but as long as Andrew (Chad now, I guess) lets me write for this site, I’m gonna care loudly at least once a year.

Go Dawgs, and Roar Lion Roar.

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This has been an important Auburn post.

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Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Florida Edition

Welcome to basketball season!

The Hawks are off to a SCORCHING start, beating down the division rival Hornets over the weekend, and doing it in those idiotic mix and match road jerseys. I don’t like the look, but I also openly acknowledge that I am an old, and these things aren’t meant for me. Hell, win like they did last year, they can wear whatever they want.

What? I HAVE to talk about football? Fine, but you literally asked for this.

I’ve been the babyface of this site since I started working here three season ago. I have single-handedly manned the DPalm Spinzone © against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. I have listened to Jason push for Bauta (LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT), Ramsey (hahahahahaha) and insert quarterback here, and I have fought back. I have stood with Chad and Andrew against the #FireMarkRicht crowd, preaching caution and a steady hand than a reactionary bent. But I can’t anymore. And I don’t think Andrew can either. There’s much to be said about what actually happened this season, and best believe we will be doing that down the line. The small sample size of Saturday is 100% on the head football coach for a litany of reasons to be discussed at LENGTH on tomorrow’s DudeYouPodcast (/shamless plug). Let’s get after it and put the events of Halloween 2015 to bed for now.

The Good:

– It ended? I accurately predicted the amount of bourbon required to watch (and then re-watch, since I’m now exploring the depths of self-harm one can do via football) this football game. Spoilers, it was a lot.

– I get to look super smart for my preseason question regarding the quarterback situation: “What if they’re all bad?” Nostradamus, I’m coming for that prediction title. Then again, you probably saw that coming. Stupid Nostradamus.

– DYP double whammy of good: Chad got to be wrong about Brendan Douglas, AND we should get full blown Heel Jason tonight on the podcast.

The Bad:

– This game was not safe for men, women, children, pregnant women, women who may become pregant, the young, the elderly, people with preexisting heart conditions, Georgia fans, sobriety, hope for a better tomorrow, football fans, people whose wardrobes do not consist mainly of cut off jean shorts, and everything not nailed down in my liquor cabinet. Florida did exactly what they wanted, when they wanted to, and as aggressively as they could.

– Hitting Treon Harris early was a good gameplan, advocated for heavily on Friday’s DudeYouPodcast, and it seemed to have the starter turned back-up turned starter again looking to be playing off of his heels early. But then he hit that there big pass. And that was that.

– The Florida running game is guaranteed to get healthy against UGA’s defense. It’s a metaphysical certaintiy at this point. If Kelvin Taylor and company could play Georgia every week, they’d do it. And that’s not a good thing.

– Hey, special teams. Could you not be so, yanno, special?

– Wait, even Zook? *drinks more*

The Ugly:

– I’m a Mark Richt fan. I think he’s the best coach Georgia has ever had by far, even in the face of one of the more more entitled, idiotic and whiny fanbases in the country. He has done his job year in and year out despite non-football people talking down to and about him regarding football. It’s not a game for him, it’s how he feeds his kids, and to suggest that he doesn’t take it seriously or doesnt care shows just how divorced the average fan can be from this new thing called reality.

That being said.

For the first time in 15 years, I feel like he let the wailing and gnashing of teeth get to him and act in a very un-Richtian manner. Playing the third string quarterback to spark a team already reeling from the loss of their senior leader and best running back in the nation was a JV, desperate move by a coach I honestly thought was better than that. Wrong again Dpalm.

Well, that was a game that happened, and it was the same game that has happened over and over and over and over again since I was old enough to understand that Florida will always hurt me. Tune in to DudeYouPodcast for more therapy recapping, and let’s leave with one last quick look at the DPalm Spinzone ©.

Go Dawgs.

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DudeYouPodcast 142: UGA Week Nine Preview

World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party season, and we do our best to get you ready for whatever happens Saturday. Plus, we inadvertently break news, or tell the future. Your call.

