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Georgia Football: After Bama Loss, You Aren’t Crazy if You Decide to Panic and Fire Everyone


The two groups that always seem to emerge after a loss like the one we endured last weekend have emerged in full force.

There are those who want to panic and burn everything to the ground. This includes some form of firing either head coaches, coordinators, athletic directors, ball boys, janitors, etc.

Then there is the other group that tends to come out in response to this former group. They preach patience. Their cause is usually helped by the fact that they seem to be more poised, collected, and calm. They’re also typically more sober than the Panics and are certainly better spoken.

We’ve already heard the preaching of patience from the Dude this weekend. And by all counts that post has very little you could or should object to in it.

But if you find yourself still panicking on this Monday Morning I want to tell you that it is ok. You have a point. And the Patience crowd is being far too dismissive of your argument.

Let’s take a look at this tweet from Logan Booker, a very good writer who I have no intentions of denigrating in this article:

It’s not that I don’t understand the logic behind this tweet. It is Patience logic 101. Sleep on it and you’ll see that the result is not as backbreaking as you think it is but follows logically from a number of mitigating factors. You can’t beat teams you don’t out-coach, out-recruit, and out-class. Well, that last one may not be true…

Either way what Booker has written here is a perfectly valid argument, temper your expectations to meet reality, otherwise you join the foolish rabble who find a woman they don’t like and immediately “discover” she’s a witch.

That’s one way to look at it.

There is another way, however. The other way has a very big problem with that *supposed to* and other clauses like it.

You see, that clause is exactly why you fire people. 

If you reach a statement game like the one this past weekend and you find yourself not just getting beat, but getting run out of your own stadium then realizing that you were “supposed to” lose to a team like Bama is exactly the problem.

Bama is an elite, college football dynasty. UGA wants to become one of those. If you want to become one of those you have to beat one of those. UGA was shown in clearest possible terms on Saturday that they do not belong anywhere near that sort of team. Not that they won’t “one day” be there, but the Panics don’t handle “one day” very well nor should they.

UGA has elite recruits. UGA might have elite coaching. But UGA does not pass the eyeball test by any standard imaginable.

This means that, for the Panics, something must change and coaching is the natural first step.

So look, the Panic crowd doesn’t want to fire Mark Richt because he is too nice or too Christian or has lost control of something. The Panic crowd — at least the Panic crowd that have an actual argument — want to fire Richt (or someone) because that’s the only way you make a real qualitative change.


Now, the easy objection to the Panic crowd has always been that Panicking can have dire dire dire dire dire consequences. We’re talking Derek Dooley level consequences, a nightmarish limbo of “.com bowls,” two-star recruits, and fighting for a record above .500.

This is perfectly reasonable.

But if you look at the past decade of National Champions only two coaches have won National Championships after their 5th year as head coach. Nick Saban and Mack Brown. Other than that everyone else have been doing so by year 4 or less.

in short, college football is not an enterprise where playing the long-game is encouraged or rewarded. There are no points for career winning percentage, save in the Hall of Fame. College Football has become, like it or not, a win right now business. New coaches win championships, as much as we like to think they don’t.

As an aside, the last time a college coach with ten or more years in at his current institution won a National Title? Bobby Bowden in 1999. Mark Richt was that team’s offensive coordinator.


Let me make one final thing very clear: I’m not saying we fire Mark Richt.

I’m just saying that those proud few who are panicking right now have a point. And we need to listen to them.

Because as we speak Georgia has become the most fertile recruiting ground in the country and UGA has become, by most pundits, the highest ranked coaching job in the country. If you have a guy in that seat who can’t get it done then you have to move on. Mainly because there are significant factors that mitigate some of the risk involved in hiring a new coach. Money is no object. Homegrown recruits are no object. Fan patience is clearly also no object — the Fire Richt crowd has had no effect for over ten years.

I hope Richt stays and wins a National Title.

But we should all listen to the Panic crowd this week.

Because scared money has never ever made money.



The Bama Week Hype Video You Need And Deserve Today

We do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material contained in this video. We will not make any money off of this. We’re doing this for fun. That’s the end of it. ENJOY!!!



UGifA: The GIFs and Vines You Have to See From Last Week’s Win Over South Carolina


It’s been many a fortnight since my, admittedly, juvenile commentary on the best GIFs and Vines from last week’s UGA game has come around. I’m even a week late to the party this year. But never fear, I have returned. And I bring with me the boon of thrown visors, Michel truck sticks, and a s***storm of completed passes.



We begin this week with something a little unusual. This column typically honors 8-second long video clips or moving images minus the sound. But Steve Spurrier’s press conference after getting destroyed by UGA this week is a must watch for all Dawg fans. There are so many great portions of this thing that I can’t even begin to choose my favorites. Just watch, drink, and be merry.


Yes, this Vine leads the way because it pretty much sums up the entire game.

