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Week 3 SEC Preview: Bet on Georgia Minus the Points and Mizzou Might Be a Lock

If you followed my picks in Week 1, you made money. If you followed my picks in Week 2, you also made money. Last week I was 6-4 against the spread. For the year, I’m sitting at 14-8-1. You can follow the picks all year here. Or check the recap on the Tweets:

Let’s jump in.

First things first, all the games are on Saturday because the SEC is blessed by real football.

12 p.m. Murray State at Kentucky (SEC Network)

There’s no line on this game—thankfully. So I’ll just say “congrats” to the Wildcats for finally beating the Gators last week. Great job by you.

Pick: Kentucky outright


12 p.m. UTEP at Tennessee (-30.5) (SEC Network)

I still think Tennessee is probably trash. But know what’s worse—way worse—than trash? UTEP. The Miners haven’t won a game since 2016. They lost to FCS Northern Arizona by 21 points two weeks ago. They’ve lost their last five games against Power 5 opposition by 47, 49, 34, 35 and 49 points. Sheesh.

Picks: Tennessee outright and Tennessee -30.5


2:30 p.m. Vanderbilt at Notre Dame (-14) (NBC)

Nothing says SEC Love quite like this spread. Make no mistake about it: Vanderbilt is the worst team in the SEC’s weaker division. And yet, the Commodores are just 14-point dogs at # 8 Notre Dame! That’s insanity. I do think Notre Dame is a good team, and even if Vandy is much-improved this year I don’t see them keeping it within two scores. But boy, would that be fun!

Picks: Notre Dame outright and Notre Dame -14


3:30 p.m. LSU at Auburn (-9.5) (CBS)

We still don’t know much about either of these teams, so I’m working on two theories: 1. Any team with talent and a semblance of preparation could have beat Mark Richt and Miami in Week 1 because Mark Richt is the coach at Miami. 2. Auburn is starting slow (which it always does) and this year’s slow start was a win over a Top 10 Washington team. If I buy into those two preconceived notions, Auburn is the better team. But 9.5 points still seems large. Further, I feel like if this game is ugly, it plays to LSU’s advantage. My professional gambling advice would actually be to take the LSU money line (+295) because I do think there is a better than 1-in-3 or 1-in-4 chance LSU makes it ugly enough to win. But this column isn’t about moneylines. So I’m hedging a bit.

Picks: Auburn outright and LSU +9.5


4:00 p.m. North Texas at Arkansas (-7) (SEC Network)

This line is a classic overreaction to Colorado State’s win over Arkansas. Look, when you have a brand new coach (after firing the last guy), you’re going to have early missteps. A 17-point collapse against Colorado State is a misstep on steroids, but I don’t think it is yet indicative of things falling apart under Chad Morris. I think the talent edge and the hangover of embarrassment will carry Arkansas.

Picks: Arkansas outright and Arkansas -7


4:00 p.m. Colorado State at Florida (-20) (SEC Network)

This spread is way too large. Have line-makers forgotten that Colorado State is 1-0 in SEC play (thanks to a win over lowly Arkansas) and Florida is 0-1 in SEC play (thanks to a loss to lowly Kentucky)?

Picks: Florida outright but Colorado State +20


7:00 p.m. Alabama (-21.5) at Ole Miss (ESPN)

I’m going to do a preview post on this later, but ultimately if you’re taking Bama you are saying, “I think Bama can stop Ole Miss three more times than I think Ole Miss can stop Bama.” I firmly believe that to be true for two reasons: 1. In general, I have confidence in Alabama defenses even against talented offenses. 2. Ole Miss couldn’t stop calls to a hooker an NCAA scandal a nose-bleed.

