Georgia’s Forgotten Senior: Scott-Wesley Wasn’t Becoming Great…He Already Was

Justin Scott-Wesley. I’m sick of how this guy’s been characterized this week. Nobody’s saying anything intentionally negative about the former Bulldog wide receiver whose career was cut far too short by injury. But the “he could have been great if he hadn’t gotten hurt” narrative sells him short. Justin Scott-Wesley was great. There’s no debate.

The sum of his whole may leave much to be desired. But that tends to happen when you only log 25 catches in an injury-shortened career. But Scott-Wesley was just a notch shy of averaging 20 yards per catch. That’s crazy. And he turned in four TD catches on 25 receptions.

And in 2013, he proved his greatness. In the first four games of the season – before his career was derailed by Tennessee’s turf – he accounted for 289 receiving yards and two touchdowns on just 14 catches. He was the most explosive receiver on the team. And including a 67-yard performance in the 2012 Capital One Bowl, he racked up five consecutive games with at least 55 yards receiving.

How impressive is that five-game streak? Malcolm Mitchell’s never done it. Michael Bennett never did that. Chris Conley, now a Kansas City Chief, never did that. Artie Lynch, currently on the Broncos’ practice squad, never did it as a tight end. Tavarres King, who caught a few passes for the Bucs last year and is now on the Giants’ practice squad, never logged five-straight games with 55+ receiving yards. Marlon Brown, who’s in his third season with the Ravens, never had such a streak. Orson Charles, an NFL journeyman, never did it.

The last player to do it at Georgia? A.J. Green.

So don’t tell me that Justin Scott-Wesley could have been great. Justin Scott-Wesley was great. And that makes the injuries all the more unfortunate. Injuries didn’t merely prevent Scott-Wesley from reaching his potential, though that was part of it. Injuries derailed a glorious 2013 campaign and bright future.

Justin Scott-Wesley isn’t forgotten today. But make sure you’re remembering him for what he was. He was great. Period.


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See more Justin Scott-Wesley in the UGA Vault. Free on iOS and Android HERE.

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