Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL: A Complete List and Roster Review for the 2018 Season

As the NFL preseason heads into its second week of games, here’s a current break down of Georgia Bulldogs on NFL rosters.

Player Team Experience Position Depth Chart
Greg Pyke Arizona Cardinals 1 OL 4th String
Garrison Smith Atlanta Falcons 5 DL 3rd String
David Marvin Atlanta Falcons 1 K 2nd String
Reggie Davis Atlanta Falcons 1 WR 3rd String
Thomas Davis Carolina Panthers 14 LN Starter
Sterling Bailey Carolina Panthers 1 DE 5th String
Javon Wims Chicago Bears R WR 3rd String
Roquan Smith Chicago Bears R LB 2nd String
John Jenkins Chicago Bears 6 DT 2nd String
Marlon Brown Chicago Bears 5 WR 4th String
Leonard Floyd Chicago Bears 3 LB Starter
Geno Atkins Cincinnati Bengals 9 DT Starter
Clint Boling Cincinnati Bengals 8 OL Starter
A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals 8 WR Starter
Cordy Glenn Cincinnati Bengals 7 OT Starters
Shawn Williams Cincinnati Bengals 6 S Starter
Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns R RB 3rd String
Orson Charles Cleveland Browns 3 TE 5th String
Isaiah McKenzie Denver Brondocs 1 PR Starter
Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions 10 QB Starter
Cornelius Washington Detroit Lions 6 DE 2nd String
Toby Johnson Detroit Lions 1 DT 3rd String
Davin Bellamy Houston Texans R LB 4th String
Corey Moore Houston Texans 3 S 2nd String
Abry Jones Jacksonville Jaguars 6 NT Starter
Justin Houston Kansas City Chiefs 8 LB Starter
Chris Conley Kansas City Chiefs 4 WR 2nd String
Ramik Wilson L.A. Rams 4 LB 2nd String
Todd Gurley L.A. Rams 4 RB Starter
Reshad Jones Miami Dolphins 9 S Starter
Maurice Smith Miami Dolphins 2 S 2nd String
Tavarres King Minnesota Vikings 4 WR 4th String
John Atkins New England Patriots R DT 4th String
Sony Michel New England Patriots R RB 4th String
Isaiah Wynn New England Patriots R OL 4th String
David Andrews New England Patriots 4 C Starter
Benjamin Watson New Orleans Saints 15 TE Starter
Lorenzo Carter New York Giants R LB 2nd String
Alec Ogletree New York Giants 6 LB Starter
Jordan Jenkins New York Jets 1 LB Starter
Quincy Mauger Oakland Raiders R S 5th String
Ben Jones Tennessee Titans 7 C Starters
Tyler Catalina Washington Redskins 2 OL 2nd String


I’ll come back with some roster analysis later this week.

Note: Data current as of August 14, 2018. Depth Chart Data courtesy of official team websites where applicable.


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