Georgia Football: When Backed Into Corner, Richt Responds with Career-Defining and Season-Saving Victory

Georgia entered Saturday’s game with more questions than answers.

Could the Bulldogs find a way to move the ball against a better-than-average Sun Belt Conference defense? Could the home team contain an explosive offense designed to mimic some of the most popular middle school schemes in the nation? Could the Dawgs seize victory from an opponent with a winning record in FBS play – something previously undone this season?

The answers to those questions were, in order: yes, hell yes and definitively yes.

But Georgia did more than answer questions in Saturday’s overtime victory over Georgia Southern. The Bulldogs and head coach Mark Richt made a statement. And in the process, Richt picked up a career defining victory and saved Georgia’s dream season and hopes for a state championship.

In fairness to the highly-touted Eagles from Statesboro, things weren’t always easy for Georgia on senior night.



The victory required a masterful performance from Greyson Lambert, who inches closer and closer to securing the quarterback job every week. Lambert needed just 25 pass attempts to rack up nearly 185 passing yards, and his two carries for a loss of twenty yards were notably better than losing more than 20 yards on the ground.

Isaiah McKenzie, Mr. Do-Everything, was masterful once again, accounting for 37 all-purpose yards on six touches while fumbling for a TD return only once.

Even the offensive line was selective in its timing allowing running back Sony Michel to save his energy with only three runs in excess of six yards. Michel finished the game with 132 yards on 25 carries. He racked up 68 on those three potent touches.

Defensively, Georgia was decisively dominant against the option attack of Georgia Southern. Only three Eagles finished the game with more than five yards rushing per attempt and only four pick up runs in excess of 10 yards. When all was said and done, the Junkyard Dawgs held Southern to just 233 rushing yards and only a five-minute advantage in time of possession.

And as coaches across the country (most notable Ohio State’s Urban Meyer) collapsed in the palms of rivals, Richt rose to the occasion.


Rather than force the issue of a 7-7 ball game late in the first half, Richt held onto his timeouts and let Georgia Southern flounder about for nearly two minutes while going absolutely nowhere. Not wanting to appear desperate late in the game, he again refused to use timeouts during a Georgia Southern possession and opted to play it cool with short passes on offense.

Georgia now owns a victory over a bitter in-state rival. Georgia now owns a victory (and just one this season) over an opponent with a winning record in FBS play. Georgia now owns a legitimate shot at an elusive State Championship.

Questions: Answered.

Statement: Made.


That’s all I got/




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  1. that may be the most cleverly written thing i have seen this season… well done sir.

  2. You forgot to mention how they did this in the face of a hostile, rival dominated crowd, and with the refs obviously biased against us. I mean, they wouldn’t even let us go for two on the final TD! That’s not fair. Totally kills our offensive stats for the year!

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