100 Days of SEC Dominance: All The Ole Miss Bonuses for Players

Look, people should get paid for what they do. You probably get paid for your job. Sometimes I get paid for mine. College athletes should get paid for theirs. So shout to Ole Miss for handling things the honorable way by allowing/encouraging things the NCAA doesn’t like and then saying, “No way. Not my staff. That was the old Ole Miss guys.”

Nothing too major here unless you’re into rules or whatnot, but a few high points:

  • 13 of 20 (65%) of the allegations against the athletic department were against the football team. So with 16 scholarship sports listed on the website, 6.25% of teams did 65% of the cheating (allegedly). That’s SEC concentration right there.
  • Nine of the 13 football-related allegations occurred under current head coach Hugh Freeze who somehow quite conveniently saw this story spun quite differently right before National Signing Day. SEC Spin Zone. AKA Shaggy “It Wasn’t Me” Zone.
  • Ole Miss let concerned citizen Laremy Tunsil borrow $3k to buy a car from someone he wasn’t supposed to and some folks got to cruise around in loaner cars for a long-ass time. Can’t spell “Free Cars” without S-E-C.
  • Some athlete got $2,253 worth of free lodging from June 7, 2013 to May 27, 2014. Let’s hope that wasn’t one continuous stay at one place. Because I don’t know that I’d classify a place valued at $6.36 per day as a true “benefit.” Can’t knock that SEC hustle.
  • Two recruits received some stuff. So SEC.
  • Other things happened. SEC! SEC! SEC!

You do you, Ole Miss. Sounds like everything is and was above-board here.

Move along.


That’s all I got/


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