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On Ole Miss, Laremy Tunsil and Fake Agent Statements

Quick note: This isn’t Dpalm writing. Barstool Sports graciously linked to our site and linked to his archive in the process so I’m pretending to be him. If you’re new here thanks to Barstool or anyone else, welcome. Here’s our main page. -Dude


What a time to be alive, folks. I invented hating Ole Miss’s 2013 recruiting class. I’m the original Ole Miss doubter.

Before Laremy Tunsil even signed with Ole Miss I tried to talk him out of it. I expressed concerns about recruiting violations directly to the Ole Miss athletic department. I attributed that 2013 class to either something nefarious or simple “magic.” I wondered if Ole Miss’s chill AF drug policy was a recruiting advantage. I fielded questions via email from ESPN’s Shelley Smith about Ole Miss recruiting violations even though the only evidence I had was common sense.

So the Tunsil thing (both the weed video and the money texts) was incredible. I hate it for him (I actually kind of do), but it was incredible. I treated the whole situation as I treat most things—with irreverence—and wrote a fake statement from Tunsil’s agent while on the toilet. There were typos and squiggly lines under his name in the iPhone Notes app. But it worked, apparently.

Now it’s everywhere.

I don’t know what to say other than the internet is a crazy thing and people are even crazier. In a push, I’d say 70% of the responses I read thought this thing was real. I kind of love that. Another 20% knew it was fake and a joke. A solid 10% hated me. But this thing took off like nothing I’ve ever published (which isn’t necessarily saying a lot).

Michelle Beadle followed me on Twitter in an all-time “Wait, what?” moment. The Big Lead had to clarify that the post was false. Holier-than-thou media had to inform followers that this was an atrocious attempt at fraud or whatever. I’ve heard the statement was referenced/read on Mike & Mike this AM but famous people like me don’t listen to ESPN Radio.

But in any event, if you’re new to DudeYouCrazy, welcome. We’ve been here for almost six years. We were small and then we got bigger and then we got smaller and maybe now we’re big again? Make us big again.



That’s all I got/


2016: Return of the NFL Draft Live Blog

Welcome to my favorite time of year, the NFL Draft. Now, when I say time of year, I mean the actual draft; not the needlessly extended by two weeks run up TO the Draft. That’s unbearable. On my old site, I ran these live blogs for the 2007 and 2008 drafts, and they were always well received, so we started running it back for the Dude You Crazy audience in 2014. Last year, I was driving all my worldly possessions from the hellscape that is Philadelphia back to Atlanta so there was no live blog, but never again. Come hell or high water, I will be here to get progressively drunker through the night, to mock the last man in the green room, and to revel in another case for SEC dominance.

7:30: Thirty minutes before this whole thing kicks off, and THIS is the prevailing news story so far? Yeah, gonna be a weird night. I’m not going to post the picture here cause I don’t want to, but if this is what the kids are doing these days I’m glad I’m finally an old person.

8:00: Welcome to the NFL Draft! A year where bad teams have convinced themselves that bad quarterbacks are going to be good for their franchise. How convinced? They mortgaged their futures for them. Yeah. Look for a lot more trades and talking heads convincing you that these quarterbacks deserve to go 1-2.

8:05: Funny story: the Draft is in Chicago because a few years ago, they FORGOT to book Radio City, and the dates got taken. It pushed everything back a week, and was a pretty public embarrassment for the league office. Radio City tried to strong arm them (allegedly) and hence you get traveling draft. Look for it to move permanently in LA over the next 5 years.

8:06: Chicago didn’t boo Goodell. Missed opportunity.

8:10:Remember when the Titans rebuilt their entire team in one draft because the Rams HAD TO HAVE Jarad freaking Goff? “He sure got hit a lot!” – Mel Kiper, right now.

8:16: How do teams take so long? You’ve known what you were going to do for months. This isn’t Shakspeare, it’s a job fair. At least the walk up music list leaked, and the amount of Drake makes me weep for our youth. Nkemdiche, I see you with that Bowie.

