More Great News for Georgia Football As Former Bulldog Assumes Role as NFL’s Best Offensive Threat

Next man up. That’s what Georgia football is all about, folks.

Todd Gurley’s career as a viable option at running back may now officially be over (Gurley has run for just 220 yards on 83 carries in nine total games dating back to last year’s regular season finale and including this year’s preseason), but next man up. And Georgia is Running Back U. So shout out to another famed Bulldog, Isaiah Crowell, for assuming the mantle as the most dynamic offensive player in professional football.

Crow leads the NFL in several rushing categories:

  • Rushing Yards By a Player With Fewer than 94 Attempts.
  • Rushing Yards By a Player With At Least 25 Carries
  • Rushing Yards By a Player With No Fumbles
  • Rushing Touchdowns By a Player With No Fumbles And At Least Three 20+ yard Runs

He also leads the NFL in a few areas of total offense.

  • Total Yards By a Running Back With Fewer Than 1 Fumbles And Fewer Yards Than Le’Veon Bell
  • Total Yards By Non-QB Former Georgia Players Not Known By Initials

Next. Man. Up.

Feed the Crow.


No but seriously, Crow is eating this year. Since going undrafted back in 2014 he’s been a consistent contributor for the Browns, but he’s having a breakout year. Consider his first two campaigns:

  • 2014: 148 carries, 607 yards (4.1 YPC), 8 TDs, 3 Fumbles
  • 2015: 185 carries, 706 yards (3.8 YPC), 4 TDs, 0 Fumbles

To-date he’s logged 60 carries, 386 yards (6.4 YPC), 3 TDs and 0 Fumbles. He’s on pace for more than 1,500 yards and 12 scores on the ground. And he’s doing this with great consistency. He’s averaging 15 attempts per game (18, 15, 12 and 15 in each contest) and has yet to account for fewer than 5.2 YPC in a single contest. He’s running hard in the first half (6.5 YPC) and hard in the second (6.2 YPC) on almost identical work loads. 



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