Governor Kirby Institutes Another Ridiculous Policy

And here we were thinking offseason writer’s block was permanent! 

It has been announced that, as of today, Georgia will no longer be reporting injuries (even those witnessed by media in practice) until Kirby Smart is asked directly about them by reporters.

The benefits to such a policy are … hmm. Kirby Smart acting as the gatekeeper for all Georgia football-related information? Great. Nick Saban earned that leeway by winning football games first, and using the leverage earned to become an abhorrent dick.

From a Georgia fan perspective, this is another kinda gross move by the Governor. Remember, he got the state to pass a law allowing 90 days for FOIA requests from Georgia public universities last year.

From an outsider perspective, this is laughable. A small sampling of tweets from the internet:

I hereby declare it is okay to support a team and dislike its coach on a personal level. Hey, did you know Mark Richt’s class at Miami is ranked #1 in the country right now?


About Chadwick

Enjoyer of adventure, would support a Trump policy that requires a minimum IQ to tweet. @Chad_Floyd for fun, @ChadFloydKW for real estate.

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