Georgia Football: Let’s Not Sleep on Tech

I hate myself for writing this.

Georgia travels to Atlanta on Saturday to play the worst Georgia Tech team in about 20 years. Given the fact that that timeframe includes the Chan Gailey/Reggie Ball era, that’s saying something. The Yellow Jackets finished 1-7 in the (hey, its really not that bad) ACC, and have just one win since the second week of September.

Having said that, this is a team that should very well give our Georgia Bulldogs a game on Saturday.


They’ve Had Nothing to Play For Since September

Yeah, intangible factors like emotion and motivation are silly in that they’re impossible to quantitatively evaluate in the game of football. But seriously, this is an above-average football team that simply fell apart once they failed to meet expectations. Given their performance against Florida State, and losses closer than one would expect from a 3-8 team, they haven’t laid down quite yet.

Quite simply, a win over Georgia makes their season. They won on dumb luck last year, and had the Dawgs on the ropes the year prior before Todd Gurley did ridiculous Todd Gurley things. One could argue that they’ve been (again intangible) ‘saving up’ for the Georgia game, and that’s a scary proposition for the Dawgs.

On That Note, Their Offense Still Scores Points

And that is something we certainly shouldn’t be taking for granted. Georgia Tech runs a unique annoying high school triple option, despite Paul Johnson’s ridiculous claim that it’s some kind of spread attack. They’re going to go for every fourth and less than 4, and pretty much play balls to the wall on the offensive side of the ball.

Despite eight losses and said triple option attack straight from 1958, Tech has scored at least 20 in every game this season. For those keeping track, that is a number Georgia has eclipsed in regulation just once since Tennessee. Said another way, Georgia is averaging well below 20 points outside of the South Carolina and Vandy wins when there was a healthy Nick Chubb. The possibility that the Jackets control tempo while the Dawg offense flounders is a very real threat. Time of possession, ball control, and converting opportunities into points are going to be crucial.

Am I Trolling You?

A little bit. Georgia has the far superior talent and should (should) win this game handily. As with every game against Tech, two critical factors will decide this game: ball control on offense, and assignment discipline on defense. With this iteration of the Georgia offense, the latter is key.

The ‘boring’ way to beat Tech is simple: tackles handle dive, ends force the pitch, linebackers and corners win 1-on-1’s on the outside and stop the outside run.

Georgia needs to focus on winning the boring game, or we could have a little bit of a mess on our hands.

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