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100 Days of SEC Dominance: OH MY

Uncle Verne is leaving us after the 2016 season.

I’m conflicted on this. While I certainly won’t miss his missed calls or worthless reactive platitudes, I just…love the guy. He’s Uncle F***ing Verne. He was the voice of Happy Gilmore. He’s given us hundreds of memorable calls, to the point that the soundtrack of any SEC fan’s fandom could be narrated by none other.

Seriously, try to picture some of these games without him.

Hit the comments and share the best Verne calls or gaffes.

Let’s look back at some of my recent favorites in the meantime:


There’s never a reason not to watch the kick six:

Before my time, but legendary:

LOL. ❤ you, Verne.

DudeYouPodcast 162: SEC Football and NBA Finals

SOLO POD ALERT! That’s right, Dpalm clocking in with the very rare solo-pod talking college football, a little soccer, a little baseball, and a whole lot of NBA Finals.

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100 Days of SEC Dominance: Jim Harbaugh is morphing into an ATLien

Honestly, early onset writer’s block set in this morning. Thank you, Jim and your trolly ways, for giving me some material.

Jim Harbaugh LOVES poking the SEC bear. He has gone out of his way to troll (by my count) Nick Saban, Butch Jones, Bret Bieliema, and Kirby Smart…and Jim McIlwain famously dodged him, saying satellite camps were fine.

Harbaugh has adopted the prison mentality: find the biggest guy in the room on the first day, and punch him square in the face. Has it worked? Maybe. Does it show who the biggest guy in the room is? Absolutely.



The Hank Aaron jersey …while sitting next to Hank Aaron. Y’all, this man is a LEGEND. And he’s proving our point.


100 Days of SEC Dominance: Top-5 Team From Four Years Ago Will Finish 0-8 In League Play

South Carolina was already probably going to suck out loud in 2016. They were godawful last year, had extreme coaching turnover, plan to start a freshman at quarterback…and do so with the incompetent Will Muschamp/Kurt Roper combo in his ear.

Even given all that, plus the loss of guys like Pharoh Cooper, you’d still think there was enough holdover talent to steal two or three games in the SEC, right? At Vandy and Mississippi State to open the season? At Kentucky two weeks later? Mizzou the first week of November?

Possible, but a lot less likely given yesterday’s news:

This is what I hate about college athletics. Moore could’ve been a mid-rounds draft pick. Even though he singlehandedly won the North Carolina game last year, I enjoyed watching him play. 11 career picks for a linebacker is pretty cool.

Amazingly, with Moore out for the year, it already feels like the run the Gamecocks had under Steve Spurrier is completely gone. He was a holdover from their last stout defense and will be missed.

A successful South Carolina program, however? It will not be missed at all.


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