Georgia Quarterback Watch: Week 1 – Fromm The Worst Option?

In the interest of fairness to Coach Smart (a guy that some idiots like), I’ve decided to run a weekly column tracking the progress of three quarterbacks who saw the field at one point or another as Georgia Bulldogs. Ultimately, Coach “Smart” (and I use that term sarcastically) ran off Jacob Eason and Justin Fields in order to make sure Jake Fromm could be the starting quarterback in Athens. Was that a good decision? I guess we’ll see at season’s end. But for now, here’s where we stand after Week 1.


Jacob Eason, Washington

Week 1: Jacob Eason had the best game of his collegiate career this week. I guess that’s what happens when a real football coach gets his hands on you. Eason threw for a career high in yards (345) and touchdowns (four) while completing 75% of his passes and throwing no INTs. Decent game I guess.

This Season: Eason is 15th nationally in passing yards, fourth in passing TDs, 7th in completion percentage among QBs with at least 35 attempts and 11th in passer rating.


Justin Fields, Ohio State

Week 1: Speaking of career days, Justin Fields turned one in as well. Fields nearly doubled his previous career best for passing yards as he connected on 72% of his passes for 234 yards, 4 TDs and 0 INTs. He also ran for 61 yards and 1 TD.

This Season: Fields is one of four players with responsibility for at least 5 TDs this season. His athleticism has never been in question, but he currently holds the 8th-best passer rating in the country.


Jake Fromm, Georgia

Week 1: Jake Fromm also played on Saturday. He completed 65% of his passes for 156 yards and 1 TD. He had no INTs and no rushing yards.

This Season: Fromm is also ranked in the Top 100 nationally in passing yards (literally ranked 100th) and passer rating (ranked 94th).


Season Summary

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Jake Fromm was the worst available option for Kirby Smart. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong down the road, but it’s gonna be tough to get out of this hole.




The Kirby Smart Hater

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