Georgia Football: Moving Past UNC

A win is a win is a win, and Nick Chubb is back, y’all.

It’s already Tuesday, I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch tape, so I’m just going to ramble a few thoughts here to piggyback on Palmer’s kneejerks:

  • Georgia played with composure. Like a…dare I say it… Nick Saban-coached football team. Not to continue to put good man Mark Richt down, but what Georgia fan in their right mind would’ve thought a 10-point comeback was possible once down 24-14?
  • The guy starting his 9th season as an FBS head coach looked like the rookie on Saturday (and vice versa). A sideline unsportsmanlike penalty, sending a defensive end to the locker room in the first quarter, running 19 times for almost a first down per carry? Larry Fedora is now squarely in “has not beaten anybody of note” territory, a dangerous position as we all know so well.
  • Back to Georgia…they had this game schemed AMAZINGLY. Jim Chaney has been given the keys to this offense after having certain directives at his numerous stops, but he kept the UNC defense off balance all day while feeding the beast. It seemed every carry by Nick Chubb (and resident “who’s got next” guy at RBU, Brian Herrien) was led by a convoy of blockers outnumbering the Tar Heels at the point of attack. A far cry from Brian Schottenheimer mindlessly slamming players into each other like a 6-year old playing Risk.
  • Special teams had its gaffes, but it also produced this:
  • I thought Jacob Eason won the QB job hands-down. The numbers dictate it well enough, but his composure was better-than-advertised, and there was a different vibe to the Georgia offense when he was on the field.
  • Major props to Maurice Smith, who made two strong (albeit one questionable no-call on PI) plays to take away a couple of UNC’s downfield shots. The numbers show that the secondary was excellent, though they were helped on some busts by Mitch Trubisky panic mode.
  • I survived the weekend with my dignity intact. It was weird cheering for someone playing the Dawgs, but life happens. Back to your regularly-scheduled Georgia fandom from me. This season should be exciting.

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