The SEC Really Does Suck

The Southeastern Conference is in shambles! Alabama lost a football game this year, and they’re the only respectable team in the conference. The rest of the league just hires Nick Saban disciples and destroys itself from within. Guys like Kirby Smart, with no head coaching experience, will never cut it.

Case in point: only two of the College Football Playoff’s four teams are from the SEC.

But consider the “down” SEC’s bowl slate as a whole:

Bowl Date SEC School (Conference Rank) Opponent (Conference, Rank)
Rose Bowl 1-Jan Georgia (1) Oklahoma (Big 12 no. 1)
Sugar Bowl 1-Jan Alabama (2) Clemson (ACC no. 1)
Peach Bowl 1-Jan Auburn (3) Central Florida (AAC no. 1)
Citrus Bowl 1-Jan LSU (4) Notre Dame (Independent no. 1)
TaxSlayer Bowl 30-Dec Mississippi State (5) Louisville (ACC no. 5)
Outback Bowl 1-Jan South Carolina (6) Michigan (Big 10 no. 6)
Belk Bowl 29-Dec Texas A&M (7) Wake Forest (ACC no. 7)
Music City Bowl 29-Dec Kentucky (8) Northwestern (Big 10 no. 4)
Texas Bowl 29-Dec Missouri (9) Texas (Big 12 no. 4)

SEC teams are consistently scheduled “up” relative to their peers. I guess that’s because the conference is so weak.

I mean, can you imagine if the show was on the other foot? Like what if the Big 12’s 9th-best team had to play the SEC’s 4th-best team? Baylor vs. LSU would be a hate crime.


That’s all I got/


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