Georgia Football: Sony Michel’s Rap Song is Awful, It’s OK to Hate It

First and foremost, this song from Sony Michel Flyguy2Stackz is awful.



Some observations from this abominable production:

Roughly 30% of the song is comprised of an A/A rhyme scheme in which the first A is “feelins” and the second A is “feelin.” My dog writes better lyrics than that. And I’m talking about my literal canine.

The words “trippin'” and “millions” do not rhyme. Don’t tell Sony Michel Flyguy2Stackz I said that though.

I think I get what he’s getting at with the repeated line “You just keep doin’ your dance; all this money in my hands.” But at the end of the day, this just makes Sony Michel Mr. Stackz seem like a stingy strip club attendee. Why is the money still in his hands? That seems atypical. And he doesn’t just say it once, he repeats these phrases back to back. So it’s kind of like, “Yo I’m stingy at strip clubs, this money is staying in my hands but you keep dancing.” And then, “No for real, all of this money is in my hands, not on or around your person. I promise this status will not change.” I don’t think that’s the reputation one wants when releasing a rap song on SoundCloud. There’s just an inconsistency here. I can think of hundreds of places in which fiscal responsibility would be rewarded, but this isn’t one of them.

“I ball on them and then I dab,” is something I would say if I was trying to sound super boss…that’s how I know it’s not very hip. Do people still dab? Everyone in my office dabbed during a staff photo shoot last week, which made me think the dab was dead.  We’re the embodiment of “Stuff White People Like” crossed with “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” with a side of Financial Analysis. If we’re doing it, it’s not cool. #RIPDab. Or did Sony Michel Flyguy2Stackz resuscitate the dab? Or did we remind him that the dab is worth keeping alive? Maybe this song is pretty great after all.

Welcome to Dab City, USA.

Welcome to Dab City, USA.


This entire song is cliches.

  • I’m out here grindin’; people trippin’.
  • People actin’ fake. They hungry, they starvin’, they killin’.
  • A lot of people out here lyin’.
  • Every day I gotta get it; every day I gotta live it.
  • I hit my dog up when I come to the crib (side note: I also hit my dog up when I get home; shout out to DogYouCrazy a.k.a. FlyDawgNoStackz).


This is not good music. You don’t have to like it. Seriously. Take a deep breath and remember that you like Sony Michel the student-athlete and maybe (hopefully?) you even like Sony Michel the human being. That doesn’t mean you have to like Sony Michel the rapper Flyguy2Stackz.

But you do have to like this:


animation (3)



That’s all I got/


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