Georgia Football: Righting the Ship for Richt

What a difference a win makes.

Given the tumultuous chain of events spanning the timeline from October 31, 3:30pm until noon on Saturday, the collective emotion of Georgia’s fanbase can only be described as ‘dumpster fire in nuclear holocaust.’ A 27-3 win over Kentucky should do little to get the ship sailing back in the right direction, but one can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Georgia Bulldogs. They have a chance to make the best of a litany of bad situations*.

*bad situations include the following:

  • Hiring Brian Schottenheimer. On Friday night, I told a friend the end-of-season ultimatum for Mark Richt should be “he goes, or you all go”. I still may be invested in that.
  • The failure of Brice Ramsey. After a few recruiting misses, transfers, and graduations, he needed to step up and take the quarterback position. He did not.
  • Nick Chubb’s injury.
  • The goofiest, saddest, special teams performance by a team I’ve ever seen, and given recent years of Georgia fandom, that’s saying something.
  • The Faton Bauta thing in Jacksonville.
  • The Jeremy Pruitt situation.

That is a whole hell of a lot for one team to swallow. The Kentucky game wasn’t aesthetically pleasing by any means, but it was workmanlike. As Palmer alluded to in his kneejerks, Georgia did what this team came out of fall camp built to do: dominate time of possession, suffocate the other team on D, and (largely) keep mistakes to a minimum.

While it’s not enough for anyone to claim the ship has been righted, one can see how the season has potential to be deemed at least a moderate success…right?

Well, that all depends.

Georgia travels to Auburn in what should be college football’s saddest failed expectations game of the season. With both teams righting the ship somewhat this past Saturday (Auburn over A&M 26-10 in College Station is downright impressive), the Dawgs can consider themselves fortunate that the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry is at noon.

Win at Auburn, and you close with two extremely winnable (albeit kinda scary) games against in-state ‘rivals’ to close it out.

Does 9-3 save CMR’s job? Absolutely. Does it quiet rumors that Jeremy Pruitt is one foot out the door? Probably, but he very well still could be, despite reports that he has reached out to recruits to assure them that all is well.

The Kentucky win has the DudeYouCrazy braintrust feeling a lot better. Three more, a 9-3 finish, and something like a Music City Bowl win over some middling ACC opponent, and we can queue up the hype machine for 2016.

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