Picks: Alabama outright and Alabama -21.5


7:15 p.m. MTSU at Georgia (-32.5) (ESPN2)

If there was one, single takeaway from last week’s walloping of South Carolina, it was the presence of depth on Georgia’s roster. In a game like this, the only way Georgia would not cover is if the Dawgs relied too much (relative to the spread) on getting youung second- and third-teamers on the field. But I think the depth is such that there won’t be much of a letdown if—no, when—that happens. MTSU lost to Vanderbilt by 28 points. Do we not think Georgia is five points better than Vandy? Georgia beat South Carolina by 24 points (on the road). Do we not think the Gamecocks are nine points better than MTSU? Either I’m missing something or this is a rare opportunity to bet a big line as a homer.

Picks: Georgia outright and Georgia -32.5


7:30 p.m. Louisiana-Lafayette at Mississippi State (-33) (SEC Network)

I couldn’t care less about this game, so I’m picking Miss State because they’ll use Fitzgerald until he’s dead and he should shine in this one.

Picks: Mississippi State outright and Mississippi State -33


7:30 p.m. Marshall at South Carolina (-13) (ESPNU)

Now that the pressure of contending for the SEC East is off the Gamecocks’ back (seriously), let’s see how Muschamp’s boys play. This should be a nice tune-up before back-to-back road SEC games to kickoff a seven-game in-conference stretch. I think the Cocks cruise.

Picks: South Carolina outright and South Carolina -13


7:30 p.m. Missouri (-7) at Purdue (Big Ten Network)

I said it in the preseason, but I think Missouri has as good of a shot as anyone at finishing second in the SEC East. It’s been against mediocre competition, but I like what Derek Dooley has gone in two games as O.C. He’s got the Tigers running more than they’re passing (that was the case against both UT-Martin and Wyoming and has been the case for about 54% of all plays). And the passing game is still downright nasty. Senior QB Drew Lock has hit on 74.3% of his passes for an average of 344 yards per game. He’s tossed 8 TDs and no interceptions and is picking up nearly 10 yards per attempt. Wide receiver Emanuel Hall has been a monster – 14 catches, 342 yards, 3 TDs. Meanwhile the defense has allowed only 27 total points and an average of 262.5 yards of offense per contest. It’s early and the opponents have been weak, But Mizzou ranks 12th nationally in total offense and 17th in total defense. That explosive offense will line up against a Purdue defense that ranks 93rd in yards allowed. That thus-far-impressive Tiger defense will play an average (39th nationally) Purdue offensive unit. It’s worth noting here that Purdue has had a real problem scoring. The Boilermakers are 39th in total yards (as pointed out a moment ago), but they’re 96th in the nation in scoring.

Picks: Missouri outright and Missouri -7


7:30 p.m. Louisiana-Monroe at Texas A&M (-27) (SEC Network)

Barring an emotional letdown (which may occur), I don’t see how A&M doesn’t win or how the Aggies fail to cover.

Picks: Texas A&M outright and Texas A&M -27



That’s all I got/


Georgia Football: It’s Either Time for a Change at QB or It’s Time for a Change at Head Coach

Everyone seems awfully excited about a “big” win over South Carolina, don’t they? What an accomplishment! I guess it makes sense in a way, seeing as the Gamecocks are one of the only teams in the SEC that Kirby always beats. Read a schedule sometime. Since arriving in Athens, Kirby has coached against 10 SEC teams. He’s found a way to lose to 6 of them. Unreal. “Georgia football is back,” they say. Tell me that win Kirby has a less than 40% chance of losing to a conference opponent.

Fortunately, the problem with Georgia football is pretty easy to diagnose. It’s the quarterback play. Last year, there was no quarterback controversy. As Kirby Smart pointed out in July of 2017, “Jacob Eason is our starter going into the season.” Unsurprisingly, Georgia was decent in 2017. The offense improved from 87th in the nation in yards per game in 2016 to 32nd. Undoubtedly, having a settled quarterback position helped those improvements.

This year, however, there is an alleged QB controversy. Smart did everything he could to run off Eason, the personification of consistency. And now, a battle between Jake Fromm and Justin Fields has the offense backsliding and currently ranked 36th in the nation despite an easy schedule that has featured one FCS opponent (Austin Peay) and a game against one of the four SEC opponents Smart knows how to beat (South Carolina). I’ll detail the specifics of Georgia’s struggles in my Top 10 at the end of the article, but yet again the issue is QB play.