8:22: Look at these trades. LOOK AT THEM. It’s like Philly and St. Louis LA were having a stupid move off. Meanwhile, you just KNOW that Jerry Jones is DYING to do something dumb as hell.

8:26: Remember, Philly is the same organization that JUST hired Doug Pederson as their head coach. The same Doug Pederson who was the OC in Arizona Kansas City (whiskey edit!) last year, except they didn’t let him call the plays. That level of institutional ineptitude explains the trade and this pick.

8:30: Welcome to the stupid-off San Diego! I concur with NFL alumni and best pre-draft breakdown man in the game, Stephen White; we’ve seen the best of Joey Bosa, and it’s not good enough to be dominant on Sundays.

8:33: I forgot how much I hate Berman’s voice. Curse past Dpalm for cancelling NFL Network after the season.

8:39: Elliot went in the first round in 2016. So, you’re telling me that they think he’s on par with oh, Todd Gurley? Okay buddy. This ISN’T the stupid thing I thought Jerry would do, but he didn’t have true breakaway speed in the Big 10. THE BIG TEN.

8:42: Maybe Gruden will punch Mel. Maybe. And listening to these talking heads lie about hope for bad teams is adorable.

8:47: Good for Jalen Ramsey. Big corner who could be a safety, and fits the run the way you draw it up. He and Fowler could be big for Jacksonville, and in that division, a good young defense might get it done.

8:50: Dude Emeritus asking the tough questions.

8:53: REEEEEEEEEEEACH for Stanley here. Did TheDude’s tweet sink Tunsil’s prospects? His stepfather snitching on him the NCAA and this lawsuit is REAL dirty pool.

8:58: Allow me to clarify these talking heads: they don’t care about the drugs, they care about not getting caught. And ZERO players popped for drugs at the combine. But, a twitter photo right before the Draft doesn’t tell me you can avoid getting caught.

9:01: Buckner with the smartest move of the night so far; staying at home for the Draft. But y’all notice that Chip’s first draft pick in SF is a former player of his right?

9:06: I need a camera in Jim Irsay’s drug den as he realizes that the Titans just took the pole position in the division. Great pick, competent use of trades. Who kidnapped the Titans front office?

9:13: WELP.

9:15: Wait, what? Really? Good for Floyd, damn good Dawg. I hope that the use at multiple positions in that defense masked how really good he can be when he’s not asked to do literally EVERYTHING on a defense.

9:20: I don’t know if I say it enough, but Stephen White’s pre-draft breakdowns are AWESOME every year. Imma go pour another whiskey. Here’s White on Floyd.

9:24: BUT CAN HE COOK? Looks like the Hawks aren’t embarrassing themselves on the road yet tonight. What? I’m versatile.

9:30: Great pick by the Bucs. The Hargreaves thing, not taking Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith and putting them in charge. That was a terrible decision.

9:38: Two DEs coming off the board before Nkemdiche is the definition of overthinking.

9:45: Good for Tunsil.

9:52: I didn’t love the Raiders pick, but hey things are trending the right way now. Big shoes to fill with the Woodson retirement.

9:55: Browns on the clock. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?


10:07: Glad the Falcons got better on defense, Myles Jack was my hope, but this is a safer pick.

10:15: Hmmm….

10:20: Chip drafted a kid who played for him. Rex drafted a kid who played with his son. Nkemdiche still chilling. Sigh.

10:26: WHOLE lotta future underwhelming rookies in all these Buckeyes. I count 4 out of 5 drafted too high so far…

10:32: Texans move up for a WR from Notre Dame who doesn’t have the best hands?

10:40: If only Doctson had a quarterback in Washington to get him the ball…

10:44: HAWKS WIN!!! BRING ME LEBRON!!! IRRATIONAL CONFIDENCE ENGAGED!!! Ahem. Sorry about that. Great pick by the Vikings; I’m willing to admit I was wrong about Bridgewater, and it’s only fair he gets some help.

10:54: The number of players who did the smart thing and stayed home is really refreshing. A whole lotta folks gotta feel awkward in that green room.

