Insert “Kirby Smart Has Lost Control Of…” Joke Here

Welp, that certainly didn’t take long.

Early enrollees Chad Clay and Julian Rochester, part of the freakin’ epic class of early enrollees this spring, were arrested presumably on campus for possessing a BB gun. Turns out that, since we’re not at the University of Texas or the many others who are irresponsibly allowing guns on campus (…yet) this is a felony.

On a day when the Bulldogs won the battle versus public information in state legislature (more on that later), Governor Smart has a lot of work to do on securing the borders of its own town.

We will see what happens, but the loss of Rochester, even as a perfect rotational fit for the NT role in Smart’s 3-4, is a big blow.

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  1. If the account I read was true, the two were in their rooms shooting cups with a BB-Gun I think arresting and charging them with felonies is way over the top. When I was in school this kind of thing would’ve been handled by the dorm and the Dean of Students.

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