Jake Fromm has thrown for 351 yards, 3 TDs and 1 pick this year. That’s pretty good—for a single game. But if you’re a keen follower of sports like me, you know Georgia has actually played TWO games. Fromm has failed to throw for 200 yards in both contests. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising. Fromm has now failed to throw for 200 yards in 12 of his 17 career games. He’s just not a good quarterback. He has as many sub-100 yard games as he does 300+ yard outings. It’s honestly amazing that he still even sees the field seeing as he’s put up the following combined statistical line against Georgia’s two biggest historical SEC East rivals (Florida and Tennessee): 11 of 22 for 185 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT. That’s in TWO GAMES!

But there is hope for Kirby because there is SUCH an obvious solution: Justin Fields. For the second-consecutive game, Fields posted a better completion percentage than Fromm. And don’t forget, Fields has been responsible for infinitely fewer turnovers than Fromm. Who would you want under-center?

Stat Fields Fromm Edge
Completion Percentage 88.90% 79.40% Fields
TDs to INTs Infinity 3 Fields
QB Rating 191.8 189.4 Fields
Rushing Yards 36 -5 Fields
Yards Per Rush 9 -1.3 Fields

If Kirby doesn’t start Fields, he needs to be fired.

Now, here are ten things that bothered me from Georgia’s narrow win in Columbia:

  1. Deandre Baker is overrated. He did nothing to stop Deebo Samuel in my opinion. Seriously, if Deebo was playing in a standard PPR fantasy football league he would have put up 13.63 points. If that’s average for a roster, the squad would score damn-near 123 points. That would beat my team every week.
  2. Seriously, if Baker is so good why was he responsible for 2/3 of Georgia’s penalty yards while trying to stop Deebo?
  3. Seriously, if Baker is so good why did Deebo play a hand in 50% of South Carolina’s touchdowns?
  4. Remember when Georgia had a good ground attack? The Bulldogs have only had one game with a 100-yard rusher in the last 298 days and that was against a defenseless Big 12 team in a meaningless Rose Bowl.
  5. For the second week in a row, Georgia doesn’t know who should be a running back and who should be a receiver. Mecole Hardman was the best runner on the team but only got one carry.
  6. D’Andre Swift led the team in carries despite having the fourth-best YPC average on Saturday.
  7. This incongruity apparently is something we should get used to. Swift is the team’s leader in carries despite averaging only 5.4 yards per carry, which trails the team’s average of 6.5 and individually trails Demetris Robertson, Mecole Hardman, Tyler Simmons, Justin Fields, Elijah Holyfield, James Cook and Brian Herrien.
  8. Georgia’s talented tight ends continued to be utilized. The crew combined for one catch, 10 yards and no touchdowns.
  9. Georgia logged its first sack of the season! That was huge, wasn’t it? Only five teams in the country—such powerhouses as UMass and UConn—have fewer sacks than Georgia. Junkyard Dawgs are back!
  10. In general, giving up 336 yards and 19 first downs to a Will Muschamp-coached team just kinda hurts your soul, doesn’t it?


Until next time,

-The Kirby Smart Hater

DudeYouCrazy Top 25 – September 11: Georgia to Make College Foobtall Playoff, But How Many More SEC Teams?

First and foremost, if you missed the general introduction check this out. With that out of the way, let’s go.

1. LSU

Frankly, I was glad to not have Georgia in the top spot here because I did not want to be a homer. LSU gets the top spot for two reasons: 1. The Tigers’ win over then-no. 8 Miami is arguably the best win of the year. What’s more, the Tigers have room for more quality wins with four more games remaining against ranked opponents. Frankly, this is where I expect my poll to be much more volatile than other polls — there will actually be week-to-week chances at the top spot (OH MY!). For the time being, however, the Tigers have the best win in the country (IMO) and a chance to have two top-25 (and Top 10 for that matter) wins after this week.

