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100 Days of SEC Dominance: This Guy Lost the Heisman Because He Plays Out West

Christian McAffrey is awesome. Christian McAffrey lost the Heisman because Alabama employed a running back. 

Want proof positive that the SEC is the greatest conference in all the land? Look no further than this year’s Heisman vote. Player A did not win the Heisman. Player B did. let’s check the numbers.


McAffrey: 337 attempts, 2019 yards, 8 TD– 5.99 YPC, 144.2 YPG.
Henry: 395 attempts, 2219 yards, 28 TD– 5.42 YPC, 147.9 YPG.

On 2.5 more attempts per game (holy shit he averaged 26.3 carries per game, enjoy having that mileage on your rookie, Titans!), Henry averaged…2.7 more yards a game. His touchdown numbers did murder McAffrey’s, as Stanford had TD vulture Remound Wright post 13 TDs on 82 carries. #MANBALL all over this post.

Advantage: Henry.


McAffrey: 45 receptions, 645 yards, 5 TD. 14.3 YPC for a running back.
Henry: 11 receptions, 91 yards, o TD. 8.27 YPC.

What’s funny is the most iconic moment of Henry’s Alabama career is a reception he did make lol nevermind that was T.J. Yeldon. The screen pass to beat LSU. AGAIN, THIS WAS NOT DERRICK HENRY, BUT JESUS DO THEY ALL BLEND TOGETHER.

McAffrey is an NCAA Football video game (RIP) dream. The HB Angle play that works 90% of the time in the old video game? Works 99% of the time in real life.

Advantage: McAffrey, by a landslide.

Special Teams

McAffrey: 37 kickoffs, 28.2 YPR, 1 TD; 15 punts, 8.7 YPR, 1 TD.
Henry: N/A

Advantage: Yikes.


McAffrey: 2/3, 39 yards, 2 TD. Passer rating of 395.9.
Henry: N/A.

Advantage: WELP. Vernon Adams led the country in passer rating at 179.1. Or 45% of McAffrey’s. Small sample size, but YO.

Two thoughts: Had I done this in blind resumes, the numbers would have shown McAffrey as the obvious winner. If you go by team success, they had both won conference championships at this point– obviously points to Alabama for making the playoff.

Just goes to show you– the perception of the strength of the big, bad SEC still looms large. Now, enjoy some McAffrey highlights, as he put up the most entertaining season by a running back since a recent Heisman winner* from the Pac-12, Reggie Bush.

*- take your vacated trophy and shove it, NCAA.

100 Days of SEC Dominance: Sorry ‘Bout Da Condoms

Quick: Name another conference in which an athletic director has had to issue a formal condom apology? You can’t do it. SEC for the win!

Per Chip Towers of the Athens Banner-Herald, Georgia AD Greg McGarity offered this in response to Ludacris’s Magnum Condom request:

I do want to take this opportunity to apologize to our board for mistakes we made with certain aspects of the details of an entertainment agreement. Few things in my professional life have bothered me more than this situation. There are no reruns in life so we need to turn the page, learn from our mistakes and do everything we can to make sure errors of this nature do not reoccur.


There you have it. Few things in Greg McGarity’s professional life have bothered him more than this situation.



That’s all I got/



100 Days of SEC Dominance: All The Ole Miss Bonuses for Players

Look, people should get paid for what they do. You probably get paid for your job. Sometimes I get paid for mine. College athletes should get paid for theirs. So shout to Ole Miss for handling things the honorable way by allowing/encouraging things the NCAA doesn’t like and then saying, “No way. Not my staff. That was the old Ole Miss guys.”