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Georgia Football Knee Jerk Reactions: Missouri Edition

Nine is more than six.

Wait, should I break it down further?  Fine, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Football games are really, really hard to win. Add in the least dependable subgroup of Americans (18-22 year old males), multiply by two straight losses, sprinkle in watching your offensive leader demolish his leg a week before, and coat all of that with annualized over hyped expectations, and a football game becomes even harder to watch win. But this Bulldogs team did it. And they did it the way this site was hoping to see all season: a total suffocating defensive effort. Did the offense seem to be stuck in some sort of fire swamp, complete with rodents of an unusual size? You betcha! Were our special teams available to cost points and field position? Of course they were! But, the defense stepped up in a way that we haven’t seen really since…hell, since they pitched a shutout AT Mizzou last year. This is another win that a certain segment of Dawg fans will tell you was a loss, but I’m of the mind that winning a rock fight of a game tells me more about the core of this squad than a blowout would have. Another case of the patented DPalm SpinZone ©? Maybe, but after watching this game twice, maybe not.

The Good:

– Hey now defense! It’s easy to remember anecdotal defensive stands, but a long look at the film and the numbers point out just how good this defense played on Saturday. Sure, Mizzou isn’t an offensive powerhouse, but as they say in the NFL, those guys get paid too. And because it’s college, the pay is education, remember. Seriously, the defense allowed a meager 164 yards, 6 total first downs, and a thump your chest 2 of 13 third down conversions. Not only were they good, but they excelled in getting off the field. Hell, their FIRST SERIES was the picture of domination, keeping Mizzou out of the endzone from the .2 yard line. That’s good work.

– Gonna stay with the defense because, honestly, look at everything else Saturday. Pruitt’s group allowed 21 rushing yards on 22 carries. Let that sink in. A defense that has looked honestly pedestrian 6 of the last 8 quarters of football played took their shortcomings as a lesson, not a loss, and showed what they can do on Saturday. And it was damn impressive.

– Don’t love Schotty’s playcalling still, but this is a Gerogia team that did some good things on offense Saturday despite not getting into the end zone for the first time since 2010. Against the second best statistical defense in the SEC, UGA converted nearly 50% of their third down attempts, AND won the time of possession battle for the first time all year. The healthy commitment to running helped both of these stats immensely.

The Bad:

– Okay Greyson, I think I get you. You’re possessed of sub-average arm strength, and rely on timing and confidence to succeed. Furthermore, we’ve established that your confidence, when shaken, can be hard to recapture. That said: GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD AND THROW THE BLEEPING FOOTBALL. There were times, flashes even, of quick decision-making, laser thrown balls, and great reads. We need more of that. A whole lot more.

– UGA fans thinking they know football explaining o-line splits and zone blitzes to me. This is why I don’t go in public to watch Georgia games. Thanks for the reminder everyone.

– When you get close, you can’t settle for 7 not 3. Wins you games against bad teams, but gets you beat against good teams.

The Ugly:

– Missing field goals was a nice way for the special teams unit to hurt me this week. I applaud their efforts to keep me on my toes.

– Oh, and the onside kick that didn’t even go 10 yards. I’m getting mad all over again remembering this nonsense, on top of the poor kick coverage. If they do this against Florida, it’s evidence that UGA is openly trolling me at this point.

October has been generally unkind to the Dawgs this year, but looking for silver linings shouldn’t be too hard to find this week; we want our team to get back on track, and the defense did their part Saturday. Is it crazy to think that the offense could find their stroke in the bye week and surprise us against Florida in two weeks? I don’t think so, but then again, I live in the DPalm SpinZone ©. Right, wrong or whatever, this bye week comes at a perfect time, and it lets all of us here at the site warm up the train that is Florida Hate Week. Personally, I can’t wait. Neither can the Dude Emeritus, who’s taking the bye week to troll folks, and apparently starting early.

Go Dawgs.

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