2. Auburn

I’d argue that Auburn’s win over Washington is the second-best win of the year. It was not as decisive as LSU’s, but it was at a neutral site and the Huskies remain the highest-ranked team in the country to lose a game (they were ranked 6th in the AP at the time). Auburn has four remaining contests against Top 25 foes, beginning this week with LSU. Spoiler: the winner of that game will have my top spot next week, and I’m picking the Tigers. Not letting me get away with that? Fine. I’m picking Auburn.

3. Georgia

I promise this won’t be an all-SEC top five and it’s going to get interesting in just a moment, but the fact remains that the largest margin of victory over a Top 25 opponent this year belongs to Georgia and the Dawgs got it on the road in a hostile environment with a 24-point win over South Carolina. That is, in my opinion, the third-best win of any team in the country at this juncture (though it’s close) and the Dawgs still have two projected ranked games in the regular season and a projected conference championship game (something I’m not awarding to LSU or Auburn yet because ya know…).

4. Stanford

Stanford beat #17 USC by 14 points. That’s more impressive than Notre Dame’s 7-point win over #14 Michigan. Further, as we look ahead, Stanford has an opportunity to improve more on its resume. Stanford has four more games against teams currently ranked by the AP and is projected to have a 5th in the Pac-12 title game. Notre Dame has 3 more ranked games.

5. Notre Dame

See the logic above for why Notre Dame isn’t higher. Why is Notre Dame above Virginia Tech (who beat then-number 19 FSU by 21)? It all has to do with the upcoming schedule. Fortunately, Notre Dame and VA Tech will settle things on the field on October 6th, so I’m just really not worried about this.

6. Virginia Tech

The win over FSU was technically an upset and the Seminoles’ disastrous performance against Samford should not negate what Tech accomplished. So, here the Hokies sit. Six may seem high for a team currently ranked 13th by the AP, but they’re one win over Notre Dame away from having one of the best top-end track records in the country with just one more ranked regular season opponent and possibly an ACC Championship game remaining. That’s a sweet spot to be and based on what’s happened in two weeks (very little) and what lies ahead (a lot), it’s entirely possible.

7. Arizona State

This frothiness will work itself out sooner than later, but for the time being Herm Edwards’ Sun Devils have the seventh-best win in the country and no black eyes. That puts them at seventh. Of all the Top 10 teams, they seem the most-likely to fall deep (i.e. out of the Top 20) quickly.

8. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has looked strong so far this season against mediocre competition, but what works well for the Sooners is that they have enough Top 25 games remaining (3) to make some noise, they are projected to play a Top 25 opponent for the conference title, and they should be favored in every game left by both my poll and the AP. They’re in a good spot to climb which puts them ahead of the likes of Alabama, etc.

9. Alabama

Thus far, LSU and Auburn have better resumes than Alabama. That’s why they’re ranked higher. Therefore, I can’t have Bama as the top team without a Top 25 win, because they have to play the top teams in the country (by my methodology). Something has to give.

10. West Virginia

I love Will Grier. Everyone knows that. And everyone should love him too. The Mountaineers should be undefeated until November when they end the year with three-straight games against the Top 25. They’ll build quite a cushion while accomplishing very little. That’s a nice little place to be.

11. Ohio State

If you’re coming from a Power 5 conference that was left out of the Playoff a year ago, perception is everything. I think the sweet spot for Top 25 teams is to play 3 other ranked opponents (see Tweet below for some context). But if you’re going to err, go over that tally if you’re a Big Ten school. Again, you were left out a year ago. Ohio State has four upcoming games against ranked foes so that puts them above the likes of Wisconsin from their own conference.

12. Penn State

Penn State isn’t really being “docked” for the App State debacle, but I refuse to have ties in my polls. So for the time being that’s the difference between the Nittany Lions and Ohio State.

13. Wisconsin

See the commentary above regarding Ohio State. It’s just going to be tough for Wisconsin to build a resume by my standard with only two ranked opponents on tap. Per my rankings, they’ll play Michigan (#22) and Penn State (#12). That’s all that’s guaranteed.

