UGA/UNC Set for 5:30 on Best Day Ever

We can now set the countdown timers to the minute.

ESPN, for all its warts, got Saturday, September 3rd 100% right. This is a beautiful slate of games. S/O to our friends at Georgia Tech for even giving us hungover breakfast fodder.

9:30am: Georgia Tech ‘at’ Boston College, from Dublin
Noon: Oklahoma vs. Houston (both preseason top 15 teams in a nooner), Hawaii at Michigan (because Jim Harbaugh.)
3:30: LSU vs. Wisconsin from *Chris Berman voice* LAMBEAAAAUUUU FIELDDDDDD *quits blog for Chris Berman reference*
5:30: Georgia vs. North Carolina, two top-20 teams in a pretty un-overlapped slot. Love it.
8: USC/Alabama in our annual “shit, Alabama’s really good” reminder.
9: Clemson at Auburn.


We get Texas/Notre Dame on Sunday and Ole Miss/Florida State on Monday.

Thanks, ESPN.

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Enjoyer of adventure, would support a Trump policy that requires a minimum IQ to tweet. @Chad_Floyd for fun, @ChadFloydKW for real estate.

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