This is the Best Comment I’ve Ever Seen.

There was a lot that happened last night. Work currently precludes me from putting the final touches on a season postmortem and a national championship recap that will run sometime this week.

I did have five minutes to find and share this gem from a Spencer Hall article, though.

For context:

Let me start with the baby.

She was asleep in her Baby Bjorn, because infants don’t really even know what time is and haven’t made a waking/sleeping relationship commitment with the sun. I don’t even know if you’re supposed to have a baby in a carrier at that age, and I’m sure this is something people have VERY STRONG and LARGELY UNVERIFIABLE LOUD OPINIONS ABOUT.

We were at the metal detectors outside University of Phoenix Stadium when I got close enough to ask her mother how old the baby was.

Her answer: “Do you really want to know?”

The baby was three days old, and the woman and her entire family in line were Alabama fans. The dad got held up at security for having a can full of Copenhagen he wasn’t willing to throw in the garbage.

So yes, Alabama fans are insane in more ways than one. The issue on Monday night was not getting a THREE DAY OLD BABY into the national championship, but a can of dip.

Roll Tide, y’all.

Bama fan

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