Signing Day 2017: What Georgia Fans Should Be Watching

For the 200th time, the disclaimer that this is NOT a recruiting site applies.

However, Georgia’s recruiting class for 2017, its first full one under Kirby Smart, is awesome. I broke down the offensive line recruits’ immense talent last month, and there is more to cover on this group– 7 of the top 50 commits (according to 247) is insane.

Today, Georgia looks to add some finishing touches to its class. Below are the guys considering Georgia’s approximate announcement times today:

9:30am: Jaymest Williams, 4-star CB, S.C.: OV’ed to Georgia last week despite being a South Carolina commit for months. Probably low odds in swinging him.

10am: Aubrey Solomon, 5-star DT, GA: This is the guy who decommitted from Michigan after being thanked for attending an event…he didn’t attend. The Wolverines are still considered the favorite on 247, with Alabama and Georgia on the radar.

10:45am: Aaron Sterling, 3-star DE, GA: As a 3-star, he’d actually qualify as one of the WORST guys in the class, according to pundits.

11am: Markaviest Bryant, 4-star DE, GA: Georgia is the favorite!

2pm: Nico Collins, 4-star WR, AL: Apparently a Michigan/Georgia/Alabama battle, Georgia…still needs star receivers.

Unknown: Leonard Warner, 4-star ILB: He’ll be joining a top-5 class, just a question of whether its Florida State, Stanford, or Georgia.

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