11:01: When Connor Cook is allegedly the best quarterback left after only TWO have been taken, you know the position was thin as hell.

11:05: A Memphis player went in the first round of the NFL Draft. #Welcometo2016

11:18: …Guys, is Chip Kelly okay?

11:25: You idiots let Nkemdiche fall to a REALLY good team? Way to go, the stupid off winner was Arizona, for not being stupid.

11:34: Only one pick left, and SO MANY PEOPLE left in that green room. Listen to me now, believe me later on: STAY AT HOME FOR THE DRAFT. How many of you brought a second suit for tomorrow, huh?

11:40:And we’re done. If you’ve been following on Twitter, you may have noticed Andrew Hall’s satire tweet going viral. And it’s come to this. Other accounts verifying the falsehood of our obviously trolly joke. I love sports media. See you next year.

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Love this? Hate it? Think I’m an idiot? Don’t just curse at me under your breath, head to the Dude You Podcast iTunes page, and leave a 5-star review to make sure I know it, and have your voice heard on the air. Follow me at @dpalm66.

Crappy Georgia Blogger Cons Readers Into Reading Articles on Crappy Georgia Blog

Dave T is today’s MVP. Seriously, Dave T, where are you? I’m going to send you a DYC sticker or something.

So about an hour ago, Dave T took issue with my first post of the morning (entitled “Commemorate #93KDay With This T-Shirt“). It was a blog post about a #93KDay T-shirt I am selling. Seems simple enough. But I guess it wasn’t clear what the article was about, so Dave T expressed his disdain (screenshot because this is so strong). Apparently he felt somehow tricked into clicking the link:

Dave T1


Ah. So Dave T, as of 12:44 p.m., was pretty over the whole DudeYouCrazy thing. The site’s not funny. It’s never been funny. He is hesitant to click the links and he wonders why he even bothered.

But then we just reeled the poor sucker right back in. My next post (with the catchy title “About the Ludacris Rider“) must have been too much to resist.

Welcome to Click-bait City, Population: Dave T.

Twenty minutes after complaining on the other post, he offered this on the newer post:

Dave T2


A half dozen things to point out briefly:

  1. I’m not 30-something. As a guy who’s as close to 28 as he is to 29, that’s as insulting as it is preposterous.
  2. I don’t just talk about Monster drinks…I drink them everyday.
  3. No comment on the adderall.
  4. I have no salt life sticker.
  5. I have no truck.
  6. 30-something me would love to drive a truck though.

So, since Dave T just can’t resist me, I figured I’d throw him a bone and blog about him for a change. It’s the least I could do for a fish that’s probably been caught three times in one day at this juncture.

Here’s to you Dave T.


[Swigs Monster and stares longingly at the would-be pickup truck that’s actually a Hyundai.]


That’s all I got/


About the Ludacris Rider

Look, Luda’s rider and G-Day pay day was a big enough deal to justify a dope t-shirt. But it’s not that big of a deal.

Musicians get paid to perform. That’s kind of their whole thing. Honestly, the fact that he was only paid $65k is suggestive that Ludacris (past his prime, but possibly quite strong in a 15-minute “Greatest Hits” concert) wasn’t the reason so many people showed up. I have no idea if this list is remotely accurate, but there’s a slew of artists that command more than $100k for a concert. And although the gig was only 15 minutes, it still commanded a large chunk of Mr. Cris’s day.

And the rider thing is pretty commonplace. My fraternity used to host various artists for parties and whatnot in college. Those guys had riders too. No one would ever trust me with a shopping list, so I don’t know if yogurt and condoms were on those riders but they might have been.

Hell, I have a rider for my own appearances at tailgates and whatnot. I don’t show up if you don’t have my list. This is last year’s edition so it may be subject to change. But I don’t watch a game with anyone (in Athens, at home or elsewhere) without these items:

dyc rider


So this is probably a non-story. But Mark Richt is probably rolling over in his naturally tanned South Beach grave knowing that McGarity paid him to leave after winning 10 games and later paid for Ludacris’s condoms.


That’s all I got/


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