Georgia Football: A Bulldog Should Have Won The Heisman Trophy This Year – And It Wasn’t Roquan Smith

Baker Mayfield, who will soon be known nationwide as Faker Mayfield after he faces the first real defense (other than cops) he’s ever seen, won the Heisman Trophy. He had a good year. He may or may not have deserved the award. But was he clearly the most deserving person? Let’s go to the dictionary. Per the Heisman Trust’s Mission Statement, this is who should win the award:

The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. The winners of the trophy epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work.

So there are really seven components to winning the award:

  1. Outstanding Player
  2. Performance that exhibits the pursuit of excellence.
  3. Performance that exhibits integrity.
  4. Great ability.
  5. Diligence.
  6. Perseverance.
  7. Hard work.

What’s interesting is that almost all of those qualities apply the vast majority of college football players. Most work hard, persevere, display diligence and demonstrate great ability. As a result, the pursuit of excellence is relatively commonplace in college football. Relative to the broader population, most college football players are outstanding. But how many really display integrity?


Baker Mayfield grabbed his crotch during a football game. People seem to have forgotten that, and I’m not sure that is a display of integrity. And that’s why a Georgia Bulldog should have won the award. You may think I’m talking about Roquan Smith. I’m not. He may have been deserving as well. But I’m talking about Jayson Stanley.

There’s a moral high ground and selflessness that embodies integrity. Stanley has demonstrated that when it matters most for the Dawgs.

A few short weeks ago, Georgia won the SEC Championship and essentially clinched a College Football Playoff appearance. Boys will be boys and a number of them boys got into trouble immediately thereafter.


Most notably, Natrez Patrick, a beast of an inside linebacker, was arrested  for marijuana possession. This was Patrick’s third weed-related infraction—or at least it could have been. It is entirely possible that Patrick’s career with the Bulldogs would have been over had this third charge stuck. Most certainly he would have missed Georgia’s Rose Bowl appearance and all-but-guaranteed National Championship Game showdown with Alabama/Clemson.

Indeed, things would have been bleak for Patrick and the Georgia defense were it not for integrity. Fortunately, Jayson Stanley, who should have won the Heisman Trophy, stepped up. Having never had a previous run-in with the law or marijuana-related infraction, Stanley saw an opportunity to selflessly help his team win a National Championship. That’s integrity.

He pleaded with the arresting officers and insisted that the green bud found was his own. I wasn’t at the scene of the alleged crime, but you can practically hear Stanley saving the day, the season and a young man’s career. “No, officer. If anyone should be punished for marijuana-ing, it is I! That marijuana is mine. I am the weed doer here, not my friend and teammate Natrez. I did the marijuana!”

Amazingly, it worked. Sometimes the good guys do win. Patrick’s charges were dropped earlier this week thanks to Stanley and an excellent lawyer, who astutely pointed out:

When you get into someone’s car, you’re not going to search it to see if there’s marijuana in the car. My client didn’t know the marijuana was there. If you’re sitting on a little piece of marijuana that you didn’t know was there, you’re not knowingly in possession of it.

That attorney is right.

Sometimes we’re not even aware of what we may or may not have possession of. Sometimes, we’re sitting on something. And in Georgia’s case, the Bulldogs have been sitting on a Heisman Trophy Candidate all along. His name is Jayson Stanley. The ultimate teammate. He is the very definition of excellence with integrity.


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