14. TCU

Everyone in the Big 12 plays everyone. So TCU is basically the same as Oklahoma and West Virginia at this juncture with one obvious exception: the Horned Frogs have to play Ohio State this week. Now, if they win they immediately vault up this poll and leapfrog the Sooners, the Mountaineers and a few other schools. But that risk can’t be rewarded preemptively.

15. Oklahoma State

Basically, copy and paste the paragraph above and change “Ohio State” to “Boise State.” I’ve got TCU higher because a win over the Buckeyes will be valued more than a win over the Broncos. But both would be huge.

16. Mississippi State

I hate this team as a Top 25 team, but they have to go somewhere. They’ll have plenty of shots at better teams (notably LSU, Auburn and Bama) but I don’t expect much to come from that. But the fact remains: they have a schedule that will allow them to climb. The same is not necessarily true of the undefeateds below them.


17. Oregon

The jury’s still out on this Ducks squad, but if they can pick and choose moments and avoid upsets they have a schedule that will enable them to move up while other teams beat each other.

18. Boise State

“You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo.” Translation: Boise State will play a single ranked team this year. They will finish the year 1-0 vs. the Top 25 or 0-1. They could move briefly into the Top 10 with a win or settle at the bottom (or out) of the rankings with a loss this week.


19. Clemson

Know what’s worse than only playing one ranked team? Playing no ranked teams. And right now, Clemson has ZERO ranked opponents on its schedule. It’s just tough to build good-will that way. What will they need to move up in my poll? They need everyone to lose. They need a slew of teams (likely either Auburn or LSU, some combo of Ohio State, Wisconsin and Penn State, some combo of OK State, TCU and Oklahoma and for good measure – Mississippi State) to lose 2-3 (or more) games. And they need to win against a ranked ACC foe in the conference championship. How crazy is college football? They’ll probably close out in the Top 6 of my poll when it’s all said and done.

20. UCF

Hard to get credit for beating good teams if you don’t play any. Maybe that sucks, maybe it doesn’t. But what you shouldn’t do, dear reader, is buy into the notion that no one will schedule UCF. Sure, the Knights went undefeated last year and claimed a made-up National Championship. But they were 6-7 with losses to two Power 5 teams (Michigan and Maryland) in 2016. That’s not a “do-not-schedule” caliber season. They literally lost every single game (including two to Power 5 programs in Stanford and South Carolina) in 2015. In total, UCF is 3-7 vs. Power 5 opposition during scheduled regular season games over the past five years. Schedules are made years in advance. You think people were scared of the winless team from 2015?

21. Washington

The “best” loss on the board for Top 25 teams right now belongs to Washington. Losing by five points to my No. 2 team (Auburn) in a neutral but Tiger-heavy Atlanta game is pretty darn respectable. The Huskies have enough “strong” games left (3 more vs. the AP Top 25) to make headway without having to navigate an insane minefield. They can make moves in two weeks vs. Arizona State.

22. Michigan

I don’t trust Jim Harbaugh as far as I can throw him and with four more games against ranked opposition, I have trouble seeing how he gets above the 18-22 range all season. For now, he’s downgraded for a loss to Notre Dame. They may pick up some steam over the next month or so before a big date with Wisconsin.

23. Miami

Miami gets the edge over USC for the time being because a 16-point loss to my No. 1 team (LSU) is marginally better than a 14-point loss to my No. 4 team (Stanford). But Miami can’t make up much ground with its schedule.

24. USC

A 17-3 loss to Stanford may not prove to be a season-ender and perhaps this is a bit harsh (though the AP has the Trojans at 22), but what has USC accomplished this year? Nothing. And they’ve only got two ranked opponents left on the schedule. Tough to make up ground that way.

25. Michigan State

Of all the losses by currently-ranked teams, Michigan State’s loss to Arizona State is the worst for two reasons: 1. Arizona State was not ranked at the time and 2. Arizona State is my (and the AP’s) lowest-ranked team with a Top-25 win. There’s not anything to love about the Spartans.


