SIGNING DAY PRIMER: When Do I Reach out to Recruits on Social Media?

In this world of 24/7 coverage, instant access, and no privacy, you may be thinking: “man, I can really sell this five-star defensive tackle on how great my time in Athens was, and contribute to the future of the Dawgs!”




In what other situation would it be appropriate for you to reach out to a 17-year old child on social media? You shouldn’t even interact with your OWN children on social media at that age.

The answer is none. Don’t do it.

Feel free to comment with your favorite “fans tweeting recruits” moments so we can shame the guilty parties appropriately together.

As one final reminder, here’s a visual:


About Chadwick

Enjoyer of adventure, would support a Trump policy that requires a minimum IQ to tweet. @Chad_Floyd for fun, @ChadFloydKW for real estate.

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