Graphic Content: Kirby Smart Exposed

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-timed bar graph might be worth a billion. Or, at least it might be worth $7 million – or whatever Kirby Smart’s salary is.

Consider this quarterback “comparison” (and I use that term loosely). Justin Fields should be Georgia’s starter. And yet, there’s been no official announcement from Saint Kirby, whose team didn’t even play a complete 60 minutes against lowly Austin Peay!

Who is the better passer? Well if you care about simple things – like I don’t know, did the pass land in a Georgia receiver’s hand – the answer is clear.

Who plays risk-free football? Well Fields (always the black quarterback in this analysis) has TD-to-INT ratio of infinity right now. Fromm (shown in red) is much lower than infinity.


Who does more with their legs? No contest.


And who wins more? You guessed it: Fields.

If Kirby Smart can’t figure this out, we need to find someone who can. It’s just not that hard. Maybe these graphs will help him see something that everyone else in Bulldog Nation has already witnessed. But I’m not that optimistic based on last week’s performance, and I WILL expose him if things don’t improve.

Speaking of room for improvement, here are the ten things that bothered me most about Georgia’s meager 45-point win in Week 1:

  1. The Bulldogs didn’t even play 60 minutes! Nobody’s talking about that. Georgia leads the damn conference in minutes of football skipped on account of laziness.
  2. James Cook was kicked out of the game for a targeting violation on a punt-returner. I don’t want to point out the obvious: But if you don’t want to scramble your opponents’ brains, maybe don’t sign a Cook. Further, is it even normal for Georgia to have running backs playing on punt coverage?
  3. Why isn’t Demetris Robertson playing running back? He didn’t do a damn thing in the passing game (0 catches for 0 yards and 0 TDs) but led the team in rushing yards, yards per attempt and rushing touchdowns. I’m no genius but maybe he’s playing the wrong position?
  4. I think the exact same thing could be said of “wide receiver” Tyler Simmons. Simmons is averaging 19 yards per rush attempt this season. The junior hasn’t hauled in a 19-yard pass in his entire career. Football just isn’t that hard. Maybe they coaches would have figured that out in the 56th minute of the game…
  5. It’s great to see Georgia using the tight ends more this year. Three different tight ends caught a pass for a total of 22 receiving yards. Electric! You can’t pick up that level of production – 7.3 yards per completion – just anywhere. Wait, yes you can. Great “scheme,” Georgia.
  6. The Bulldogs didn’t log a single sack. That’s inexcusable against Austin Peay or any lowly opponent from the state of Tennessee. Now admittedly, the Governors probably weren’t as bad as last year’s Tennessee Vols team offensively, but the Dawgs got three sacks against UT last year. Gonna be tough to own the Volunteer State if the defense doesn’t start…I don’t know…defending.
  7. Kirby doesn’t know gold when he sees it. Rodrigo Blankenship is arguably the only good thing this football program has going, and he only got to log one field goal attempt? What the heck was that? There’s no way Hot Rod wins the Heisman if he doesn’t see a pick up in usage.
  8. Some would say Kirby Smart is a good recruiter. I have trouble reconciling that notion with the fact that that the lowest-rated player in Kirby’s most recent class (3-star Jake Camarda) made the biggest impact on this game of any freshman. Camarda picked up 165 yards on three punts. For comparison’s sake, even over-hyped and should-be-on-the-bench Jake Fromm only threw for 157 yards. Maybe Kirby should start targeting more three-star players and fewer 5-stars.
  9. After the game Kirby said the team needs to grow up and grow up fast. That’s Kirby in a nutshell. Size is everything. Speed is also everything. Execution be damned.
  10. Georgia is, frankly, lucky to play South Carolina this weekend. The Gamecocks are one of the few teams Kirby seems to have any kind of edge against. He’s 2-0 against them. But don’t forget that we could still have Mark Richt as our fearless leader had South Carolina not made advances at Kirby back in 2015. I’m just stunned that Georgia was held hostage by frickin’ South Carolina’s football program and the hire that followed hasn’t been a success.


Until next time,

-The Kirby Smart Hater

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  1. Funny stuff there Dude! Thanks.

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