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PODCAST: Let’s All Yell At Andrew

NEW PODCAST Y’ALL! Good work @me forgetting to post it on the site until now.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Andrew and Chad disagreeing about most everything on the LOADED Week 11 slate.
  • ZERO analysis of Georgia’s 24-10 win over South Carolina, as it happened six days ago.
  • A lot of bad inside jokes turned into content.

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PODCAST: What Didn’t Impress Us Much in Week 7?

Chad (@Chad_Floyd) and Andrew (@DudeYouCrazy) come back from a podcasting bye week to talk about the following:

  • Butch Jones, you’re SO DAMN FIRED.
  • Jake Fromm, Andrew is finally on board with you, but not quite sorry he doubted you.
  • What the hell happened in Week 7?
  • Does Georgia want Bama?
  • $30 StubHub specials.
  • And, finally, an appearance by Shania Twain! (Now is as good a time as any to remind you, dear reader/listener, that we will read whatever you write in a 5-star review)


Seriously. Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) and Dude Emeritus Andrew Hall (@dudeyoucrazy) get back on the podcast train after a 5-month hiatus.


  • Self-congratulation everywhere! For the boys getting back into the podcast game, for the SEC’s hypefest in Hoover, and the ACC’s “new best conference” title belt.
  • Breaking down the media picks! The SEC and ACC both had media days. Chad and Andrew have…thoughts.
  • What’s it like to look into Bobby Petrino’s eyes?
  • Besides Alabama, who has a chance of winning a national championship from the SEC in the near future?

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All of the SEC’s Draftees in One Place

Every year, I find myself stuck between one of two phenomena:
– Finding myself wondering where Player X from the SEC went, before discovering he’s in the NFL;
– Having a recollection of Player Y being “THAT DUDE” in the SEC and him not being a top draft pick (call it the Zach Cunningham corollary this year) and wondering where he’s playing in the NFL.

So as not to have that issue again in 2017, I was going to list all of the SEC players and when/by whom they were drafted…but Saturday Down South, a money-making blog, already did that. Here’s a copy/paste of their list, with commentary of picks I like and don’t like:

Alabama Crimson Tide (10)
Marlon Humphrey, CB, Baltimore Ravens, Round 1, No. 16
Jonathan Allen, DE, Washington Redskins, Round 1, No. 17
OJ Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Round 1, No. 19
Reuben Foster, LB, San Francisco 49ers, Round 1, No. 31
Cam Robinson, OT, Jacksonville Jaguars, Round 2, No. 34
Ryan Anderson, LB, Washington Redskins, Round 2, No. 49
Dalvin Tomlinson, DT, New York Giants, Round 2, No. 55
Tim Williams, OLB, Baltimore Ravens, Round 2, No. 78
ArDarius Stewart, WR, New York Jets, Round 2, No. 79
Eddie Jackson, DB, Chicago Bears, Round 4, No. 112

I feel really good about Allen and Howard being studs in the NFL, and for some reason Humphrey being a bust. Anderson was the ‘highly drafted anonymous Alabama defender’ du jour for 2017, though the next two Bammers off the board also fit that bill.

Eddie Jackson to the Bears is fascinating in that the Bears were a complete shitshow during the draft. He could be the one player that actually works out.

Arkansas Razorbacks (3)
Deatrich Wise, DE, New England Patriots, Round 4, No. 131
Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Washington Redskins, Round 5, No. 154
Jeremiah Ledbetter, DE, Detroit Lions, Round 6, No. 205

This was fun.

Auburn Tigers (4)
Montravius Adams, DT, Green Bay Packers, Round 3, No. 93
Carl Lawson, OLB, Cincinnati Bengals, Round 4, No. 116
Rudy Ford, DB, Arizona Cardinals, Round 6, No. 208
Joshua Holsey, DB, Washington Redskins, Round 7, No. 235

Adams and Lawson were pegged as rounds 1-2 guys leading up to last weekend, so seeing both fall is a bit of a surprise. Adams, in particular, took over some games for Auburn last year, but Green Bay’s 3-4 isn’t really an ideal fit for him.

Florida Gators (8)
Jarrad Davis, LB, Detroit Lions, Round 1, No. 21
Marcus Maye, DB, New York Jets, Round 2, No. 39
Quincy Wilson, CB, Indianapolis Colts, Round 2, No. 46
Teez Tabor, CB, Detroit Lions, Round 2, No. 53
Alex Anzalone, LB, New Orleans Saints, Round 3, No. 76
David Sharpe, OT, Oakland Raiders, Round 4, No. 129
Caleb Brantley, DT, Cleveland Browns, Round 6, No. 185
Joey Ivie, DT, Dallas Cowboys, Round 7, No. 228

Imagine that, Florida has more defensive talent than offensive talent. 7 of 8 draftees this year, 5 of 7 last year.

