Georgia Football News: Kirby the Coachspeak King, Georgia Most Miserable Fanbase?

I’d be remiss to call it “Daily Dose of Dawg”, because we’re at the point in the college football news cycle where there is ABSOLUTELY nothing happening. I’d be better off writing about Braves Spring Training, but that’s going to be a disaster in and of itself.

Fortunately, we have enough happenings over the past 36 hours to fabricate a little bit of news!


On the heels of last week’s comments that Georgia’s ones were SEC-caliber, but that they didn’t have the depth to compete, Kirby gave us a little bit more to scratch our heads at last night:

This was in reference to the quarterback battle. I’m guessing his earlier quote of open competition means it is truly OPEN. Trent Thompson, show me your three-step drop. Jeb Blazevich, can you read a zone D from under center as well as you do running routes?

Truthfully, I have no idea what this quote means. And I also get the overwhelming hunch that Smart refers to social media as “email”, putting him slightly behind my father in the world’s internet user competence rankings.

This is on the heels of last week’s comments that Nick Chubb’s prognosis was “anyone’s guess” as Chubb released a video of treadmill sprints, and the aforementioned depth quote. Basically, Smart is doing what any new coach should do: underpromise with a chance of overdelivering. He’s pushing 7-5 so anything better will be considered momentum going into 2017.

Georgia Fans: the Most Miserable in America?

This article is absurd clickbait, but FoxSports’ Chris Chase has decided to use tens of moving criteria and shoddy logic to come up with a list of every major American sport’s most miserable fanbases. For college football, the Dawgs:

Why Georgia? Plenty of college teams are way worse — take two schools mentioned above, Kansas and Wake Forest — but no one really cares about football at those schools, except in the odd year where they’re good or when Charlie Weis is getting run out of town. So, our list has to be hardcore football schools that haven’t been playing very good football or, in the case of our No. 1 team, have been playing fine football but just can’t put it together for one season to win the dominant SEC. Mark Richt had 10-plus wins in nine of 15 seasons in Athens and got canned, which should tell you something about expectations at Georgia.

His rationale is that expectations equal misery, but the expectations aren’t unrealistic and recent results go to show that. When I think miserable fanbase over the past 10 years at football-centric schools, I can come up with a lot of better examples: Notre Dame, Penn State, Washington, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, USC…all fit his criteria better than Georgia does.

Who do you think is the most miserable fanbase? And how do you define miserable? This may be a question to be addressed on another day…



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