Juke em. Truck em. Tell em all about it.

Another angle:

Buff Sony is my favorite Sony.

And dare I say that while there is certainlly a guy down in Baton Rouge stealing Heisman hype from Nick Chubb another threat is emerging just down the depth chart?

Michel now leads the team in touchdowns, which is something we will all throw in Schotty’s face at the end of the season. Still, UGA has found its dynamic playmaker in young Sony Michel and all Dawg fans should be ecstatic about that.


Yes, Lambchop found his swagger or the closest thing a dude named “Greyson” can ever get to swagger. Lambert set an NCAA record for completion percentage and probably broke the QBR Machine over at ESPN.

Here is one of his more humdrum throws for a TD to Malcom Mitchell, who btw looks to have recovered from injury pretty darn well.


As many of you are probably aware, the Dude was out in full force last weekend. First there was the #FreeBeerTailgate that saw friend of the blog, Sam Franco, provide me with the ultimate Road Beer for the walk to the stadium.

The Dude sat in the South Carolina section and things went….well about as you’d expect.

Then on the way home he and my friend Casey dropped the most under appreciated Vine of the night.

As always, it was a good day to follow the Dude on the Twitters.


Jake Ganus’ contribution to the team cannot be overstated. The man has made the loss of Amarlo Herrera almost an afterthought, and that is stunning achievement.

That’d be enough to make me want to marry him but I’m glad that a member of the fairer sex has other, hopefully more significant reasons to do so.

Mazeltov to you both.


So one of the many Lambert completions went to Reggie Davis. Davis was then hit helmet-to-helmet. Targeting was called. To Davis’ credit he made a catch that most of us reading this blog couldn’t make after being hit that hard. It seemed a pretty clear-cut case of targeting from this fan’s perspective. But after review the offending player was allowed to continue. In other words, the world conspiracy to only call targeting on UGA continues unabated and the Illuminati are still going to poison your drinking water while annexing Texas for Vladimir Putin and taking all your guns.

Still, what do you think? Targeting or nah?

All in all it was a pretty great day between the hedges. See you next week where most of the GIFs we post will be of the Southern marching band.

I’m not at all joking about that.



Was UGA’s Victory Over South Carolina the Most Important of Mark Richt’s Career?

If you’re familiar with the site you know that I am prone to a slew of ridiculous opinions. I make no apologies for this fact.

But I think you should hear me out on this one.

Last Saturday’s victory over South Carolina may be the most important of Mark Richt’s career. Here’s my thinking:

The first reason has gradually begun to dawn on most UGA fans after the dust and hangovers have dissipated: that loss will probably force Steve Spurrier out of coaching and into the eternal purgatory of tee times and sweet tea that he’s been wanting to melt into ever since he was booted from the NFL.

In other words, Mark Richt probably (I think) ended Steve Spurrier’s coaching career last Saturday, which is arguably the single greatest achievement of any person associated with the University of Georgia. I don’t think there is any way that South Carolina fires him, though they might if pushed hard enough (read: if they lose to Vandy). But this loss, coupled with the abysmal season that is surely to come for the Cocks, will probably raise the heat enough that Spurrier steps aside.

Speaking of ghosts, there is one spectre that looms largest in Spurrier’s wake a catastrophic loss to Florida in 1995. Just a year before Spurrier would win his national title the Gators traveled to Sanford Stadium while the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville was being renovated. Spurrier hung a Ulysses S. Grant on the Dawgs, spanking them to the tune of 52-17.

Nearly 20 years later, Mark Richt saw Spurrier arrive between the hedges yet again, only this time it was Richt hanging 52 on the HBC. Sure, its just a coincidence, but it certainly seems the most fitting way to exorcize the sickness that has been hanging over Sanford stadium since 1995. No opponent has ever hung most points on UGA at Sanford Stadium than Spurrier did that day. And yet until last Saturday Georgia had never scored more than 45 points against a team coached by Steve Spurrier.

Mark gave the 52 right back to him.

Yes, you may balk at the idea of fate being involved or at the notion that symbolic coincidences are anything other than symbolic.

But I would only answer that there has never been a single individual more responsible for hindering football success at the University of Georgia than Steven Spurrier. And it seems that his time in the SEC Eastern Division may be at an end.

Could South Carolina hire the next Urban Meyer once Spurrier leaves?

Maybe. But, my god, isn’t that a risk the entire Dawg Nation would be willing to take?

I’m not saying this victory will finish over the Hobnail Boot, or the Blackout Game, or the Michael Johnson Catch, or the demolition of Florida in 2007 in the final rankings of Richt Era victories. But if Steven Spurrier retires at the end of the year as a result of a fan base finally turning on him and his golf game, then last weekend’s win over South Carolina damn well should be included early and often in the debate over most important win of the Richt Era.



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