Georgia Spring Game: G-Day Will be a Disaster

Just coming back from the dead to tell you all how uncomfortable I am with the whole #93kDay thing.

I feel so damn awkward about the fact that this is something the athletic department is actively pushing on social media. Keep in mind, this is the same athletic department that can’t get 93,000 people to show up for major SEC games on time. This is the same athletic department that on a whim decided to make a run at a major performing artist to come play a 15-minute set at a game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Bulldogs. I’m stunned that didn’t work out. I’m stunned that the conversations never even reached paper negotiations.

There’s not going to be 93,000 people at G-Day. You could talk me into #50kDay (maybe) but not #93kDay.

All this hashtag has done is further distinguish the gap between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. Georgia’s (hopefully) trending in the right direction under Kirby Smart and a slew of assistants with Bama ties, but Georgia isn’t Alabama yet. Calling for (over and over and over again) 93,000 people at a Georgia spring game is like Kia hiring a guy from Lamborghini’s body style design team and saying, “Come test drive a Kia. It’s just like a Lambo.” You can’t just take away someone who was part of a world-class production and assume that your entire production and the experience tied to it will immediately be comparable.

I don’t have a problem with Kirby Smart. Quite the opposite is true. I love every single thing he’s done—especially his lobbying of state legislators to keep the media out of the legal affairs of student-athletes. I don’t have a problem with wanting to be like Bama. I sincerely hope that’s the trajectory of the program. But #93kDay was doomed from the beginning.


That’s all I got/




UPDATE: Georgia’s still not selling out Sanford for this. But here’s an update post-Ludacris announcement.


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  1. If all UGA fans have an outlook like yours, it will be a disgrace. You must wake up everyday pissed off at the world, or you’re the type of person to put someone down to make yourself feel better. I’m glad Kirby took the initiative to try and max out Sanford stadium, and why shouldn’t he? He is trying to bring excitement to the university and make recruits think twice before going out of state. With your “ass clown” comments, you deserve to sit at home and stay pissed of at the world. Nice post….DICK!!!!

  2. If all UGA fans carried this type of attitude and outlook toward our spring game, you’re right, it will be a disaster. I guess you felt the need to wake up this morning and post negative comments about my program. You sit and type behind your laptop on your ass while Kirby is working is butt off to make G-day a packed house. Go ahead and admit it, you’re an “ass clown” that only feels better when you try and dampen the mood of the moment. It’s people like you that gives fans a bad name. Nice post…..DICK!!!! Have the balls to post it this time.

  3. One word….LUDACRIS!!!!

  4. Who’s Ludacris? I think that choice might appeal to the student body, but most of them will already be there. I wouldn’t make the trip just based on the performance. Hopefully there is enough excitement about the football being played to get some folks in the seats.

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