100 Days of SEC Dominance: This Guy Lost the Heisman Because He Plays Out West

Christian McAffrey is awesome. Christian McAffrey lost the Heisman because Alabama employed a running back. 

Want proof positive that the SEC is the greatest conference in all the land? Look no further than this year’s Heisman vote. Player A did not win the Heisman. Player B did. let’s check the numbers.


McAffrey: 337 attempts, 2019 yards, 8 TD– 5.99 YPC, 144.2 YPG.
Henry: 395 attempts, 2219 yards, 28 TD– 5.42 YPC, 147.9 YPG.

On 2.5 more attempts per game (holy shit he averaged 26.3 carries per game, enjoy having that mileage on your rookie, Titans!), Henry averaged…2.7 more yards a game. His touchdown numbers did murder McAffrey’s, as Stanford had TD vulture Remound Wright post 13 TDs on 82 carries. #MANBALL all over this post.

Advantage: Henry.


McAffrey: 45 receptions, 645 yards, 5 TD. 14.3 YPC for a running back.
Henry: 11 receptions, 91 yards, o TD. 8.27 YPC.

What’s funny is the most iconic moment of Henry’s Alabama career is a reception he did make lol nevermind that was T.J. Yeldon. The screen pass to beat LSU. AGAIN, THIS WAS NOT DERRICK HENRY, BUT JESUS DO THEY ALL BLEND TOGETHER.

McAffrey is an NCAA Football video game (RIP) dream. The HB Angle play that works 90% of the time in the old video game? Works 99% of the time in real life.

Advantage: McAffrey, by a landslide.

Special Teams

McAffrey: 37 kickoffs, 28.2 YPR, 1 TD; 15 punts, 8.7 YPR, 1 TD.
Henry: N/A

Advantage: Yikes.


McAffrey: 2/3, 39 yards, 2 TD. Passer rating of 395.9.
Henry: N/A.

Advantage: WELP. Vernon Adams led the country in passer rating at 179.1. Or 45% of McAffrey’s. Small sample size, but YO.

Two thoughts: Had I done this in blind resumes, the numbers would have shown McAffrey as the obvious winner. If you go by team success, they had both won conference championships at this point– obviously points to Alabama for making the playoff.

Just goes to show you– the perception of the strength of the big, bad SEC still looms large. Now, enjoy some McAffrey highlights, as he put up the most entertaining season by a running back since a recent Heisman winner* from the Pac-12, Reggie Bush.

*- take your vacated trophy and shove it, NCAA.

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