Georgia Has a Major Quarterback Problem on Its Hands

For all the alleged “quarterback controversy” conversations at Alabama, I think the general public knows better. Jalen Hurts is a nobody and Tua Tagaasdfasllivolia is a star. Seriously, I’m more likely to win the Heisman Trophy this year than Hurts, and yet Tua is on top of most Heisman boards.

But in Athens there’s a real problem brewing. There’s an old saying that you’ve probably never heard before, but it goes a little something like this: If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one. And according to Kirby Smart’s inability to name a starter, Georgia has two quarterbacks. This means Georgia doesn’t have one. Even worse, Georgia doesn’t have three quarterbacks either—there literally is not another scholarship quarterback on the roster other than sophomore Jake Fromm and freshman Justin Fields.

Things are dire in Athens; make no mistake about it. I don’t know what’s more alarming—the fact that Jake Fromm may actually be Georgia’s starting quarterback…again…or the fact that Justin Fields is a complete bust.

Fromm, you see, isn’t a real quarterback. He’s not even really a game manager. He’s more of a game participant. At the end of the day, nobody really trusts Fromm to win games—at least not with his arm. No one has confidence in Fromm. How bad was Fromm last year? Let’s look at history for some context.

In 1988 Georgia attributed only 34.3% of its offense to the passing game. That was literally the last time the Bulldogs got less from the passing game.


To Kirby’s credit—and I hate to give the guy credit for anything—he was at least wise enough to practically abandon the passing game altogether. Again, Georgia’s usage of the pass (as a portion of offensive plays run) was at its lowest level in 30 years.  Last year, Georgia dedicated just 31.13% of all plays to the pass. That was the lowest number since 24.70% in 1988.

So you can understand why I’m not thrilled to see Fromm potentially under center again. And you can understand my frustration regarding Fields.

Allegedly, Justin Fields is a good football player. And yet, he can’t even distinguish himself from a scrub like Jake Fromm. Something doesn’t add up here. Either Fields is a bust of catastrophic proportions or Kirby Smart is such an idiot that he literally doesn’t know the difference between a good player (Fields) and a player he doesn’t trust (Fromm). Is there a right answer at this juncture?  Not really. But if there is, I doubt we see it on Saturday against Austin Peay.

Until next time,

-The Kirby Smart Hater

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