UGA’s Week 1 Depth Chart: Brought To You By The Word “OR”

The skeptic may call it unsettled. I call it sandbaggery.

Kirby Smart released his first game week depth chart this morning, and…he may as well not have. The word “OR” appears at 16 spots in the two-deep, including 12 starting spots.

In a season where we don’t yet know who will be starting at quarterback for Michigan, Texas, Notre Dame, or Alabama, the trend of playing lineups close to the vest is growing.

Let’s take a look at the “ORs”!

QB: Starting with a BS call on Kirby. Eason is starting.
HB: Chubb, if not on a pitch count (as Kirby said today) is starting.
FB: Six one way, half a dozen the other.
WR: Chigbu vs. Godwin scares me a little bit, as it would state that Godwin hasn’t taken the step forward Georgia needs to rely on him as the top target. Davis vs. McKenzie was moot, in my mind, due to the thought that Chigbu would be the SE and Godwin the Flanker, so…this interests me.
LT: Catalina vs. Wynn: Wynn will start somewhere, and it sounds like the staff is high on Catalina, making…
…LG: Wynn vs. Sims moot.
RG: With Wynn at LG, Sims would likely take RG over Lamont Gaillard.

So three positions (TE, C, RT) are settled going into week 1. If you believe that, I’ve got an inside track on selling the man-made lake they’re putting in the Georgia Dome’s place next year.

On defense, not quite so much of the same, as the position battles still active are quite intriguing.

Reggie Carter, Natrez Patrick, and Roquan Smith are all vying for the MIKE and WILL jobs. As much as I’ve heard Smith’s name this fall, I expect him to take WILL with Carter manning the inside.

At nickel, new guy Maurice Smith is battling Rico McGraw. They’re both going to see a lot of snaps on Saturday.

**PROGRAMMING NOTE: There are two podcasts featuring myself and Andrew lost in the dark world of the internet, hoping they emerge because they took forever and were good. Hoping to get those up so I can interview a UNC friend for his takes on the game later in the week.**



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