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Ole Miss Football: A Coach Spurned By Ole Miss in 2012 May End Up Replacing Hugh Freeze

Hugh Freeze is out.



And DudeYouCrazy is in…


People forget that I applied for the Ole Miss gig in 2012. Ultimately, the athletic department went in another direction. As it turns out, I was overqualified from a morality standpoint.

My application is below from 2012 is below (but you may have to enlarge the images). Best believe I’ll be applying again.





I’ve won as many games with legitimate talent at the SEC level as Hugh Freeze. But I’ve done that without incurring a single NCAA violation and without calling hookers on my work phone. This job is mine.

Hotty Toddy!


That’s all I got/



Seriously. Host Chad Floyd (@Chad_Floyd) and Dude Emeritus Andrew Hall (@dudeyoucrazy) get back on the podcast train after a 5-month hiatus.


  • Self-congratulation everywhere! For the boys getting back into the podcast game, for the SEC’s hypefest in Hoover, and the ACC’s “new best conference” title belt.
  • Breaking down the media picks! The SEC and ACC both had media days. Chad and Andrew have…thoughts.
  • What’s it like to look into Bobby Petrino’s eyes?
  • Besides Alabama, who has a chance of winning a national championship from the SEC in the near future?

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