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#93kDay (Holy Hell, We Did It) First Half Observations

A few minutes behind on the DVR, going to split this into two posts because I’m going to have to do some rewinding to catch names in the second half, but here we go…

First possession: 1st O vs. 1st D

  • First play from scrimmage: Lambert throws a deeper ball than he did all last season. Jump of a very, very high bridge, Brian Schottenheimer.
  • Early third down conversion on a BLATANT pick play by Jeb Blaze.
  • Natrez Patrick absolutely blows up the pull to stop Sony for a minimal gain– it’d be nice to have him emerge with Reggie Carter and Tim Kimbrough.
  • Brice Ramsey solidifying the punter job. 50 yards with hangtime.

Second possession: 2nd O (Ramsey) vs. 2nd D

  • Loving the multiple sets early. Seen I, Pistol, 4-wide, now empty set. Quick underneath throws to the TE’s are going to be a staple this year. Jim Chaney is Jesus Christ to Schotty’s Satan.
  • OOOH Brice got Jackson Harris hung out by Kimbrough.

Third possession: 1st O vs. 1st D

  • Quick hitter with the zone block, Michel goes 5 yards untouched then draws a facemask. Best mobility from either O-line thus far…next play, bump and pull, and not so much.
  • WHEEL ROUTE ALERT! Jordan Davis is the fourth TE to get involved in the passing game.
  • Remember last year how we had no confidence in Greyson Lambert because he couldn’t push the ball downfield? I’m actually encouraged right now. I’ll eat my words in 5 months.
  • And, on queue, he makes a PERFECT pass to Michael Chigbu at the front pylon. Not so sure that wasn’t a TD.
    • NOTE: That was a TD.
  • Weird not seeing Marshall Morgan kicking field goals. 3-0 White. (‘Black’ is in white, so I’ll be calling them white.)

Fourth possession: 2nd O vs. 2nd D

  • Tempo: good. Shaquery Wilson not knowing his assignment: bad.
  • It’s easy to step up in the pocket when you know you’re not going to be hit, but both Ramsey and Lambert have done a good job thus far.
  • Reggie Davis: nice catches in coverage, drops wide open at Tennessee. It still hurts.
  • Good get-off by RSFR Jordan Young to force third and long and end the 1st quarter. Has the look of a 3-4 end.
  • Ramsey in the pocket taking chances. The more things change…
  • GEORGIA SPECIAL TEAMS FAILURES, Kirby Smart era: 1. Come on, Brice.

Fifth possession: 1st O (Ramsey again) vs. 1st D

  • Backfield misfire #2. This could be a Brice problem, not a RB (Tae Crowder this time) issue.
  • Jayson Stanley for 48 from Ramsey, that’s the Brice we always wanted. The man truly giveth and taketh away.
  • Ramsey had Blaze wide open in the flat, went for the home run. Brice, man.
  • Stanley intercepts the bad read by Ramsey…liking him and Chigbu as outside threats thus far.
  • TD Tae Crowder. 10-0 White

Sixth possession: THE EASON ERA BEGINS

  • Tony Eason probably helicopter dadded his way into the huddle. Let’s see what he’s got.
  • Hey #93k, you’re supposed to be quiet for the offense.
  • Looks downfield, checks down to B-Douggy.
  • Holy shit.
  • HOLY SHIT, that was a throw. Nice snag by Riley Ridley.
  • Fun watching an offense where the primary isn’t the checkdown, and the checkdown is thus open. Jim Chaney is the biggest acquisition of the offseason.
  • 75 was supposed to get outside on that protection. He did not do so.
  • William Ham is the ghost of the Mark Richt special teams era. Remains 10-0.

Seventh possession: 1st O (Lambert again) vs. 1st D

  • Hard to do in these things, but gonna try to focus on the D. Meanwhile, a good leak by Christian Payne.
  • Atkins/Thompson did a good job of bleeding Michel outside, but Michel is just good. Gain of 6.
  • Reggie Carter loses contain, Michel pops outside for another 15.
  • Lambert with the YOLO throw to Godwin on the post, Mauger should’ve had the pick.
  • Natrez Patrick with the free release as Lambert hits Davis for a first down, methinks that’s a sack in real life.
  • EXTREME CLOCK MALFUNCTION! Georgia is still Georgia. No surprise that Kirby is pissed, the last 4 minutes of the half were supposed to be in two-minute drill.
  • Interesting tidbit to hear that JuWuan Briscoe (#12) has emerged as a 1st-teamer at corner. Would appear he’s the guy with Malkolm Parrish on the other end.
  • Rodrigo Blankenship is the good kicker du jour. 13-0 White.

