Oklahoma’s Offense Was About Like Missouri’s…Seriously

In writing about Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield, I kept coming back to comparisons of the Sooners and the Missouri Tigers. So here are some interesting perspectives with regards to how both teams played against Georgia.

Oklahoma’s offense was actually incredibly similar in terms of efficiency to that of Mizzou. Georgia held the ball for almost 40 minutes against Missouri (vs. 27 against Oklahoma), so the Tigers didn’t get as many shots as the Sooners, but consider this:

Georgia Opponent Total  Plays Total Points Yards Per Play Points Per Play
Missouri 49 28 6.37 0.57
Oklahoma 81 41 6.56 0.51


We could normalize the data above to account of overtime, but the more well-rounded normalization should occur for time of possession. After all, given that both teams were largely similar in yards per play and points per play (with Mizzou scoring more efficiently and OU gaining more efficiently), the biggest X-factors seems to be time of possession.

Oklahoma held the ball for 1,978 seconds (32 minutes, 58 seconds vs. Georgia). Mizzou only held the ball for 1,224 seconds (20 minutes and 24 seconds). We can’t really blame this gap on Missouri’s offense, because, again, it performed about as efficiently as Oklahoma on a per-play basis. So, what would have happened if Mizzou could have held the ball as long as Oklahoma?


  • 28 points scored becomes 45.25 points.
  • 312 yards becomes 504.

How’s that comparison?

Georgia Opponent Yards in 32:58 Points in 32:58 Offensive Points
Missouri 504 45
Oklahoma 531 41

Obviously, it’s hard to compare anything involving time of possession if overtime is included, because that’s unclocked time. And it’s hard to say that one offense could sustain a high level of efficiency over the long-haul if it were given 60% more time of possession. But the point is this: The Oklahoma vs. Missouri offensive comparisons aren’t insane.


That’s all I got/


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  1. I wonder if Mizz will stick with this formula/style and try to become OU lite. That offensive efficiency doesn’t help the defense…thank goodness. Good stuff my man, good stuff.

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