Crunk Factoring the Bowls, Part II

There are previously-unaccounted-for games starting today. 

Hey, it has come to my attention from experience in my actual job that nobody is working at all this week! Let’s watch more pointless bowl games instead as we round into the fun ones on Saturday.

Today, at time of posting

Pinstripe Bowl: #23 Pitt vs. Northwestern, 2: Pitt is the most bizarre team in college football, as they have two top-5 wins (Penn State and Clemson), a trash secondary (Pat Narduzzi was hired on the strength of his Michigan State secondaries, and a top-5 offense (OC Matt Canada, fired from N.C. State last year, took the same position at LSU).

I know nothing about Northwestern, because GOOD B1G football is unwatchable enough. The game is in a baseball stadium, though, which is befitting of this matchup CRUNK FACTOR: 4/10, for James Connor and Pitt weirdness.

Russell Athletic Bowl: #16 West Virginia vs Miami, 5:30: Dana Holgorson is the most interesting coach every bowl season, because most games take place in drinking and gambling destinations. No reports of him being bailed out of jail at the time of publication. Mark Richt is a familiar name to Georgia fans, and finished his first season at Miami at an unacceptable-by-Georgia-standards 8-4.

There was pre-bowl festivity saltiness, a sure-fire upping of the ante for an exhibition game.

CRUNK FACTOR: 7/10, this should actually be a fun game. 

Foster Farms: #19 Utah vs. Indiana, 8:30: Only the Western Michigan/Wisconsin Cotton Bowl (lol) has a lower lowest-priced ticket in Stubhub than this one. I can’t see anything to get too fired up about, as Indiana becomes the second B1G team in 18 months to fire a coach due to player abuse…and Utah just seems abusive by nature. CRUNK FACTOR: 2/10 only because its on FOX which means possible Gus Johnson-ery.

Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. K-State, 9: As a general rule, you can always sign me up for a late K-State game, because their slow offense will still get me to bed at a reasonable hour A&M once ranked 4th in the country…remember that?

Also, more old Big XII bitterness, so I’ve got high hopes. CRUNK FACTOR 6/10.

Still escaping the doldrums of Christmas, I’ll get tomorrow and into the weekend on another post.



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