Eighth Possession: Eason and 2’s vs. 2nd D

  • Nick Chubb could run for 200 today. Tell me I’m wrong.
  • NICK CHUBB IS DOING TAE KWON DO? Dude really might be Batman.
  • Man, look. I know it’s the Spring Game, but Eason’s decision making (at least with a clean pocket) is absurd. Takes his second ‘sack’ on the second blitz he faces, though.
  • Impressively strong and accurate throw against his body on the scramble, but it ain’t gonna count.
    • Joystick with the Napoleon Complex blindside block downfield on the same play.
  • Random observation: I can’t wait to see BIG DUMB ARKANSAS OFFENSE with 3 TE’s one play, then empty set the next. Nice diversity in this offense, still.
  • Eason handles the blitz on 3rd & 12, guns to Joystick, nicely done.
  • Putting the fire to Eason now.
  • Back-to-back catches by Isaac Nauta, great job boxing out on the TD. 13-7 as Ham hits something.

Ninth possession: Ramsey vs. 1st D

  • Lorenzo Carter with the speed rush absolutely got held, the clean pocket gave Ramsey a chance to dump off to Sony. 1st down, timeout.
  • Someone with the bust gives Jayson Stanley an easy 35-yarder. Briscoe had flat, Sanders was late.
  • Blankenship misses.

Insert “Kirby Smart Has Lost Control Of…” Joke Here

Welp, that certainly didn’t take long.

Early enrollees Chad Clay and Julian Rochester, part of the freakin’ epic class of early enrollees this spring, were arrested presumably on campus for possessing a BB gun. Turns out that, since we’re not at the University of Texas or the many others who are irresponsibly allowing guns on campus (…yet) this is a felony.

On a day when the Bulldogs won the battle versus public information in state legislature (more on that later), Governor Smart has a lot of work to do on securing the borders of its own town.

We will see what happens, but the loss of Rochester, even as a perfect rotational fit for the NT role in Smart’s 3-4, is a big blow.

Your Annual Attempt at a March Madness Preview

Oh, college basketball. You lost Saturday primetime regular season spots on ESPN to the NBA. You officially now have four weeks of the year to be relevant. With the NCAA Tournament (technically) starting tonight, let’s get you primed on weeks 2-4 of the sport’s annual trip through the news cycle.

Who are the contenders? 

One needn’t look far past the blue bloods– Kansas and North Carolina both won their regular season and conference tournaments. Kentucky is doing the ‘catch fire in March while still possessing the best talent’ charade a la 2014, when the 8-seed Wildcats made the title game. Michigan State got robbed of a 1-seed, but serves as the de facto king of the Midwest, as their 1-seed is a UVA team they’ve knocked out of each of the last two tournaments.

The second tier is WIDE open, as teams better known for football– Oregon, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Miami– all could go on a run.

Which conference should I bet on? 

The Big XII certainly seemed to be the best in the business this year. Kansas, WVU, Iowa State, and Oklahoma all spent significant time ranked in the top 10 this year. Texas boasts wins over North Carolina, Oklahoma, and WVU. Baylor has a bracket that sets up for a run if they get past Duke. I found myself leaning HARD on the XII on my first pass at a coherent bracket, which inevitably means I’m dead wrong.

Most importantly: Who’s got an NBA future? 

This is not quite as fun as most years, as the prohibitive #1 pick Ben Simmons and LSU flamed out aggressively in the SEC tourney, losing to Texas A&M by like, 40. But you still have some definite lottery picks floating around. In no order:

  • Brandon Ingram, Duke: 6’9 wingman plays like Kevin Durant, could sneak into the #1 spot with a strong run a la Carmelo back in 2003.
  • Ivan Rabb and Jaylon Brown, Cal: A big and a big, aggressive wing fit the one-and-done model.
  • Kris Dunn, Providence: I thought he made a mistake not going to the draft last year, but the explosive sophomore is making me fear UNC’s possible Saturday opponent.
  • Jamal Murray, Kentucky: The dude just fills it up. During the Georgia game on Saturday, the announcers said he had scored 20+ (and averaged 25) over the last 11 games. We can acknowledge skinny big man Skal Labissiere here too, but he’s been a robust disappointment this year and will still probably go top-10.