Georgia Bulldogs (1)
Isaiah McKenzie, WR, Denver Broncos, Round 5, No. 172

Trindon Holliday was super fun for the Broncos for a few years, so I assume good things for Joystick.

LSU Tigers (8)
Leonard Fournette, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars, Round 1, No. 4
Jamal Adams, DB, New York Jets, Round 1, No. 6
Tre’Davious White, CB, Buffalo Bills, Round 1, No. 27
Ethan Pocic, C, Seattle Seahawks, Round 2, No. 58
Duke Riley, LB, Atlanta Falcons, Round, 3, No. 75
Kendell Beckwith, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Round 3, No. 107
Davon Godchaux, DT, Miami Dolphins, Round 5, No. 178
Malachi Dupre, WR, Green Bay Packers, Round 7, No. 247

This all seems fine. Duke Riley, like Deion Lewis last year, is an LSU ‘backer drafted by the Packers, so get ready for those annoying calls on ATL sports radio. Jamal Adams is friggin’ awesome to watch. Malachi Dupre falls into the Russell Sheppard/Terrance Toliver mold of 5* talent at wideout that goes way under-drafted and carves out a nice NFL career.

Ole Miss Rebels (4)
Evan Engram, TE, New York Giants, Round 1, No. 23
DJ Jones, DT, San Francisco 49ers, Round 6, No. 198
Derrick Jones, CB, New York Jets, Round 6, No. 204
Chad Kelly, QB, Denver Broncos, Round 7, No. 253 (Mr. Irrelevant)


Mississippi State Bulldogs (1)
Justin Senior, OT, Seattle Seahawks, Round 6, No. 210

Fred Ross wasn’t drafted. Fred Ross is arguably the 2nd-best receiver on the Panthers, as a UDFA, already.

Missouri Tigers (1)
Charles Harris, OLB, Miami Dolphins, Round 1, No. 22

I told a lot of people Harris would be legit this year, but nobody listened because I can’t confirm whether or not Mizzou played football. In a world where Michael Sam, Kony Ealy, Markus Golden, and Shane Ray were all different levels of dominant for the Tigers, its amazing that Harris (I guess due to a lack of help) is the highest drafted of them.

Tennessee Volunteers (6)
Derek Barnett, DE, Philadelphia Eagles, Round 1, No. 14
Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans Saints, Round 3, No. 67
Cam Sutton, CB, Pittsburgh Steelers, Round 3, No. 94
Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB, Detroit Lions, Round 4, No. 124
Josh Malone, WR, Cincinnati Bengals, Round 4, No. 128
Joshua Dobbs, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers, Round 4, No. 135

Barnett represents Tennessee’s first draft pick since 2014. Let’s all laugh at Tennessee. While doing so, doesn’t it feel like all of the rest of their draftees were 1-2 rounds lower (Dobbs excepted, why the hell would you draft him) than they should’ve been? Or is that just me as a Sutton/Reeves-Maybin fanboy talking out of turn?

Texas A&M Aggies (5)
Myles Garrett, DE, Cleveland Browns, Round 1, No. 1
Justin Evans, DB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Round 2, No. 50
Daeshon Hall, DE, Carolina Panthers, Round 3, No. 77
Josh Reynolds, WR, Los Angeles Rams, Round 4, No. 117
Jermaine Eluemunor, OL, Baltimore Ravens, Round 5, No. 159

Just gonna leave this here (please send me any hot tips on a better way to search my timeline):

Garrett Tweet.png

Vanderbilt Commodores (2)
Zach Cunningham, LB, Houston Texans, Round 2, No. 57
Will Holden, OT, Arizona Cardinals, Round 5, No. 157

Cunningham is a beast, as referenced above.

404. File Not Found (2)

Kentucky Wildcats (0)
South Carolina Gamecocks (0)


Ron Cherry Retired, and I Don’t Know How to Feel

There’s an old cliche in sports: if you know an official’s name, he’s probably pretty bad. By and large, that was the case with Ron Cherry, the most recognizable official in the country.

If his only quirk was his creepily robotic hand signals, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

If his only quirk was being extremely jacked, he’d be that one ‘biceps ref’ and I wouldn’t be writing this post.

If his only quirk was completely interjecting himself into games and making himself the show…well, that’s why we’re here.

Most famously, Cherry had a throwaway call (lol N.C. State was down 37-0 at this point) linked above, in which he created a new category of personal foul.

The timing of his hand signaling on the infamous “One Point Safety” in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back is that of a pop singer’s backup dancer. Maybe not a good pop singer’s backup dancer.

While Cherry’s antics were delightful, there is a large portion of every fanbase who has to separate the color he brought to the game from his woefully incompetent refereeing. There are tons of compilations on the YouTubes, but only one in which he shouts at a coaching staff and forgets to turn off his mic while doing so:

I wish Ron Cherry all the best in his future endeavors, but am happy those endeavors won’t be on the football field.

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