Breaking: @DudeYouCrazy Bullies UGA Administration Into Bringing Ludacris to G-Day / #93KDay

What a time to be alive.

My first post in more than two months goes live a little after 10:30 AM. It criticizes #93kDay and Georgia’s misplaced expectations and inability to lock down a musical performer for the spring game.

Two hours later, Georgia contradicts its previous announcement that there would be no musical guest with this:

I bet this really pisses my haters off. By now, Dawgman (a commenter on this morning’s post) should know that when he says, “Nice post…..DICK!” all I really see is, “Nice dick.”

When he writes, “Have the balls to post it this time,” in response to one of my posts all I really see, “I can’t read, but you seem results-oriented.”

Kobe logs 60-point games. Steph Curry drains threes. I bully athletic departments. Everybody has their game, I guess.

I point out the obvious:

I feel so damn awkward about the fact that this is something the athletic department is actively pushing on social media. Keep in mind, this is the same athletic department that can’t get 93,000 people to show up for major SEC games on time. This is the same athletic department that on a whim decided to make a run at a major performing artist to come play a 15-minute set at a game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Bulldogs. I’m stunned that didn’t work out. I’m stunned that the conversations never even reached paper negotiations.

And suddenly ***almost*** everything changes.

What have you people been doing without me? I haven’t posted in over two months. No wonder nothing was getting done. I bet if I wrote, “Nick Chubb needs to be healthy five minutes ago,” he’d single-leg deadlift a short bus on his bad knee. But that’s not my place. Let’s let the Dawgmans of the world handle things.

***Oh, and also: Ludacris won’t bring 93,000 fans to G-Day. Let’s be realistic. His next non-festival concert is at a Casino. Other notables performing at this casino in the weeks to come: Pepe Aguilar, Olivia Newton-John, Chiquis Rivera and Lupita D’alassio. And I’m not hating on Ludacris. I really like his music, but that’s part of the problem. If your only option is a local (on a state level) rapper that Andrew Hall knows and loves, you’re too late.


That’s all I got/


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  1. Hey “nice dick”, when I travel 51/2 hours to a “G” day game I want to see FOOTBALL, not some 15 minute musical entertainment just because somebody thinks the masses can’t endure a few conscious moments without our senses being totally bombarded with distorted frames of over-amplified, over-modulated, over-hyped and over……. and out!” Good God!! Except for one more thing. Why do people who try to do something nice but don’t succeed deserve such vitriolic, derisive comments from other geniuses with all the answers?

  2. Hell yeah!! That’s what I’m talking about. Don’t back down and give it back. Much respect, but I will still continue to criticize your posts if you’re being the DICK that you are.

    Good times and go Dawgs….


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