But…there are seniors that’ll carry this tournament. That’s weird, right?

Yes it is. After Duke and Kentucky’s recent success have given the one-and-done model some empirical proof of success, the top teams are led predominately by upperclassmen.

  • Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia: The ACC player of the year, along with backcourt running mate London Perrantes, are the anchors of an almost-unfair Virginia defense.
  • Denzel Valentine, Michigan State: Triple double machine. Dwyane Wade-esque Final Four run?
  • Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige, North Carolina: The senior duo has had a weird Ty Lawson/Tyler Hansbrough 2009 dynamic– the most-feared player on the squad randomly switched. Johnson is capable of terrible things, as evidenced by his 39 point, 23 rebound performance at Florida State in January. If Paige is hitting, UNC becomes the favorite. Problem is, he hasn’t been since sometime last season.
  • Giorges Niang, Iowa State: A nice 20/10 face-up 4 is either a matchup nightmare or will disappear.

South Bracket Preview

Favorite: Kansas. They’re balanced, they’re on fire from 3, and they are the best team in the country.

Sleeper: The winner of the Maryland/Cal round 2 matchup, which doubles as the ‘best potential matchup’ of the region. Maryland has Melo Trimble, the quickest guard in the country, and freshman big x-factor Diamond Stone, also a member of the all-whatwerehisparentsthinking name team.

Other contenders: Villanova and Miami reside in the bottom half of the bracket, and Miami’s Jim Larranaga took George freaking Mason to the Final Four back in ’06.

Cinderella: South Dakota State, on pure randomness alone, will end up in the Sweet 16 because I’ve just spent so much time speaking highly of Maryland and Cal.

West Bracket Preview

Favorite: Oklahoma is the only team I don’t have to squint too hard to see playing in Houston. Look for a chaotic bracket.

Sleeper: Ugh. F**king Duke. Another easy draw for them, with the undeserving 1-seed and a clear path to the Elite Eight.

Other contenders: Guess I’ve got to mention the fourth #1, Oregon. Beyond that…lord. Texas A&M? Baylor?

Cinderella: Give me #11 Northern Iowa, as their discipline can handle Texas’ press, A&M’s…whatever, setting up a second weekend matchup with Oklahoma and an underwhelming Elite Eight team from the top of the bracket. My heart will go with UNC-Wilmington over Duke, as they are the only college ever to rep the 910 in the tournament.

Best potential matchup: Second round, #6 Texas vs. #3 Texas A&M. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

East Bracket Preview

Favorite: North Carolina, probably, but Kentucky also looms large.

Sleeper: Notre Dame has a terrifying offense when they’re hot…and a suspect D. They’d have probably been a higher seed if they hadn’t gotten mollywopped by Carolina in the ACC Semis.

Other contenders: West Virginia is a scary defensive team as a 3, but it seems the pressing teams always get knocked out by discipline. #2 Xavier isn’t battle tested enough, but stands a chance of making it through an underwhelming first weekend. Kentucky and Indiana are both woefully underseeded as 4/5, respectively.

Cinderella: This regional is too top-heavy, and too filled with high-major teams, to allow for anything too crazy. Having said that, #11 Michigan has a play-in game to get limbered up. They could make a run.

Best potential matchup: Ugh. Sweet 16, UNC/Kentucky. Kill me now.

Midwest Bracket Preview

Favorite: Michigan State, who got robbed of a 1-seed and has Tom Izzo of like, 13 dozen Final Fours.

Sleeper: CLICHE ALERT! Gonzaga is an 11-seed. And they get “hot sleeper” Seton Hall and likely Utah after that.

Other contenders: Virginia is a perfectly fine 1-seed, and is hella frustrating to watch your team play. #5 Iowa State is led by Niang and is a fun watch, but if these two collide in the Sweet 16 Virginia will win.

Cinderella: See also: sleeper.

Best potential matchup: There’s really nothing to see here until next weekend, when we hope for Virginia/MSU round 3.

So…who’s in your Final Four, Chad? 

I honestly haven’t decided yet. As of Tuesday at noon, I’m still playing heart vs. head with Carolina. What I do with them has a ton of effect on my bracket, because Kentucky.

Georgia Football News: Kirby and Coachspeak, Electric Boogaloo

This one probably won’t make former DC Jeremy Pruitt too happy. 

