Georgia’s Athletic Department: Smarter Than Most

A major sign of the times in college football is its perpetual arms race: Texas A&M’s shiny new $200 million facilities. Michigan’s petty attempts to stay ahead of everyone in capacity. Even Notre Dame’s throwing down $60 million on a press box addition.

In other places, incompetent management forces athletic departments to run into problems. Tennessee just now got done paying Derek Dooley and Bruce Pearl, neither of whom have been at the school since at least 2013. Maryland famously left the ACC for the greener financial pastures of the Big Ten because of Debbie Yow’s mishandling of funds.

Georgia? They’re doing what your grandparents advised when they gave you a $50 savings bond that one Christmas. They’re saving!

The article is angled specifically around the possibility of paying players in the future, but its good to know that Georgia has a hefty rainy day fund.

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  1. Thomas Brown UGA


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