Georgia Football News: Kirby and Coachspeak, Electric Boogaloo

This one probably won’t make former DC Jeremy Pruitt too happy. 

Kirby Smart is a man on a mission to go absolutely scorched Earth on Georgia fans’ expectations for the 2015 season. Not since Sherman’s March have Georgians so soundly had dreams shattered (bad example and exaggeration, I know, easily-offended-internet) in such a short period of time.

Just three hours ago I wrote about some of Smart’s attempts to slow expectations, including doubt that Nick Chubb would be ready by the season opener and speculation that Georgia may play without a quarterback.

Well…he’s attacking the defense now, too. And this time I think he’s wrong.

“They didn’t put their secondary in tough situations very often,” he said. “They protected those guys. There weren’t a lot of cover guys back there. So we need to get it to where we have a lot of cover guys and we can pressure more. If we can’t then we’ve gotta be careful on third down.”

This is probably the most scathing indictment of Smart’s coachspeak rampage yet, folks. Although one can’t make an apples-to-apples comparison of pass defenses in a given year, well…

2015 pass D rank

So is Kirby outright lying to us? Not necessarily. Alabama’s 64th-ranked pass O was the BEST Georgia faced all year. The Dawgs, despite a purportedly aggressive defensive scheme, were 94th in the country with only 21 sacks. So maybe the Dawgs played more coverage to hide a limited secondary, but more numbers disprove that.

Georgia ranked in the top 10 in the nation in completion percentage at 51.7%. Meaning, they were very good at forcing passes to miss their targets with pressure, schematics, or good plays by the secondary (shoutout Dominick Sanders). They also find themselves in the top 15 in yards per attempt, which, in conjunction with completion percentage, means the ball was not going far when the Dawgs DID allow a completion.

With the whole secondary slated to return, the fact that Smart is setting such a successful unit up for failure is disappointing. It also serves as more evidence that he has a scapegoat in Miami he’s ready to use to launch nerve gas into the Southeastern skies at a moment’s notice.

As a good coach should.

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