Kirby Smart is a man on a mission to go absolutely scorched Earth on Georgia fans’ expectations for the 2015 season. Not since Sherman’s March have Georgians so soundly had dreams shattered (bad example and exaggeration, I know, easily-offended-internet) in such a short period of time.

Just three hours ago I wrote about some of Smart’s attempts to slow expectations, including doubt that Nick Chubb would be ready by the season opener and speculation that Georgia may play without a quarterback.

Well…he’s attacking the defense now, too. And this time I think he’s wrong.

“They didn’t put their secondary in tough situations very often,” he said. “They protected those guys. There weren’t a lot of cover guys back there. So we need to get it to where we have a lot of cover guys and we can pressure more. If we can’t then we’ve gotta be careful on third down.”

This is probably the most scathing indictment of Smart’s coachspeak rampage yet, folks. Although one can’t make an apples-to-apples comparison of pass defenses in a given year, well…

2015 pass D rank

So is Kirby outright lying to us? Not necessarily. Alabama’s 64th-ranked pass O was the BEST Georgia faced all year. The Dawgs, despite a purportedly aggressive defensive scheme, were 94th in the country with only 21 sacks. So maybe the Dawgs played more coverage to hide a limited secondary, but more numbers disprove that.

Georgia ranked in the top 10 in the nation in completion percentage at 51.7%. Meaning, they were very good at forcing passes to miss their targets with pressure, schematics, or good plays by the secondary (shoutout Dominick Sanders). They also find themselves in the top 15 in yards per attempt, which, in conjunction with completion percentage, means the ball was not going far when the Dawgs DID allow a completion.

With the whole secondary slated to return, the fact that Smart is setting such a successful unit up for failure is disappointing. It also serves as more evidence that he has a scapegoat in Miami he’s ready to use to launch nerve gas into the Southeastern skies at a moment’s notice.

As a good coach should.

Georgia Football News: Kirby the Coachspeak King, Georgia Most Miserable Fanbase?

I’d be remiss to call it “Daily Dose of Dawg”, because we’re at the point in the college football news cycle where there is ABSOLUTELY nothing happening. I’d be better off writing about Braves Spring Training, but that’s going to be a disaster in and of itself.

Fortunately, we have enough happenings over the past 36 hours to fabricate a little bit of news!


On the heels of last week’s comments that Georgia’s ones were SEC-caliber, but that they didn’t have the depth to compete, Kirby gave us a little bit more to scratch our heads at last night:

This was in reference to the quarterback battle. I’m guessing his earlier quote of open competition means it is truly OPEN. Trent Thompson, show me your three-step drop. Jeb Blazevich, can you read a zone D from under center as well as you do running routes?

Truthfully, I have no idea what this quote means. And I also get the overwhelming hunch that Smart refers to social media as “email”, putting him slightly behind my father in the world’s internet user competence rankings.

This is on the heels of last week’s comments that Nick Chubb’s prognosis was “anyone’s guess” as Chubb released a video of treadmill sprints, and the aforementioned depth quote. Basically, Smart is doing what any new coach should do: underpromise with a chance of overdelivering. He’s pushing 7-5 so anything better will be considered momentum going into 2017.

Georgia Fans: the Most Miserable in America?

This article is absurd clickbait, but FoxSports’ Chris Chase has decided to use tens of moving criteria and shoddy logic to come up with a list of every major American sport’s most miserable fanbases. For college football, the Dawgs:

Why Georgia? Plenty of college teams are way worse — take two schools mentioned above, Kansas and Wake Forest — but no one really cares about football at those schools, except in the odd year where they’re good or when Charlie Weis is getting run out of town. So, our list has to be hardcore football schools that haven’t been playing very good football or, in the case of our No. 1 team, have been playing fine football but just can’t put it together for one season to win the dominant SEC. Mark Richt had 10-plus wins in nine of 15 seasons in Athens and got canned, which should tell you something about expectations at Georgia.

His rationale is that expectations equal misery, but the expectations aren’t unrealistic and recent results go to show that. When I think miserable fanbase over the past 10 years at football-centric schools, I can come up with a lot of better examples: Notre Dame, Penn State, Washington, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, USC…all fit his criteria better than Georgia does.

Who do you think is the most miserable fanbase? And how do you define miserable? This may be a question to be addressed on another day…




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