#93kDay (Holy Hell, We Did It) First Half Observations

A few minutes behind on the DVR, going to split this into two posts because I’m going to have to do some rewinding to catch names in the second half, but here we go…

First possession: 1st O vs. 1st D

  • First play from scrimmage: Lambert throws a deeper ball than he did all last season. Jump of a very, very high bridge, Brian Schottenheimer.
  • Early third down conversion on a BLATANT pick play by Jeb Blaze.
  • Natrez Patrick absolutely blows up the pull to stop Sony for a minimal gain– it’d be nice to have him emerge with Reggie Carter and Tim Kimbrough.
  • Brice Ramsey solidifying the punter job. 50 yards with hangtime.

Second possession: 2nd O (Ramsey) vs. 2nd D

  • Loving the multiple sets early. Seen I, Pistol, 4-wide, now empty set. Quick underneath throws to the TE’s are going to be a staple this year. Jim Chaney is Jesus Christ to Schotty’s Satan.
  • OOOH Brice got Jackson Harris hung out by Kimbrough.

Third possession: 1st O vs. 1st D

  • Quick hitter with the zone block, Michel goes 5 yards untouched then draws a facemask. Best mobility from either O-line thus far…next play, bump and pull, and not so much.
  • WHEEL ROUTE ALERT! Jordan Davis is the fourth TE to get involved in the passing game.
  • Remember last year how we had no confidence in Greyson Lambert because he couldn’t push the ball downfield? I’m actually encouraged right now. I’ll eat my words in 5 months.
  • And, on queue, he makes a PERFECT pass to Michael Chigbu at the front pylon. Not so sure that wasn’t a TD.
    • NOTE: That was a TD.
  • Weird not seeing Marshall Morgan kicking field goals. 3-0 White. (‘Black’ is in white, so I’ll be calling them white.)

Fourth possession: 2nd O vs. 2nd D

  • Tempo: good. Shaquery Wilson not knowing his assignment: bad.
  • It’s easy to step up in the pocket when you know you’re not going to be hit, but both Ramsey and Lambert have done a good job thus far.
  • Reggie Davis: nice catches in coverage, drops wide open at Tennessee. It still hurts.
  • Good get-off by RSFR Jordan Young to force third and long and end the 1st quarter. Has the look of a 3-4 end.
  • Ramsey in the pocket taking chances. The more things change…
  • GEORGIA SPECIAL TEAMS FAILURES, Kirby Smart era: 1. Come on, Brice.

Fifth possession: 1st O (Ramsey again) vs. 1st D

  • Backfield misfire #2. This could be a Brice problem, not a RB (Tae Crowder this time) issue.
  • Jayson Stanley for 48 from Ramsey, that’s the Brice we always wanted. The man truly giveth and taketh away.
  • Ramsey had Blaze wide open in the flat, went for the home run. Brice, man.
  • Stanley intercepts the bad read by Ramsey…liking him and Chigbu as outside threats thus far.
  • TD Tae Crowder. 10-0 White

Sixth possession: THE EASON ERA BEGINS

  • Tony Eason probably helicopter dadded his way into the huddle. Let’s see what he’s got.
  • Hey #93k, you’re supposed to be quiet for the offense.
  • Looks downfield, checks down to B-Douggy.
  • Holy shit.
  • HOLY SHIT, that was a throw. Nice snag by Riley Ridley.
  • Fun watching an offense where the primary isn’t the checkdown, and the checkdown is thus open. Jim Chaney is the biggest acquisition of the offseason.
  • 75 was supposed to get outside on that protection. He did not do so.
  • William Ham is the ghost of the Mark Richt special teams era. Remains 10-0.

Seventh possession: 1st O (Lambert again) vs. 1st D

  • Hard to do in these things, but gonna try to focus on the D. Meanwhile, a good leak by Christian Payne.
  • Atkins/Thompson did a good job of bleeding Michel outside, but Michel is just good. Gain of 6.
  • Reggie Carter loses contain, Michel pops outside for another 15.
  • Lambert with the YOLO throw to Godwin on the post, Mauger should’ve had the pick.
  • Natrez Patrick with the free release as Lambert hits Davis for a first down, methinks that’s a sack in real life.
  • EXTREME CLOCK MALFUNCTION! Georgia is still Georgia. No surprise that Kirby is pissed, the last 4 minutes of the half were supposed to be in two-minute drill.
  • Interesting tidbit to hear that JuWuan Briscoe (#12) has emerged as a 1st-teamer at corner. Would appear he’s the guy with Malkolm Parrish on the other end.
  • Rodrigo Blankenship is the good kicker du jour. 13-0 White.

Eighth Possession: Eason and 2’s vs. 2nd D

  • Nick Chubb could run for 200 today. Tell me I’m wrong.
  • NICK CHUBB IS DOING TAE KWON DO? Dude really might be Batman.
  • Man, look. I know it’s the Spring Game, but Eason’s decision making (at least with a clean pocket) is absurd. Takes his second ‘sack’ on the second blitz he faces, though.
  • Impressively strong and accurate throw against his body on the scramble, but it ain’t gonna count.
    • Joystick with the Napoleon Complex blindside block downfield on the same play.
  • Random observation: I can’t wait to see BIG DUMB ARKANSAS OFFENSE with 3 TE’s one play, then empty set the next. Nice diversity in this offense, still.
  • Eason handles the blitz on 3rd & 12, guns to Joystick, nicely done.
  • Putting the fire to Eason now.
  • Back-to-back catches by Isaac Nauta, great job boxing out on the TD. 13-7 as Ham hits something.

Ninth possession: Ramsey vs. 1st D

  • Lorenzo Carter with the speed rush absolutely got held, the clean pocket gave Ramsey a chance to dump off to Sony. 1st down, timeout.
  • Someone with the bust gives Jayson Stanley an easy 35-yarder. Briscoe had flat, Sanders was late.
  • Blankenship misses.

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  1. “G-day will be a disaster; maybe 50k”…..wasn’t it you Andrew, or is it Andrea, who wrote those words. Nice prediction…..DICK!!!


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