DudeYouCrazy Top 25 – September 25: Kentucky to Replace Georgia in the Playoff?

Here is this week’s poll. As a reminder, this is based on resume and projected resume only. Only teams featured in the AP Top 25 poll are counted and ordered. This week, I’m splitting into the following pods:

  1. The Established Monsters: Undefeated Teams with 2+ Wins vs. Ranked Foes
  2. The Emerging Monsters: Undefeated Teams with 1 Win vs. a Ranked Foe
  3. Texas: Texas
  4. The Unknown Potentials: Undefeated Teams with No Ranked Wins
  5. The Yeah-Sures: Teams with Losses


1. LSU (Previous Rank: 1)

LSU’s resume looks stronger on the top-end than it did a week ago. Miami and Auburn continue to take care of business outside of losses to LSU and both teams were steady in my poll. October 13th will be a separation game one way or the other against Georgia.

2. Stanford (Previous Rank: 5)

Ugly and unlikely as it may have been, Stanford won against Oregon to pick up its second win over a ranked foe this year. If the Cardinal gets past Notre Dame this weekend it will claim my poll’s top spot next week.

3. Kentucky (Previous Rank: Not Ranked)

Welcome to the show, Wildcats. Quietly two teams have emerged as actual contenders out of seemingly nowhere: Kentucky and Texas. We’ll get to the Longhorns later, but for now Kentucky’s two wins over ranked opponents and no losses puts Mark Stoops’ squad in truly elite company.


4. Georgia (Previous Rank: 3)

Georgia isn’t downgraded here for an ugly (albeit, 14-point) win at Mizzou. But the Dawgs don’t have two ranked wins. I still think the win at South Carolina was better than anything the rest of this tier has done though.

5. Ohio State (Previous Rank: 2)

Stanford and UK leapfrogged Ohio State on account of now having two ranked wins (vs. the Buckeyes’ 1). Georgia made a move up because the TCU win is now less impressive.

6. Notre Dame (Previous Rank: 6)

No change here for the Irish. A win vs. Stanford this week means a big move up though.

7. Alabama Previous Rank: 8)

Bama finally got a win over a ranked opponent in Texas A&M but it wasn’t enough for a huge needle swing.


8. Texas (Previous Rank: Not Ranked)

Texas has one of the ugliest losses of any top 25 team (season-opener to Maryland), but the Longhorns are 2-0 vs. the Top 25 thanks to wins over USC and TCU. Ultimately, I view this as two positives and one negative and that’s better than the host of teams with no positives in the form of wins over ranked foes.


Honestly, it’s tough to differentiate these teams so let’s just list ’em off:

9. Oklahoma (Previous Rank: 9)

10. West Virginia (Previous Rank: 10)

11. Penn State (Previous Rank: 11)

12. Clemson (Previous Rank: 15)

13. UCF (Previous Rank: 16)

14. Duke (Previous Rank: Not Ranked)

15. California (Previous Rank: Not Ranked)


16. Auburn (Previous Rank: 17)

The loss to LSU is still the “best” loss in the country and the win over Washington is one of the best wins this category can claim.

17. BYU (Previous Rank: 18)

BYU handed out what has arguably been the ugliest loss of the year two weeks ago against Wisconsin. That counts for something.

18. Texas Tech (Previous Rank: Not Ranked)

I guess we just forget about the season-opening loss to Ole Miss?

19. Oregon (Previous Rank: 14)

The Ducks should be sitting in the top 4, but the Stanford game escaped. Either way, they’re still in a good spot if they can put it back together with only two ranked opponents remaining.

20. Miami (Previous Rank: 20)

Tough to move up from the bottom of the Top 25 when you have a slew of unranked teams (Texas Tech, Cal, Duke, Texas, Kentucky) moving in.

21. Washington (Previous Rank: 21)

UW could and should make a statement this week vs. BYU. But they need to put somebody away at some point.

22. Michigan (Previous Rank: 22)


23. Wisconsin (Previous Rank: 24)

More yeah.

24. Mississippi State (Previous Rank: 12)


25. Michigan State (Previous Rank: 25)

This team is butt.



That’s all I got/




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