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Georgia Football: A Look Back At The Last Time The Dawgs Won The SEC Title


If there was ever a year when I thought UGA could have beaten any team on a neutral field, it was 2005. The two losses in the regular season happened when DJ Shockley got hurt, and the legend Joe T3 had to take the reins. When Georgia was healthy, the demolished #3 LSU in the SEC Title on their way to a Sugar Bowl matchup with WVU.

DJ Shockley had to play a similar role to what Hutson Mason is doing this year, by replacing a Georgia legend in David Greene. Shockley made a lot of people forget about David Greene after his opening performance against Boise State in Athens. (289 yards, 5 TDs passing; 85 yards, 1 TD rushing) I firmly believe that if DJ would not have gotten banged up before the Florida game, UGA would have beaten them and Auburn to have a shot at the National Title.


When Georgia did play LSU in the SEC Title, it was like a team taking their anger out on the season that “could have been”. 34-13 is not a score you would project a number 3 team losing to, but UGA poured it on early and often. LSU had seemingly not solution for DJ Shockley and Thomas Brown.

The LSU win gave UGA the ability to play against up and coming West Virginia in the Sugar Bowl. Little did we know, they had Pat White and Steve Slayton who made the UGA defense look like it was their first time playing football. Georgia got down by 3 scores to start the game, but DJ Shockley and the Dawgs came storming back and had an opportunity at the end to grab the lead, but a gutsy fake punt (Yay UGA special teams) sealed the victory for the Mountaineers.

2005 is arguably the best team Georgia has had in the Mark Richt era. Say what you will about talent across the board in 2007 and 2012, but neither of those teams could beat the DJ Shockley 2005 Georgia Bulldogs when healthy. If only the Dawgs had DJ Shockley right now.




Steve Spurrier Will Retire A Gamecock, SEC Stars Heading To The NFL, And More

Top NFL Talent

It did not come as a shock to anyone who follows UGA football to hear that Todd Gurley is heading to the NFL. The SEC has the most talent in the NFL right now, and it will only get better with the influx of talent this year. Aside from TG3, it is safe to say that the best player on each “contender” is more than likely going headed to the NFL. Check out the full list Here.


Ol’ Ball Coach 

South Carolina fans seemed a little upset after this 6 win season, but what do they really expect, a National Championship? You are South Carolina. 11 wins is your max, and Steve Spurrier is your guy. Spurrier plans to coach SC till he retires, which he believes will be in about 3 years. Don’t worry Dawg fans, only 3 more years of the man who has taken pride in beating you more than any other Coach in the history of coaches. Here is his full statement.

SEC Championship

As the Title game approaches, it is important to look back at the great games, great players, and great moments of each game. Between David Greene in 2003 and DJ Shockley in 2005, UGA has had it’s fair share of special moments in Atlanta. Sadly, they have also had their fair share of heart break as well, but what team hasn’t? Here is a nice look back on each special year.



If Georgia Fired Mark Richt Today, Who Would You Want To Replace Him

Hot Seat

Mark Richt gets his fair share of criticism year in and year out, but luckily enough people hate Mike Bobo that the criticism gets spread out. Now, what if a story breaks today that Mark Richt has gotten fired and they have began the coaching search at UGA. Who would they go after? Who shouldn’t they go after? I examine:

Top Candidates 

  1. Jim Harbaugh: For some reason the Niners are looking to trade their head coach to the Raiders at the end of the season. If I am Jim Harbaugh, I take any college job to avoid the train wreck that is Oakland. I know Harbaugh is always high on big time college list, but you wont know his answer unless you ask. Pro-style offense, hard nosed defense, it is what Georgia needs.
  2. Chad Morris: If you want a guy who can get the UGA athletes in space, Morris is your guy. He is going to have a field day with Deshaun Watson at Clemson the next 3 years and I think he will be one of the more sought after coordinators in recent memory in the next few seasons.
  3. Kirby Smart: A lot of people having been saying that Kirby is waiting for Nick Saban or Mark Richt to retire and then he will step into the Head Coaching role. Personally, I am not sure he is ready to take the reins of a big time program. Kirby would bring one of the best defensive minds in the country to Georgia, and with his connections he can bring in whoever he wants as the O Coordinator.

Don’t Call List 

  1. Pat Fitzgerald: I like Pat, and applaud him for what he has done at Northwestern, but he would be a disaster for UGA.
  2. Mike Bobo: Sorry Mike, I think you are a very underrated appreciated coordinator, but the UGA fans would riot if you were the next Head Coach in Athens.
  3. Bill Clark: It is a disgrace what UAB has done to their football program, and I Bill Clark is a good enough to coach to get a job in no time, but I he would be the wrong hire for UGA. Clark would not be a strong enough enough person to take on the influential people that UGA have surrounding their program.


I do not anticipate Mark Richt getting fired anytime soon, and by the time he does step down this list could be 100% different. I am looking forward to the one day coaching carousel that is going to take place when Mark Richt does clear out his office.



Michigan Needs To Hire Les Miles As Their New Coach, Report Card Grades For Every SEC Team, And More

Final Grades 

All 14 teams have received final grades for their regular season performance. The obvious F’s for me would be SC, Vandy, and Florida. All three of those teams either did not live up to expectation, or they went winless in the SEC. The only A’s I give go to Alabama, and Mississippi State. I recognize that State did not finish the season like they wanted to, but they still have an opportunity to finish with 11 wins and the best season in recent memory. Check out where UGA ranks here.



Before Brady Hoke accepted the Michigan job, it was thought that Les Miles might be leaving LSU for his Alma Mater. Now that Hoke has been fired, the rumors are starting to circulate even more about Les Miles’ return to Ann Arbor. If I am Michigan, I reach out to Les because the worst he can say is no. Michigan needs a big name coach to take the position, and maybe that big name coach is sitting in Baton Rouge right now. Here are the latest rumors.

More Rumors 

Could Brett Beilema leave Arkansas for Nebraska? Don’t count on it. There are reports saying that he has been contacted about the job, but honestly why would he go to Nebraska when he is on the cusp of a major turn around at Arkansas? Why would anyone go to Nebraska when the weather is terrible, the conference is garage, and you get fired for winning 9-10 games a year? Stay in Arkansas Brett. Here is the newest rumor.



Crootin’: The SEC Is DOMINATING Recruiting And Its Not Even Close

Changing Of The Guard? 

A recent conference power poll had the Big-12 ranked ahead of the SEC for the first time in 7 years. The only reason I think this happened, is because the ACC went 4-0 against the SEC East this past weekend, and that is the first time that has happened in a long time. There is no reason to panic however, because the SEC currently has 10 of the top 25 recruiting classes (


  • Alabama (1st overall class)

  • Georgia (3rd overall class)

  • Tennessee (5th overall class)

  • Texas A&M (6th overall class)

  • South Carolina (8th overall class)

  • Auburn (12th overall class)

  • Mississippi State (14th overall class)

  • LSU (17th overall class)

  • Arkansas (20th overall class)

  • Ole Miss (23rd overall class)

Still Dominant

The SEC makes up half of the top 10, and 45% of the top 20. The SEC haters out there will have to endure a lot of pain in the coming years due to the SEC just reloading, but if there is a year for another conference to win the playoff, it might be this year. There is a possibility that the Big12 get two teams in the playoff is all hell breaks loose in front of them, and that would almost guarantee them a spot in the National Championship (depending on seeding).

I fully expect the SEC (aka: Alabama) to win the National Title, not only on the field, but the recruiting National Title as well. The other conferences just need to cope with the fact that high school kids want to come and play in the best conference, with the best coaches, and the most national exposure in the NCAA.




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