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Week 1 College Football Preview Podcast

Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd on the Twitter Machine) is joined by Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy on the Tweets) and DogYouCrazy (thankfully not on Twitter, just in the basement barking) to break down the first week of college football action. The crew previews every SEC game and takes a look at the national schedule. Along the way they discuss Heisman picks and handicap the College Football Playoff. Make sure to subscribe for a very special edition of the DudeYouPodcast dropping later this week.
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REPORT: Tennessee Now Targeting Longstanding NFL Coach (Not Gruden) with Deep Ties to SEC, Nick Saban


According to a source well-versed in the incompetence of Tennessee Athletic Director John Currie, the Volunteer brass has shifted its focus away from the college ranks while trying to fill the coaching vacancy created by the termination of Butch Jones’ contract.

The search committee now appears to be inching closer to extending an offer to a longstanding NFL coach with deep ties to southern college football—as a player, as an assistant coach and as a head coach. Though not always indicative of success, the Vols like that their top target was an assistant under Nick Saban at both the collegiate and professional level. As a head coach he boasts a 1-1 record in bowl games. Most recently, Derek Dooley has been the wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys, though he did previously serve as the head coach and athletic director at Louisiana Tech and the head coach of the men’s football team at the University of Tennessee.

Currie expects bringing this one-time Volunteer home will truly unite the Rocky Top faithful, per my source.





MUST SEE: Very Attractive Georgia Fan Hilariously Trolls Tennessee and Florida with Sexy Halloween Costume



Savage: sav·age ˈ/savij/adjective. (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. Synonyms: ferocious, fierce.

As in: This Halloween costume is so savage.


Butch Jones’s Daddy


Kirby appears to have a playbook entitled “How to Punish Your Child: 41 Easy Points for a More Disciplined Kid.” Georgia famously defeated Butch Jones and Tennessee 41-0 a few weeks ago.



Jim McElwain’s Executioner

Georgia defeated Florida 42-7 despite attempting only seven passes. Jim McElwain was fired the next day.





I don’t know if Florida or Tennessee will ever recover. Savage.

PODCAST: The Big Ten Has Surpassed the SEC…Even We Have to Admit It

Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd on Twitter) and Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) get together to discuss the week’s big headlines – Oregon’s coaching staff imploding, the NCAA’s money grab with early March Madness rankings, etc. Then, they take a closer look (at the request of a commenter) at the new King of College Football, the Big Ten Conference.

UPDATE: There seems to have been a recording issue, stay tuned if you want more than 5 minutes. TheUnit2K16 got his wish and we did a B1G podcast…and we are working to get the rest of it there. Leave a 5-star review and we may talk about your subject of choice.


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PODCAST: Is Auburn the Georgia Tech of the SEC? How Lazy are Oregon’s Football Players? Will Georgia Win Any Football Games Next Year?

Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd on the Twitter Machine) is joined by Andrew Hall (@DudeYouCrazy) for a spirited discussion about all things football. The two great minds discuss the Atlanta Falcons and their final game in the Georgia Dome, Georgia’s 2017 schedule and how wimpy Oregon’s football players are.



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