Poll Summary

Team Dude’s Rank AP Rank Relative Positioning
LSU 1 12 Up 11
Auburn 2 7 Up 5
Georgia 3 3 Same
Stanford 4 9 Up 5
Notre Dame 5 8 Up 3
Virginia Tech 6 13 Up 7
Arizona State 7 23 Up 16
Oklahoma 8 5 Down 3
Alabama 9 1 Down 8
West Virginia 10 14 Up 4
Ohio State 11 4 Down 7
Penn State 12 11 Down 1
Wisconsin 13 6 Down 7
TCU 14 15 Up 1
Oklahoma State 15 24 Up 9
Mississippi State 16 16 Same
Oregon 17 20 Up 3
Boise State 18 17 Down 1
Clemson 19 2 Down 17
UCF 20 18 Down 2
Washington 21 10 Down 11
Michigan 22 19 Down 3
Miami 23 21 Down 2
USC 24 22 Down 2
Michigan State 25 25 Same

So Who’s in the Playoff?

When the season ends, my projected Top 4 and my Poll’s Top 4 should be identical. We’re not there yet so let’s take a look at both.

My poll gives us: LSU, Auburn, Georgia and Stanford. Obviously, the committee isn’t going to take three teams from the SEC. Fortunately, one will be weeded out this week in a head-to-head battle and I think the winner of that game may ultimately be supplanted by Alabama.

So in my projection, I’m swapping Bama for LSU and Auburn. In deference to precedent and the poll itself, I’m leaving a second SEC team (Georgia) in. Stanford and Notre Dame will play in a few weeks and I’d take Notre Dame in that game (regardless of poll positioning). I think VA Tech will also be bumped by Notre Dame, I think AZ State will lose a slew of games. Oklahoma is the next team I don’t have an eliminating scenario for. So let’s put the Sooners in. Thus, my projection is: Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. 


That’s all I got/



Introducing the DudeYouCrazy Top 25 Poll

I’ve flirted with doing this for a while, but I’m ready to jump into the polling biz.

Here’s how my poll is going to work and what I’m prioritizing.

How the Poll Works

Tactically speaking, you can look for a revised poll every Tuesday morning. These rankings aren’t going to be based on hot-takes or tomfoolery. In fact, they will mostly mirror the AP Top 25 poll but with an emphasis on re-ordering.

Why am I copying the AP Poll? Well, I hope I’m not. But whether you agree with that polling process or not, it’s hard to escape its impact on media coverage and team perception. I’m not going to upstage the AP Poll, but I do think I could add a component of consistency to the process and that’s what I aim to do.

What am I prioritizing?

First and foremost, I want to pay attention to what’s been done on the field. Admittedly, it’s hard to do that early in the season (when nobody has done very much) and that’s where I think using a universe of ranked AP teams will help focus on what the rest of the nation is focusing on.

In general, I’m of the opinion that games between ranked opponents are the best judge of what a team can and can’t do. As it relates to the poll’s purpose, I’m seeking to carve out a firm opinion on the Top 4 by year-end. I’m of the belief that what you do against good teams matters tremendously if you want to be in the College Football Playoff. So, big wins vs. big teams will be the top priority.

When it comes to splitting hairs on losses, obviously margin of defeat matters as will quality of opposition. To state what shouldn’t need to be stated: losing on the road to a ranked team by a small margin looks a lot better than losing at home to an FCS team.

But in general, I don’t really care about the “fat middle” of a team’s schedule. Assuming teams are taking care of business, I don’t view a comfortable 20-point win over a trash in-conference or Power 5 opponent any differently than I view a 45-point win vs. an FCS regional school. You aren’t winning a spot in the playoff for either of those games. You’re winning a spot in the playoff for beating good teams.