Nothing too major here unless you’re into rules or whatnot, but a few high points:

  • 13 of 20 (65%) of the allegations against the athletic department were against the football team. So with 16 scholarship sports listed on the website, 6.25% of teams did 65% of the cheating (allegedly). That’s SEC concentration right there.
  • Nine of the 13 football-related allegations occurred under current head coach Hugh Freeze who somehow quite conveniently saw this story spun quite differently right before National Signing Day. SEC Spin Zone. AKA Shaggy “It Wasn’t Me” Zone.
  • Ole Miss let concerned citizen Laremy Tunsil borrow $3k to buy a car from someone he wasn’t supposed to and some folks got to cruise around in loaner cars for a long-ass time. Can’t spell “Free Cars” without S-E-C.
  • Some athlete got $2,253 worth of free lodging from June 7, 2013 to May 27, 2014. Let’s hope that wasn’t one continuous stay at one place. Because I don’t know that I’d classify a place valued at $6.36 per day as a true “benefit.” Can’t knock that SEC hustle.
  • Two recruits received some stuff. So SEC.
  • Other things happened. SEC! SEC! SEC!

You do you, Ole Miss. Sounds like everything is and was above-board here.

Move along.


That’s all I got/


100 Days of SEC Dominance: All of the New Coaching Hires Rank in the Top 25

Editor’s note: There were a total of 28 coaching hires this year.

There was major coaching turnover in the SEC East this year, as Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina brought in new head men. Athlon Sports ranked the hires 1-28, and all three new hires ranked in the top 25 among the 28 total hires made.

8. Barry Odom, Mizzou: Continuity for the Tigers, as they promoted their AWESOME defensive coordinator. What that means for an offense that scored 8 touchdowns after a week 1 win over Southeast Missouri State? No clue.

10. Kirby Smart, Georgia: Even taking off the red and black glasses, this seems like a low ranking. Assuming ‘relative to program standing’ is a blind variable here, as Smart ranks behind Willie Fritz (2), his predecessor (3), and Mormon West Coaster Bronco Mendenhall at Virginia (9). Whatever.

24. Will Muschamp, South Carolina: BUT THEY RANKED IN THE TOP 25!!! I can’t adequately put into words how stupid this hire was. South Carolina maintained its trend of ‘upward mobility through retreads’, or at least ‘retreads’. Coach Boom is getting the last year at Florida band back together, and I can’t be happier about the hire.

A sampling of schools who made better hires, according to Athlon: Illinois, Central Florida, Toledo, North Texas, ULM, Hawai’i, RUTGERS, Texas State, ECU (who inexplicably ran good guy Ruffin McNeill out of town).

Go Cocks.

100 Days of SEC Dominance: The SEC Dominated Recruiting AGAIN

This is more of the wash, rinse, repeat variety, because duh. Since its Saturday, we present…A LIST! 

There’s no secret that the SEC dominates recruiting rankings. Fanboys will say its because of things like #SECSpeed, cynics will say because of absurd recruiting budgets and pandering by the recruiting services to the schools with the largest followings. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

This, however, is absurd:

Rank Name Position School
3 Greg Little OT Ole Miss
4 Shea Patterson QB Ole Miss
5 Jacob Eason QB Georgia
9 Derrick Brown DT Auburn
10 Ben Davis LB Alabama
12 Isaac Nauta TE Georgia
13 Mecole Hardman CB Georgia
15 Lyndell Wilson LB Alabama
17 Jonah Williams OT Alabama
18 McTelvin Agim DE Arkansas
19 Jeffery Simmons DL Mississippi State
21 Kristian Fulton CB LSU
23 Rashard Lawrence DT LSU
24 Benito Jones DT Ole Miss
26 Antonneus Clayton DE Florida
30 Marlon Davidson DL Auburn
33 Tyrie Cleveland WR Florida
35 B.J. Emmons RB Alabama
38 A.J. Brown WR Ole Miss
43 Nate Craig-Myers WR Auburn
45 Chauncey Gardner DB Florida
47 Saivion Smith S LSU
49 Antwuan Jackson DT Auburn

Yep, 23 of the top 50 consensus recruits in the nation are going to make their debuts in the SEC this year. Eight SEC schools (over half the league, for those keeping score at home) nabbed at least one, making a list (Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas A&M) of teams that didn’t land a top-50 recruit less keystrokes than those who did.

19 of the next 50 also inked with SEC schools, but maybe we’ll get into that when we run out of ideas in like, 3 weeks.

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