I’m also putting an emphasis on remaining games against ranked foes and even projected conference championships. I think it matters that #23 Arizona State has four more games against ranked opponents while #21 Miami only has one — especially if I view both teams through the lens of what’s happened so far.

Further, I care tremendously about where a team was ranked at the time of the game. To use a very recent and relevant example (at least for Georgia fans), I do think it matters that South Carolina was ranked when Georgia played. Had the Gamecocks not played Georgia, they likely would still be ranked. And quite assuredly they would be ranked highly had they beaten Georgia. Georgia deserves credit for foiling then-ranked South Carolina.

Lastly, this is not a ass-backward way of putting Georgia at no. 1. I have Georgia third in the initial poll. The Bulldogs are one of just two teams with identical rankings in my poll relative to the AP. Further, the Dawgs are the only team I have ranked in the top seven that aren’t higher than their natural AP positioning.

That’s all I got/


Dawgs in the NFL: List of Former Georgia Bulldogs on 2018 NFL Rosters

NFL teams made final cuts last week — well, truthfully NFL rosters are never “final” — and here’s a list of former Georgia Bulldogs who are sticking around.

A few notable surprises:

  • I’m pretty surprised Orson Charles made the cut in Cleveland. When we last checked in, he was sitting as the team’s 5th TE. He’s now listed as second on the two-deep (but the Browns do run a lot of two-TE sets).
  • Tavarres King, who has been banged up, was not placed on IR in Minnesota. He was just straight-up dropped.
  • Cornelius Washington was getting reps with the first team in Detroit, but he got cut in a cost-saving move. Expect the 6-year veteran to pop up somewhere soon.
  • Marlon Brown getting a slot on the Bears’ IR was a stunner.
  • Also worth noting that a slew of one-time Dawgs are on NFL rosters. Isaiah Crowell is in the first year of his 3-year, $12mm deal with the Jets. Tray Matthews is on the IR in Minnesota. Brendan Langley is once again on the roster in Denver. Josh Harvey-Clemons made the cut again in Washington.
Player Team Experience Position Depth Chart
Garrison Smith Arizona Cardinals 5 DL 3rd String
Thomas Davis Carolina Panthers 14 LN Suspended
Javon Wims Chicago Bears R WR 3rd String
Roquan Smith Chicago Bears R LB 2nd String
Marlon Brown Chicago Bears 5 WR IR
Leonard Floyd Chicago Bears 3 LB Starter
Geno Atkins Cincinnati Bengals 9 DT Starter
Clint Boling Cincinnati Bengals 8 OL Starter
A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals 8 WR Starter
Cordy Glenn Cincinnati Bengals 7 OT Starters
Shawn Williams Cincinnati Bengals 6 S Starter
Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns R RB 3rd String
Orson Charles Cleveland Browns 3 TE 2nd String
Isaiah McKenzie Denver Brondocs 1 WR 3rd String
Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions 10 QB Starter
John Atkins Detroit Lions R DT Practice Squad
Davin Bellamy Houston Texans R LB Practice Squad
Corey Moore Indianapolis Colts 3 S 3rd String
Abry Jones Jacksonville Jaguars 6 NT Starter
Justin Houston Kansas City Chiefs 8 LB Starter
Chris Conley Kansas City Chiefs 4 WR 2nd String
Ramik Wilson L.A. Rams 4 LB 2nd String
Todd Gurley L.A. Rams 4 RB Starter
Reshad Jones Miami Dolphins 9 S Starter
Maurice Smith Miami Dolphins 2 S Practice Squad
Sony Michel New England Patriots R RB 2nd String
Isaiah Wynn New England Patriots R OL IR
David Andrews New England Patriots 4 C Starter
Benjamin Watson New Orleans Saints 15 TE Starter
John Jenkins New York Giants 6 DT 3rd String
Lorenzo Carter New York Giants R LB 2nd String
Alec Ogletree New York Giants 6 LB Starter
Jordan Jenkins New York Jets 1 LB Starter
Ben Jones Tennessee Titans 7 C Starter
Tyler Catalina Washington Redskins 2 OL IR


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